Newcastle NLP Course January 2020

NLP Practitioner Training January to June 2020 Life Enhancement

If you are anxtious or worried about your future you are not alone. If you are concerned about your mental health and well being you are not alone. When you are searching for the right tools to maximally support and enhance who you are and what you do, you might really want to look closely at learning NLP.

You can become a better communicator so you can become influential and feel more confident expressing your own points of view, ideas and with this much more likely to move towards attaining your own goals in life.

NLP Practitioner June 2019

NLP Practitioners 2019

You are going to learn a great deal about how both yourself and others think, act and process information so you can get on better with yourself and get on better with other people. The idea is to have more peace of mind and develop the soft skills and attitudes that you can use to make your life happier.

It is a life changer because you go on a journey and learn so much about self which in turn helps you with the tools and knowledge to help so many others xxxx. I can not recommend this course enough– Carla Lee

You are going to learn a massive amount of techniques that through practice you can use in coaching yourself and others; changing problem habits and creating new ones and being much more centered with who you are and who you can become. And its worth stating again, being happier.


Attention Attitude Achievement – Triple AAA

When you choose to attend this NLP Practitioner training you are choosing to give your Attention to being able to apply NLP skills and science withing all areas of your own life. Giving your Attention means you have the Attitude to grow, develop and apply yourself to enhance who you are and what you can do to realise more of your own ambitions and expectations in life. Attention and Attitude applied in great ways leads to much greater Achievement and this means being happier. Attention Attitude Achievement.

A life changer for me on more than one level, problem identifier when you didn’t realise there was one, exploration, challenge and resolve, aid to reflection of practice others a d self, improved ability to work content free. The journey you share with others and the people you meet on the way
Highly recommended.” – Adele Drane


NLP is Easy To Learn and Apply

You know that the most valuable experiences and skills in life take a certain kind of effort. You did not learn to speak, walk or appreciate your friends without a certain kind of effort. So NLP is very easy to learn and of course this takes effort.

You will learn NLP on this training by doing NLP, with practice of NLP and repetition. Your understanding of NLP will evolve the more you practice because this is not a theoretical subject; through doing you will both understand NLP and even before understanding ‘why’ you will be able to apply.

An excellent skill set to compliment my counselling approach. I use NLP greatly in my Foundation Degree teaching. Nige is an excellent trainer. Highly recommended.” – Rob Stewart McGinley

You are going to learn NLP by doing NLP. Its that simple.


Death With No Regrets

It’s one of those well know saying that the only things you regret when your time on Earth is at an end is the things you wanted to do but didn’t. End of your Story.

You can make sure, for sure, that not doing an NLP Training, life enhancement isn’t an end of life regret and you may discover yourself that adding NLP to your skill set makes the list of regrets as small as possible!

Take the plunge into new life and book your place on the January to June NLP 2020 training now!


Learning NLP is much more than learning NLP

You are going to meet some amazing people and make great friends. You are going to laugh while you are learning and you’re going to discover new and different ways to make yourself happier and much more resilient and ‘Anti-Fragile’ maximizing your efforts and putting your energy in the most optimal places for yourself and for others.

Learning NLP and hypnosis with Nigel enabled me to make big shifts in my thinking, feeling and actions.
It amplified my awareness about the interconnectedness of everything, and gave me the tools to help myself and others make a variety of beneficial life changes, and continues to do so.
And all the while…a damn good time with good people and great humour.” – David Hindson

When you are sincere and passionate about developing and enhancing who you are, make a solid solid commitment to having fun in your learning and evolution.


Newcastle NLP Practitioner January-June 2020

For even more details of this course beginning in January 2020 click on the following link NLP Practitioner Newcastle for dates and venue and booking or click on the PayPal link below to secure your place now.

Currently there are 9 places available. 6 have already been secured. Secure your place.

How to Beat Anxiety and Low Mood – Yawning for Joy

Practically everyone, perhaps you, suffer from both low moods and anxiety. This is a perfectly normal human thing to happen. Sometimes you need to be able and willing to do something to change your mood and change your state.

This is an advert for NLP Training in Newcastle, or more specifically the attitude that comes from your own personal experiences, not what other people say or tell but your own experience of what works to improve your life. This to me is NLP.

Learning NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming can’t really be done by reading about it. To use NLP practically it has to be practiced. Practice means putting the right effort into your learning which leads to understanding. Basically drop the theory and grab the experience. Do and then discover it for yourself.

Yawning for Joy : Try it and Discover Yourself

Can you believe something as innocuous or natural as yawning can change your mood, relieve anxieties and make you feel good? If you are skeptical, I would have been, you can do this simple experiment for yourself and by your own experience really have both an informed and accurate opinion.

If you have ever had the real experience of Meditation, Laughter Yoga, EMIPlus, EFT, Thought Provoking Humour, Dancing or even moderate Exercise to name a few ways of genuinely changing how you feel: Then you come from both experience and rewarding effort in the doing.

You can watch the above YouTube for a history, some ‘evidential’ research of how I came to explore what happens when a person deliberately, that is consciously, does a lot of yawning. Ideally 20 minutes. Your mood will change, sometimes quite a seriously considerable lot.

Experience as lived changes you. And this shift in the appreciation of life is one aspect of learning NLP on a Newcastle NLP Practitioner Course that was massively influential in me going from a job I hated to living a very meaningful life doing what I love to do.

When you really are longing to discover new meanings in your life, potentially change your job or even wanting to life a more connecting happier life; NLP and it’s application, offers a very practical ( so long as you want to practice ) way to you helping yourself live your life better.

Newcastle NLP Practitioner training begins January 2020. Over six months, one weekend a month you can learn, apply and understand NLP and the attitudes that empower and enable you to live more of the life you both want and deserve.

When you are considering investing in your life and yourself in an NLP Practitioner training course in Newcastle, you may have some questions. I have been running NLP Trainings since 2005 and started my NLP journey in 2002.

Please do give me a call or email so you can find out what you need to know about a Newcastle NLP Practitioner Training.

Lymphatic Immune System Detox : 2 Day Workshop : December 7-8

Lymphatic Immune System Detox

Two day hands on massively practical training with Andy Webb and Nigel Hetherington covering lymphatic immune system detox, muscular and spiritual body balance this December.

Lymphatic Immune System Detox Training Newcastle

Why you might want to consider learning how to do a complete lymphatic immune system detox it is really worth you’re learning for two reasons.

A wonderful weekend, packed with extremely valuable, learnable techniques. Great pace and plenty of fun and laughter. Instructors have loads of experience and are genuine gems. Highly recommend” – Janet Kamal

Learning this is valuable because doing what you can in a preventative way, before something really bad happens is a very smart move. Specifically because its easy to learn and you can share it with the people you are closest to and additionally because :

This can help with:

  • Preventing dementia
  • Increasing immune system effectiveness
  • Relieving migraines
  • Cancer support / prevention
  • Releasing bodily stress

I thoroughly enjoyed it! I loved the practical method of teaching, I felt the benefits straight away, Andy did an amazing job on my neck! My whole body felt relaxed and my energy was high x I fully recommend this and I can’t wait for the follow up workshop! Lots of laughter and learning! Totally would do it again!! ” – Yalda Azimi Monfared

Your lymphatic system as well as being an essential part of your immune system, drains about three liters of toxins and debris full of excess protean, bacteria and cancerous cells. The glymphatic ( brain lymph ) also flushes away excess protean, the stuff that is believed to be responsible for dementia.

People experiencing Lymphatic Immune System Detox report

  • clearer thinking
  • improved body alignment
  • Increased wellbeing post treatment.

You can learn how to do your best to keep your body and mind, through preventative treatment, younger, healthier and greater wellbeing.

Over two days learn through practice an entire lymphatic immune system detox process.

Amazing weekend! So glad I could make it. Wasn’t sure exactly what it would entail and loved every minute of it! Both Andy Webb and Nigel Hetherington were so knowledgeable and the pace was perfect. The group were all lovely and like minded with lots of laughs thrown in.“- Michelle Grogan

This hands on training is completely about transmission of both mechanical skill and the sincerity and belief to transmit something more than a physical treatment. Activating the psyco-somatic healing, balance and longevity which is our birthright.

The lymphatic drainage training was a true privilege to be part of, Andy is truly a genius in what he does, very intuitive in his ability to read the body. I feel honored to be able to learn from him. He is very natural in his ability to teach and was complimented perfectly with Nigel. The processes were explained in a way that was very easy to follow and to pick up by building step by step enabling us to feel confident to carry out the procedure self treatments and the treatment of others.

This is such a valuable treatment and I know it will make a big difference to not only my life, but also those of others who I can help in the future” – Jude Wilson

Andy works with up to 70 people a week including post cancer patients, muscular injury and has decades of experience distilled into one weekend of what is especially good for your health and the important people in your life.

Ten places available

£100 per person

Jesmond Newcastle upon Tyne

7-8 December 2019

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Why Effort in Learning is Vital : From Know About to Know How

Anytime you go about your business of learning something new or enhancing current learnings there are some ways that can seriously, very seriously increase your practical understandings of your chosen subject. Learning doesn’t have to be dreary, boring or anxiety provoking. It can be fun, exhilarating and deeply meaningful when it’s done right!

Fear and Anxiety thoughts ( what if I get it wrong, I don’t understand, i don’t know what to do ) are the biggest inhibitors in learning when not utilised or reframed or better yet not there at all in the beginning. Beginners Mind.

Effort in Learning Newcastle NLP Practitioner

Learning is effortful and so it should be. You expend your time and energies to learn to apply your expertise and experience to make your own life better and perhaps with just a pinch of human connection, other peoples life better too.

There is a huge gulf between know about and know how

Deep learning is about becoming obsessed with your subject in the right way. Making time to practice, review and focus correctly on the inevitable errors and mistakes, correcting and as such nurturing your neurology and psychology to functional greatness.

One of my good friends was asking me about meditation. They said they can’t do it as their mind wanders. OK says I, do you want to learn? Yes said they. OK, let’s do this for 20 minutes ( I was offering an experience, which is easily facilitated ). Two chants in they were asking questions. We stopped there.

My old friend Steve often says the difference between the East and the West is in the West, generally people do to understand; which makes absolute sense to me. In the East people need to understand before they do. Like that old cartoon ( New Yorker ) of two doors, one leads to lectures about heaven, the other leads to heaven. There is a huge queue for the lecture.

Drinking in experiences is very different to the vicarious reading about them which is still many steps removed from denotations of facts. Read a book describing NLP mirroring and matching and you know about it. Do it, practice it and you have your own tacit, emotional and descriptive experiential data base which is all know about and up for review, revision and refinement.

I want to point out that there really is a grey area that consists of mental strategies and decision making where there is highly cognitive processes involved withing a skill. For instance strategies in chess, tennis and quantum physics and the modelling or drinking in of such skills can be very important.

Conversely, while hovering in the liminal grey space; what came first? The strategy or lots of experiential scatter which was then labelled and processed into a tacit flow diagram of how to proceed in situation ‘x’.

A Brief Summary and Suggestion to Really Learn

The poet Schiller in responding to an aspiring young poets question about style, meaning and creating wonders answered something like. You are bringing the cognitive hammer down to soon. Let your creative style pour out, let it flow, don’t think and then much later do the revisions. This is about letting the aesthetic, emotional creative side run wild first.

Another short idea comes from one of the Zen stories. This is about a monk, an artist who used to get very drunk. Dip his long hair into some ink and whip his hair over some paper, creating random, spontaneous patters. In the morning after a costa coffee and sober, he used to look closely at the patterns and take a tiny brush, add a little detail to refine his work.

Now both of these stories illustrate a very definite requirement for practice of the forms and techniques so they are known and doable without much thought, which requires thought and practice. To a place where fully internalised skills can flow and then where appropriate revisions can occur. A fusion of inductive and deductive learning to application.

Carl Jung describes his Intuition function as one where a person can see the possibilities in a given situation and having heard the stories concerning the evolution of NLP it was opportunity met tacit knowledge. This was then, imo, formulated into a process of modelling.

NLP Modelling is one of the corner stones or foundations of NLP Master Practitioner training in Newcastle. Incidentally taking place in Newcastle March to June 2020.

John Grinders NLP Modelling Model, for deep learning is very simple and effective when the right energy and effort is focused to acquire and refine new skills. This is the first three parts of a five step process.

  1. Find a genius in the field you want to learn.
  2. Copy to the best of your abilities* said genius.
  3. Apply what you can do in a similar context and verify you are getting the same kind of results.

* This is done in a ‘know nothing’ state which is equivalent to beginner mind. It is so simple. Just copy. No thoughts, no analysis except refining the copying or monkey see monkey do act.

In applying your newly acquiring and acquired skills, it is important to just do what you have absorbed, with little or no though until after the encounter where you can and should review, revise and refine what you are doing relative to your exemplar or genius source.

Newcastle NLP Practitioner training January to June 2020 for a fun, experiential and life enhancing training that will offer the deep learning and practice that supports the essential difference between know about and know how.


Provocative Coaching and Pain Management

A two day workshop for people experiencing pain and for therapists who want new and additional provocative methods to really help your clients

Newcastle upon Tyne : November 2-3

Provocative Coaching and Pain Management Newcastle upon Tyne

Suffering with chronic pain can put your life on hold. Are you sick of another day of miserable gruelling pain? Sometimes it’s so bad that you may have even considered ending it all. Living with your pain there is the constant memory of how bad it has been in the past and the chilling anxiety of how bad it will be tomorrow and all the days after. This is for you whether you are experiencing either deep physical or psychological pain.

As a therapist this is also for you when you are honestly committed to really helping your clients who are suffering terribly by you learning new methods and techniques to integrate into your current skills.

There is an insidious torture method commonalty know as Chinese Water Torture. This is where the victim is restrained and water is dripped continuously onto their head. Drop by drop, never ending until the victim is literally driven insane. Continuous or even intermittent pain is like water torture. But imagine that you really could turn off that tap and switch it off? How dramatically would your life improve?

Please do read this next paragraph because its Phil’s pain story.

Pain and I go back a long way, bedridden at the age of ten with rheumatic fever was the start of my long relationship with chronic and acute pain. I am therefore an Expert by Experience (EE) which includes, two bouts of rheumatic fever, ankylosing spondylitis which is an autoimmune disease, to serious broken neck episodes, hit-and-run smashed tibia and fibula resulting in compound fractures, various body parts fusing due to AS and two total hip replacements!

Chronic pain is still a part of my life but there are strategies to help, such as the careful, respectful use of humour through Provocative Coaching. Indeed, a greater understanding of the brain and immune connections and systems help physicians believe their patients when they say, laughter is truly exceptional medicine. The ghostlike concept of belief can now be grasped in concrete terms and broken down into many cells and nerve pathways through the understanding of the chemical flow. Provocative Coaching will help you laugh and let it go, hence changing your own chemical flow and altering beliefs along the way.Phil Jeremiah IV

You want as much pain out of your life as possible so make a clever decision to come and learn massively valuable tools and techniques at a minimal cost with abundant fun and exciting learning. Again this is for therapists as well as people experiencing pain. An absolute bargain at only £150 for two full and hugely valuable days training and practising.

Phil doesn’t often get to come to Newcastle. You really don’t want to miss out on learning his latest creative updates in Provocative Coaching. Avoid some serious future regret by making a great decision to come and experience for yourself the power and technology of Provocative Coaching for Pain Management. Book yourself a place right away and expand your horizons.

You will discover the genuine value and meaning in using the Provocative Coaching approach from the unique perspective that is Phil’s life work. You get to learn and integrate the tools of an absolute world class expert. Your training will be exciting, fun and highly interactive. This means you going forwards into the future more well equipped than ever. Make yourself happy and book your place!

Provocative Coaching and Pain Management
Jesmond Dene Conference Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne
November 2-3
Astonishing Value £150

Provocative Coaching and Pain Management 7 Key Concepts

1. During the workshop Phil will introduce new ideas around pain management, linked into the latest discoveries and breakthroughs in the field of psychoneuroimmunology.
2. Understanding the neural plasticity of pain pathways gives great leverage to the provocative coach.
3. Pain is information, when to provoke and when not to provoke, that indeed is the question! This will be answered during the workshop.
4. Tailoring the Bubble session to meet the individual needs of client’s pain types.
5. Making friends your great Vagus Nerve and how the Voo sound helps with this, this is from the real research, trust me.
6. Endogenous opiates and out to tap into them, so you become your own dope dealer which is perfectly legal!
7. Developing new metaphors to change the deeper meaning of pain signals.

I believe Provocative Coaching can help healing through changes in beliefs fueled by the atomic substance of laughter! By understanding the biological basis of the stress response and the effects on illness we can develop better coping strategies, thus empowering people to manage their pain. In the workshop we will explore, the underlying labels of pain phenomena, including Arthritis, ME, Fibromyalgia, Migraine and many different types of spinal pain sprouting from the musculoskeletal systems. My aims and objectives for the workshop is to show that minute connections can affect our broader emotional systems. Lubricating the cogs and wheels in the interlocking parts of our time defined patterns can lead to more harmoniously, functioning basis for meaningful well-being.

You punch your timecard every day with love and joy because you really don’t know when your timecard will be rejected, when your time is up and when you’ve had all your allotted heartbeats! So in the interim along the road of life, please find some meaning in yourself, you can because I know this, for I am an expert by experience.Phil Jeremiah IV

The Essential Body Balance Workshop : 2 Day Hands on October

Excruciating back and neck pain really drags you down. Bad mobility affects your mood and spoils your day. Every day aches over time pulls you down like a dripping tap, always there in the background, distracting and annoying.

Essential Body Balance Workshop Newcastle

How would it be if you can learn the skills to heal and maintain a balanced body for pain free movement and the joy that brings?

Two weeks ago while out walking in the morning my sciatic nerve, I don’t know why or how, was really, really stinging. A common occurrence for many people. The uncommon and something you can do for yourself solution is three simple, repeated hands on moves. In less than 10 minutes that pain was gone.

Neck pain is very common and most of the time, in quite little time its possible with two sets of moves you can do to yourself to recover and keep your free flowing flexibility.

On the Essential Body Balance Workshop for Health and Wellbeing you will deeply learn through repetition and practice a complete Body Balance Recipe:

  • Easy Back and Neck Maintenance
  • Easy Legs and Knee Maintenance
  • Easy Shoulder and Core Maintenance

You know pain and immobility are bad and came make you sad. Come along to learn how you can help yourself and your friends to maintain free flowing flexibility. When you are moving in comfort you feel good.

This hands on training is completely about transmission of both mechanical skill and the sincerity and belief to transmit something more than a physical treatment. Activating the psyco-somatic healing, balance and longevity.

Andy Webb works with up to 70 people a week including post cancer patients, muscular injury and has decades of experience distilled into one weekend of what is especially good for your bodily health.

Ten places available

£100 per person

Jesmond Newcastle upon Tyne

5-6 October 2019

Feel great and confident you can help yourself and your friends away from discomfort and pain and towards long term health, mobility and the joy that free movement brings in your life.

Anticipate making a great decision and

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NLP Practitioner Newcastle August 2019 – Chasing Rainbows

This is your 9 day NLP Practitioner training August 2019. A fun and exciting opportunity to totally enhance your life and potentially change direction to something that is much more than just about you and you are very important. This is the first step to training in becoming a hypnotherapy practitioner.

Here is one post from my newsletter that one of my readers shared back with me very recently. Hope this is more that useful for you. Here we go …

NLP Training Newcastle upon Tyne

I am as certain as I can be that in your life there are
People who are quite literally awesome.

One of them is you.

Not the kind of “Awesome” that people scream just
Before an ice cream arrives. Not the kind of “Awesome”
That some will say when their dreadful boss rings in sick
For a week. No, this kind of Awesome is really something else!

This is the type of Awesome that you feel in your bones, that
You know and whole heatedly resonate with and pours
Light and goodness into your life. Specifically those wonderfully
Unique and true friends that are inspirational,
Loving and make the world seem so much a better place.

Hope you are making the picture right now.

Well, one of my dearest friends sent me an email announcement
a little while ago. When I read the last lines I was genuinely
Dropped did the ‘eye roll’ ( this has something to do with EMI )
That seems to be a universal metaphor. They said they were
Going to Stop Chasing Rainbows.

So I have been again enjoying listening to a great
Audio called ‘Creating Your World The Way You Really
Want it To Be’ by Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Wayne Dyer mentions one of his earliest teachers was
Abraham Maslow. Wayne goes on to offer three characteristics
Of ‘Higher Consciousness’ or Self Actualising or Highly
Functioning people that Maslow personally shared with him.

I trust these are characteristics that you know you have already
So you can develop further as you further integrate these
Ways of being into even more aspects of your life.

  • Independent Of The Good Opinion Of Other People
  • Detached From Outcome
  • No Investment In Power And Control Over Others

These three principles can be summarized as moving to the
Rhythm and beat of your own tune. Unfolding and enfolding
Your own unique vision and following your own bliss.

My friend had stopped chasing rainbows and this had some
Thing to do with the characteristics that Dr Dyer describes.

Dr Dyer goes on to suggest he can evaluate really quite well
What he calls an ‘inauthentic person’ by those who violate the
Above three principles in his human interactions. You can too.

Enjoy chasing your rainbows and following your bliss.

Namaste and … NLP Practitioner August details right here

Lymphatic Immune System Detox – 2 Day Workshop Newcastle

Lymphatic Immune System Detox

Two day training with Andy Webb covering lymphatic immune system detox, muscular and spiritual body balance and neck freedom. Why you might want to consider learning how to do a lymphatic immune system detox…

Doing what you can in a preventative way, before something really bad happens is a smart move. Especially when its easy to learn and you can share it with the people you are closest to.

This can help with:

  • Preventing dementia
  • Increasing immune system effectiveness
  • Relieving migraines
  • Cancer support / prevention
  • Releasing bodily stress

Dementia for me is a serious concern. One of my relatives has this and is existing as a shell of who she was. I don’t think she would want to or choose to be cared for in a home with essentially none of her faculties. I believe she would rather be dead but that person who could make such choice, called self determination died a long time ago. Her body lives on, but that is all.

Your lymphatic system as well as being an essential part of your immune system, drains about three liters of toxins and debris full of excess protean, bacteria and cancerous cells. The glymphatic ( brain lymph ) also flushes away excess protean, the stuff that is believed to be responsible for dementia.

People report clearer thinking, improved body alignment and wellbeing after treatments.

You can learn how to do your best to keep your body and mind, through preventative treatment, young, healthy and wellbeing.

Over two days learn through practice an entire lymphatic immune system detox, body balance and neck freedom process.

This hands on training is completely about transmission of both mechanical skill and the sincerity and belief to transmit something more than a physical treatment. Activating the psyco-somatic healing, balance and longevity.

Andy Webb works with up to 70 people a week including post cancer patients, muscular injury and has decades of experience distilled into one weekend of what is especially good for your health.

Ten places available

£100 per person

Jesmond Newcastle upon Tyne

13-14th July 2019

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April Newcastle Hypnotherapy and NLP Practice Day : Sunday 14th

This April the Newcastle NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Sunday is going to be exploring and utilsing deeper aspects of linguistic patters in hypnosis, aspects of self care, proactive and reactive for health and healing and including NLP Meta Programs for shifting old ways of thinking and behaving that no longer are good for you.

NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle

Some from Erickson’s Ideo-X methods of conversationally eliciting beneficial experience along side with what I have called Prousting, which is using relative clause and time to assist those who want to lay down the structures for accessing new potentials in behaviours.

One very important factor in staying well in health and mind is knowing when problem symptomology occurs in your body it may be a clue you are either doing too much or not actually engaging in ‘the power of negative thinking’. This is exploring some ideas from the excellent ‘When the Body says No’ by Gabor Mate. In essence, learning to say no to others requests or the feeling you have to do something for others in order to feel better.

The third exploration is NLP Meta Programs. Those fictional categories of non-conscious behavioural and motivational predictors that can be extremely useful to detect in yourself and in others to potentially communicate at deeper levels for positive evolution. It’s also useful to be able to recognise when such ‘characteristics of communication’ are being used to influence you!

Additional topics for exploration can be decided on the day. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Sunday 14th April
9.30am to 5pm
Jesmond Dene Conference Centre
Only £20 for a full day of NLP Practice and Play


Ericksonian Methods and Stories for Working with Pain in the 21 Century : June 15-16

A workshop on using Ericksonian methods for the 21 century from Nigel Hetherington and Phil Jeremiah.

Your clients have pain and the trust you to do something anything so that you can help them somehow, even if it’s just a little bit of relief or something very much more. Your clients can have any combination of physical and psychological pain from anxiety to neuropathic pain that is non responsive to drugs.

You have pain when you’re searching for inspiration or yet another technique after the tools you have learned and mastered,  have failed.  You basically start over thinking, and move out of your creative intuition, your wisdom, and begin to panic, fuelling all the thinking, and techniques that in that moment won’t feel congruent to you and most likely not to your clients either.

When the technique fails, the real learning and work begin

There is a deep wisdom in storytelling. This is what Erickson, whether just a little indirect or very indirect  is famous for. This is the same story telling for healing that Aldus Huxley, a good friend of Erickson incorporates both directly and overtly in his book Island. Advocating healing at levels that are associative, indirect and sometimes an ordeal to experience and as such either bypassing too much thinking mind resistance or utilising the thinking mind frustrations.

Working holistically with your client, you really do want to deeply validate their pain and genuinely express your compassionate understanding of their entire situation. This is a true way to begin an organismically honest interaction. This is also a key to feeding your spontaneity and intuition in the work you will do with your client together and apart.

Some of the specific areas for exploration will be: the complexity of pain management, symptom imperative, constructing metaphors/embedded nested loops, double binds for conscious and unconscious processing, naturalistic trance, ordeal and tasking, completing gestalts, the use of mythology, philosophy and psychology, placebos possibilities and playfulness.

Information points for this training

  • Specifically for practising / experienced therapists
  • We are stressing this is an experimental workshop, where we can offer frame works for story telling where this is likely to be some techniques though don’t expect them, rather stories for the transmission of ideas of change and healing.
  • Developing your creativity, intuition and spontaneity
  • Being yourself and not some Erickson clone.

Phil and Nigel have been working with and teaching hypnosis for more than forty five years combined and they are still learning. Nigel and Phil have trained with the likes of  Ernest Rossi, Jeffrey Zeig, Sidney Rossen, Steve Gilligan and Bill O’Hanlon and together have just about every article and book by and about Erickson. And … are still learning. This is an invitation to come and join us and enjoy the wonderment, artistry, wisdom and genius of Milton Hyland Erickson and yourself.

Newcastle upon Tyne
June 15-16
Price £150

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