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Simply Lovely

Here is a very simple very lovely thing to do.

Its not really hypnotherapy but you could say its a beneficial hypnosis process.  Its the sort of process that you could be shown on a NLP Practitioner training, this is an example of putting such a process into a really worthwhile practice.

I met my partner on a NLP practitioner Training in Newcastle and again on a Hypnotherapy training in Newcastle and that was before we became partners!

This one is for people who would like to feel even more love for their partner or special friend whichever it really is about feeling more love.

Here is the process and its very simple, run it on yourself and make sure you build up really strong feelings and notice and amplify any noises you make as do this.  You know sounds like MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  1. Make yourself really comfortable – I suggest sitting down
  2. Close you eyes
  3. Think back to one time around when you first met your partner
    • What they were wearing, where you were, how they smelled, what you were doing, what they feel like ( if you touched ), how they sounded, what their eyes look like, any sensations and feelings that are aroused in you
    • go back inside this memory and re-experience in as much detail as you can, make a movie of this experience in stereo surround sound and vivid colour add in feelings, feeling and taste and touch
    • run this movie from start to finish three time slower and slower each time so you can really savour it
  4. Repeat Step 3 another two times with a different, and really pleasurable experience with you partner or special friend
  5. Now, open your eyes and imagine your partner in full colour and full life size standing just in front of you smiling looking at you in that special way.
  6. close you eyes and run your three movies you just made, back to back and at at least tripple speed, at the end of the third movie, open you eyes and see your partner there smiling and right there in front of you
  7. notice what happens when you next see your special friend or partner ( maybe they are both ) in the flesh and after you connect, notice how much more love you will and can feel now, and for the rest of your life – if you choose to want it this way.

Have fun and lots of Love

nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
Excellence in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy

Perchange to Dream

Last week at Kung Fu, after training one of the students remarked “I have a long way to go
I replied “look how for you have come in the past six months I see the progress you’ve made compared to others“, I smiled, he smiled back
but I don’t compare myself to others” he said.

Once upon a space the time is 1953. Everyone knows that it is quite literally, no matter what, it is impossible for a human being to run a mile in less than four minutes. That ‘well known fact’ was destined to change.

Roger Bannister a 25 year old medical student prepared for the race of a life time with two colleges, Chataway and Brasher. Both men were to act as pacemakers for Bannister in the race. They had helped Bannister prepare for the race in the weeks before in Paddington Green in London.

A mild English summer day with a blustery breeze was the setting on the 6th May 1954. This was the day when Roger Bannister would make new history. The race took place on the Iffley road track in Oxford. Running for the Amateur Athletic Association Bannister set off a a cracking pace behind his first pacemaker Brasher and when Brasher visibly tired Chataway tookover. In the last incredible, demanding and record breaking 200 yards Roger sprinted to the front and gave it his all in crossing the line.

On hearing that the 4 minute mile barrier had been broke the crowd erupted in celebration and cheers and made lots of noise too. Roger Bannister’s new record time was 3mins 59.4 and this was achieved in a 15mph crosswind.

And what is even more incredible is that following Bannisters record breaking feat others, buoyed by his success soon began to replicate and better his achievement. The very next month John Landy recorded 3mins 57.9

If one person can do it then others can do it too

Is one of the operating-beliefs of NLP. You could adopt this belief temporarily in contexts where you have evidence that other people have some skill, success, attitude that you have not yet accessed yet…

Best wishes
nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
Excellence in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy

Sleight of Mouth

Limber up you verbal adroitness muscles to slip, slide and shimmey around, underneath, up, under and over those old problem words and phrases.  You can use these in Newcastle or anywhere you please whether you are a hypnotherapist, a performance coach or even an avid NLP training course aficcionado.

Practice leads to Less error” – Dr. Chris Hyatt
The next five sets of examples of more linguistic dexterity are available in the Free Resources section.  Click here to access the resource page.

Some more self application


hypnotherapy and nlp alike are subjects that are demonstrated by doing. They can both be made into theoretical talks but this is not their essence. If you just talk about them and don’t embody them by doing then the talk doesn’t match the walk. Incongruence.

Self Application, and I agree with Grinder on this one, is crucial in a nlp or for that matter a hypnotherapy trainer.

Here in Newcastle there is a potentially great football team and there has been for many years. For many reasons, lets make some up, lack of team spirit, insufficient strong leadership, lack of commitment owen to other reasons; the list could go on.

Now big Sam is here in Newcastle coaching and he is out to make his mark. He is making big changes at the club. After all if what you are doing isn’t working then do something ( anything ) else, lets hope and anticipate something wonderful happens.

Self applying NLP is as hard or as easy as you make it. Trust me it is. Here is a absurdly simple change process to run on yourself for either those old problem states and behaviours or to really enhance and tune up all these really great ones you have now

check out self application on my free resources page. You need to subscribe to my FREE newsletter to access the resources.

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nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
Excellence in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy

Applying NLP – an Introduction

Communicating Excellence with IntegrityNLP are running two workshops where you can quickly learn how to apply NLP to benefit you in both your work and social life.

Each workshop is an extremely affordable price so you can benefit in many ways but especially getting skills you can put into immediate effect.

Both NLP workshops are in Newcastle at St.Oswald hospice.

Date: 10am – 4pm on Thursday August 9th 2007
Date: 10am – 4pm on Saturday August 11th 2007

This workshop is for you if … you want to find out what NLP is really about, how you can use it and try it out in a real training rather than reading about it in a book or watching edited highlights of someone else using it on TV. You want to know whether it will be worth your time and money to take a full NLP Practitioner training and you don’t want to break the bank finding out.

What You’ll Get From These One-Day Workshops

  • A real experience of NLP at work. You can find out about NLP by reading a
  • book, but that’s not the same as experiencing it in person any more than a recipe book is the same as a delicious meal. You’ll find out much more about NLP in this workshop than you will reading a book.
  • You will gain some useful skills. Even though this is only a single day workshop you really will pick up some immediately useable skills. It’s not a sales talk or even better not a talk of any kind, it is experiential learning through exercises.
  • You will be putting NLP into practice. You will have a chance to try things out and get a feel for it. Practice new skills and get a sense of what it’s like to use NLP in real life not just in theory.
  • A deeper understanding of what NLP is about and how it might be useful in your work and home life. It’s not easy to decide how NLP applies to your life just by reading. You can’t ask a book ‘What about this…?’. Here’s a way to find out about NLP for yourself.

Click here for a printable pdf with full informaiton

nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence

Excellence in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy

Stephen Brooks – trance learning

Our Newcastle based Hypnotherapy Diploma builds on your own Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ) and hypnosis skills. This free podcast mp3 is one of the trances of the real gurus of hypnotherapy that Alan Jones and I refer to and share on our GHSC validated Hypnotherapy Diploma course.

This podcast hypnotherapy script is originally by Stephen Brooks who is one of the most skilled and competent hypnotherapists you might like to study further…

You should listen to this in a place where you wont be disturbed and it is safe for you to relax and give your unconscious full attention.

Log on to the Free resources section to listen and enjoy this podcast

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Sleight Of Mouth

Sleight Of Mouth

Part of the function of this Communicating Excellence web page is to make NLP , Hypnotherapy and Coaching resources freely available for your learning and continued development. Free resources are of course really valuable but there is no substitute for experience.

If you choose to attend either our Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practitioner beginning September or our Hypnotherapy Diploma you will get the experiential learning of many reframing processes that you can use in all contexts of your life now, back to Sleight Of Mouth.

In the same way you have been learning about the structure of subjective experience before you learned NLP or hypnotherapy, you will have already learned about ‘sleight of mouth‘ or reframing. and you already know how to and how this works – even if you are not fully aware of the structure consciously. This is an exemplification of some patterns Robert Dilts coded from what Richard Bandler was doing.

I was introduced and taught Sleight Of Mouth (SOM) as some 15 coded interventions. SOM is simply simply re-framing. This is my recollection of the patterns Ian introduced me to which I recall come all the way from a Connie Ray and Steve Andreas training in the nineties.

First here is a list in no particular order of the labels and then you can continue with the examples of the patterns while your teaching yourself the meaning to the labels.

SOM Labels

  1. prior cause
  2. chunking up/down/sideways and ‘logical level’
  3. change the frame size
  4. redefine
  5. consequence
  6. counter example
  7. another outcome
  8. reality strategy
  9. intention
  10. model of the world
  11. switch referential index
  12. apply to self
  13. hierarchy of criteria
  14. meta frame
  15. metaphor

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Patterns and Classifications


Here in Newcastle its no surprise that there is ‘more’ out there, quite a lot infact. Go a little further and its Tyne and Wear, further still and its Northumberland, further still its The Northeast and again England, the UK, Europe, The Earth, The Milky Way, The Galaxy and the Universe and so on and so forth…

As a hypnotherapist or using NLP for therapy,interventions or as an enhanced communication tool we utilise our own coded patterns of behaviour in our work. The NLP or Ericksonian hypnosis language and therapeutic change patterns were modelled and subsequentially coded then deployed as processes or patterns.

and as your reading this with your eyes and unconsciously processing the words you are seeing into some labels on experience that your understanding or if you like, making meaning of. You are unconsciously processing and classifying in this instance among other things the syntax ( sequence ) and semantic ( meaning ) of the English written language.

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