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That Stroop Effect – free resource


Its not all hypnosis but just how aware are you that your always learning?

Many people in Newcastle and London have played a game I designed which I imaginatively call ‘Stroop’. The John Ridley Stroop effect can be classed as an ‘interference’ phenomena.

The Stroop ‘test’ is where participants are required to read aloud the written meaning of words ( usually colours like GREEN or BLUE ) printed in coloured letters. The colour of the word may or may not be the same as the semantic meaning.

Games like brain gym, new code nlp or juggling activate contra-lateral neural circuitry. In plainer words both sides of the brain/body work together. Something special happens to our physiology as a result of playing such games.

You are probably best off playing this game with a coach. So in the traditions of NLP work on a problem you haven’t figured out just yet or even a situation where you want even better performance. Go to the Free Resources and Download Stroop and have a go…

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m step reframing – free resource


A personal value in my NLP and Hypnotherapy business here in Newcastle is to make both NLP and Hypnotherapy material free and available for those who wish to learn and study. Continuing with this spirit I intend to make the coded NLP patterns I have knowledge of accessible on this site.

The first of these is ‘m-step’ reframing. This process can be used to ecologically change or enhance behaviours from a ‘stop smoking session’ to ‘personal performance enhancement’

Go to the Free Resources section in ‘Pages’. You do need subscribe to my newsletter to access any of the free downloads.

warm regards

nigel hetherington

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Applying NLP – an introduction


Andy Hunt and Nigel Hetherington are running two one day introductions to Applying NLP. This will take place in St Oswalds Hospice, Newcastle, Gosforth.

10am – 4pm on Monday July 16th 2007

IntegrityNLP are presenting two introductory workshops where you can learn how to apply some simple, yet incredibly effective processes, that can make a big difference to you at work and to how you work. This workshop is aimed at anyone who has to work with patients and their families, the other workshop will work on dealing with people in general, achieving outcomes and maintaining a positive attitude. If you work at a hospice in the Tyne and Wear area these workshops are FREE.”

If you know anyone who may benefit from this workshop, please pass on this information. Cost for the day is £35.

click here for full details and booking information
warm wishes
nigel hetherington

Humour in Language, Humour in Life

As a hypnotherapist, nlp facilitator or however you sometimes refer to yourself; as an actor in this very real game of life, a sense of humour is as I am sure you are very well aware is not only essential but one of the things that really make us human. Thats laughter and a sense of humour. It makes you feel good and its good for your health and guess what – its free!

I live in Newcastle and have done for many years and I know what with our usually superb football team, the ever rising price of petrol and the weighty volume of not so good ‘news’ that pervades our ‘news’-papers and ‘news’-programs, I with a tickling stick suggest a sense of humour is essential – laughter when it happens makes us feel really good.

Humour can radically assists during learning and often in hypnotherapy or finding an unexpected smile or even a laugh at those dark moments we sometimes meet can provide the change of state thats somehow lets you know you will get through it.

But its time to stop talking about it and have an experience. BBC Radio 4 produces as show called ‘Im Sorry I haven’t Got A Clue’. You can listen to this ticklingly humorous show.

click on this link to listen to the show

warm wishes

nigel hetherington

Here, There, Anywhere and Everywhere, (Part One)…

An article by Ian Berry

In January 2004 I attended a ‘Language in Action’ workshop put on by PPD as part of their NLP Master Practitioner Course. The workshop was delivered by one of the finest interpreters of the original linguistic spirit of NLP, in my opinion, Christina Hall.When I finished the course and set off home to Leeds, my heart and my mind were ‘shimmering’ with the excitement of putting into action what I had learned in those 4 days. Inspired by Christina’s playful, purposeful, use of simple everyday language, I arrived at the following example of one-to-one client work.

This process arose from an instinctive desire to play with some of the basic units of our natural speech. The ‘adverbs of location/place’: ‘Here’, ‘There’, ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Everywhere’ might seem, at first, to be simple, innocuous words which have very little important ‘content’ in our day to day language. They can be easily overlooked because they don’t seem to carry very much ‘meaning’ and/or impact in a sentence. It’s as though they are just inconsequential ‘fillers’ in our speech. My instincts give me a different message about them, and playing with them has given rise to this very revealing exercise.

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

Here in rainy Newcastle some friends are eventually getting round to tying their knot with a wedding – next month in Sunny ( I Hope ) July. Neither of them are official NLP aficionados yet they are pretty keyed up to notice things! While I listened intently to the items already procured for the ‘old, new, borrowed and blue’ I noticed just how much breathing patterns changed and as well are interrupted by conscious and unconscious thought process. One of the items had not yet been procured and while one of my friends wracked their brains in an to attempt to think of the ‘right’ item to use their partner smiled and asked laughing “why are you holding your breath” – indeed one of them had stopped breathing – A smile and a breath or two later and all the items were accounted for.

The processes of using breathing to change your state are very very old. For instance look back to the spiritual practices of Hinduism, Buddhism or Yogic traditions. The breath and breathing are devices of meditation and used to bring about amongst other things calmness and peaceful states. Through a conscious control of breathing an able practitioner is able to alter their state.

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NLP Northallerton Practice Group

The group is held the fouth Wed of each month.

At the Sundial Hotel in Northallerton. DL6 2XF

It runs from 07:00 – 9:30 pm and the cost is £5

Click for multi map

for further information contact Anth Quinn

Front Line Skills – Advanced hypnotherapy

Front Line Skills – an advanced hypnotherapy skills course

An advanced course for practicing hypnotherapists who want the real skills that can not only really benefit your clients but give you an experiential edge over other therapists and an even greater range of flexible meta skills you can employ in your everyday practice.

Experience or qualification requirements for participants
Practicing hypnotherapists and those with a qualification in hypnotherapy.

Duration and Frequency
This course will be run over five months at one weekend per month. Allowing for propper intergration of new skills.

Direct experiential learning and demonstration. Course manual given out at the end of each weekend.


1.      Rapport and Micro Muscle Modelling

2.      Framing

3.      Unconscious communication

4.      Therapist State

5.      NVC and analogue marking

6.      Calibrating skills and provocative questioning

7.      Congruence and Act as If

8.      Presuppositional skills

9.      Metaphor and State Elicitation

10.  Nested, Embedded and Open Metaphor

11.  Amalgamating trance learning with conscious understanding

12.  Tasking

13.  Structuring therapy



Beginning in september 2007 – investment £750

Holders of Communicating Excellence or Empowerment Trainings certificates are entitled to save £100 off course costs. Book before August 07 and save a further 10%.

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EFT Cafe

Meeting nights – for the immediate future the EFT Café will meet on the second Tuesday of each month 7pm and 9pm. Each session costs £10.

Andy intends that the meetings will be consistent, starting and ending on time. The café will keep regular hours regardless of who shows up. You don’t need to attend all time, you can drop in whenever you want to. Andy’s aim is that no one ever leaves the EFT Café feeling they’ve wasted their time.

Contact: Andy Hunt, 221 Eastbourne Ave, Gateshead, NE8 4NL.
Tel: 0191 478 2726

Doing things differently

Welcome to Communicating Excellence – NLP and Hypnotherapy in Newcastle

I live outside of Newcastle, in the country. During this ‘balmy’ early summer when I make the time to go for a walk one of the things I notice as I walk through the fields of ripening wheat and barley are the well trodden paths that make really easy walkways for the wayfaring pedestrian like me and equally errant rodents to.

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