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Newcastle NLP Practitioner – Clean Language

Newcastle NLP Practitioner course includes Clean Language. Communicating Excellence and Integrity NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses in Newcastle upon Tyne include Clean Language, the modeled work of David Grove.

Clean Language is an incredibly useful way to operate at the metaphoric level to effect change with people as in therapeutic practice or organisations for team building and project development.

There are 9 Basic clean language questions. You can download these from the FREE NLP Resources section on Communicating Excellence web site you will need to request my free news letter to access the free NLP and Hypnotherapy resources.

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NLP Eye Movement Therapy – Newcastle

Nigel Hetherington will be presenting NLP in Newcastle upon Tyne as an afternoon session of NLP Eye Movement Therapy, used in the resolution of unwanted intrusive neurological imprints ( emotions ) with content free processes.

at the Brief Therapy North East 10th annual tenth annual study day on April 4th 2008. This open event is open to anyone and is taking place at The Sir James Spence lecture theater at the Royal Victoria Infirmary Newcastle upon Tyne.

Its an opportunity for a days learning and admission is only £15.00 for the day.

contact Marie Wheeler Tel: 0191 413 8568 email:

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Neuro Logical Levels – Free NLP resources

Robert Dilt’s produced a model of extremely high utility. NeuroLogical Levels. It can be used to explore problems and solution for individuals and teams.

It de-tangles and simplifies large context, scope and categories into manageable parts and components.

click on communicating excellences free NLP resources to explore and further develop your NLP skills

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Anti-Depressants or Sugar Pills

A team from the University of Hull have shown research that Anti Depressants like Prosac and Seroxat, sometimes known as Selective Seratonin ReUptake Inhibitors are as effective as Placebos in the majority of cases of depression.

There is a large body of evidence on placebos and their effects. Perhaps placebos work on ‘beliefs’ changing things, possibilities at deep neurological levels, changing limiting beliefs, who knows for sure. The thing is, this effect is well known.

St.Johns wort has been used as a remedy for depression, and whether this is because of the chemical composition of the herb or the placebo effect it seems to work, just like Prozac.

Here are some of the differences between a natural placebo like a Sugar Pill and drugs like SSRI’s.

  • 100% natural
  • 100% safe
  • Practically no cost
  • not pushed by drugs companies
  • not owned by drugs companies

So how can two parties have such conflicting ‘evidence’. Is it possible that they both could be correct. Well yes it is. It all depends not only on rigid, strict scientific rigor, it also depends on what you set out to prove, in other words what filters are in place and what biases are already in the system ( beliefs and values ). A further exploration into the beliefs and values and overriding motivations will surely lead to a deeper understanding of the validity of both parties claims.

But the makers of Prozac and Seroxat, two of the commonest anti-depressants, said they disagreed with the findings.

BBC News web site

Something as I understand Frank Zapper reminded his son Moon Unit is to consider “Who is paying them to say that?

I recall my days at Newcastle University and my associations with some excellent people, commonly known as The Medics. The Medics were plied with sweeteners and incentives ( would we say gifts now? ) from various Drugs Companies. Why? Not from the goodness of the hearts, but one suspects to create relationships that may last through the Medics careers. And having knowledge of how, now, today, Drugs companies host events to push their trade to GP’s, Practice Nurses and other medical staff, now I wouldn’t call this legalised Drug Pushing because its not legalised Drug Pushing though its seems a very questionable practice to me.

My own personal experiences, friends, family, associates have and do still confirm a shocking frivolity in GP’s prescribing anti-depressants for all manner of symptoms and ailments. As an experiment go to your GP and complain of being down, being depressed and find out what happens.

Think about it, drugs treat symptoms, wouldn’t it be better to work directly with cause where possible. Juggling comes to mind.

To read the article click here to go to the BBC web site

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NLP Cafe – Newcastle's NLP Practice Group

The NLP cafe is a structured Newcastle NLP Practice group that is sponsored by IntegrityNLP

February’s practice group explored aspects and concepts of Self Esteem and in particular how to increase self esteem in-line with elements of a healthy self concept

Here is a short video from the NLP Cafe – NLP Practice group


The content of the Self Esteem exploration was extracted from Steve Andreas’s excellent book – Transforming Yourself – becoming who you want to be

nigel hetherington

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Observable and Lead Trance

This little gem, a script and mp3 comes from Newcastle based
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist Chris Burrow

The script demonstrates aspects of pacing and leading as well as a variety of Milton Model patterns.

Listen to Chris’s relaxing voice on this mp3 and here is the Trans script

Are we all sitting comfortably – then I will begin.

As you sit and listen to .. the sounds around us .. and the tone of my
voice, how it changes as we talk here … and your comfort in the chair…
in that way, I wonder – how easily you have noticed what .. temperature
difference … between your hands?
And as your breathing … in and out, and noticing other sensations – you
begin to notice… and the feeling of your feet firmly on the ground … I
am wondering how did you know… how to really relax.
As you feel the comfort of the chair as it can support you here, and the
motion of the air in this room… how easy can your mind help …. learn
comfort and relaxation in deep learning.
And as your comforting …. thoughts you are having begin to relax into your
mind and open new connections, and directions … that just make so much
sense. And in a moment, you can find yourself .. falling deeply …. deeply into a
normal state of exquisite consciousness and awareness with feelings of …
comfort in your body, and deep … happiness in your mind… (deep breath)

nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
Excellence in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy

How to make better decisions

On 12 Feb 2008 the BBC showed a Horizon episode entitled ‘How to make better decisions’

Two particularly interesting stories within the program demonstrated that our decision making process can be influenced by and from others ( surprise surprise ) and that we can then alter the ‘rational’ behind our own decision processes to suit our internal worlds.

click here to watch a short clip on choice blindness

One that I particularly liked was the process called ‘priming’. This test involved handing the unwilling test subject either a cup of warm coffee or cold coke for a minute or so previous to them meeting some person. After they were asked if they would give the person they met a job. Those who were primed with a warm object to hold mostly said yes and those primed with a cold drink mostly said no.

click here to watch highlights from the program

So not forgetting what the experimenter sets out to prove, or the thinker thinks ( bob wilson ) do beware of being handed warm drinks ….. you could just be being primed!!

to watch the whole BBC Horizon show click here

nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
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NLP Advanced Language Skills – Christina Hall

Communicating Excellence are sponsoring a very special and completely unprecedented NLP event in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England.

Meta-Master Trainer Christina Hall Ph.D will be presenting

Language In Action … Action In Language

six days of exploration, adventure and deep learnings

Often called “the expert’s expert,” Chris, has been described by Richard Bandler, NLP Co-Developer, as “The Ultimate Wordsmith… The person who has probably taught me more about NLP… and who continues to prove there is no end to this field.”

This will be a unprecedented opportunity to acquire through experience, language, behavioural and thinking skills from Meta Master trainer Dr. Christina Hall. I attended a Language In Action course in 2007 and was so delighted and amazed by Christina’s skill, passion and art of her training that I decided to participate in her Trainer Trainer course. Having just completed the first of two modules I am again genuinely amazed with her teaching system of applying NLP and multi-level structured experiential learning to demonstrate the fundamental principles of training design.

For information from Christina’s web site about the upcoming Language In Action course in Newcastle upon Tyne click this link here.

February 24- March 1 2009

Cost £795

There are only 24 places available

click here for a detailed prospectus

reserve you place now, email or call

0770 481 8467

Hypnotherapy Practice Group – Trance Cafe

I am facilitating a new hypnotherapy practice group based in the North East called the Trance Cafe.

This will take place on the first Tuesday of each month at St. Oswalds in the teaching centre. This venue is feeling extremely comfortable, heated and built for purpose …

Each session will be structured and topics will be advertised ahead of time. This will also serve as a peer supervision centre, in regulation with the GHR and other professional body requirements requirements.

I want to make it clear that this two hour session will be very social but is not a social chat group. It will be two hours of practising hypnotic process.

The group is open to all levels of experience, will include demonstration and experiential learning followed by discovery contexts.

The cost for this two hour session including handouts, tea, coffee and biscuits is excellent value at just £10.

This practising group will be at
St Oswald’s Teaching Centre, Gosforth

Tuesday March 4th

The Art of Utilisation

structured practice group just £10.00

To book your place on this course

Save a whole british pound by booking with PayPal

email or

telephone 0770 481 8467

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Excellence in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy

3 day NLP introduction course

Introduction to NLP

NLP is an amazing technology, you could have heard all sorts of claims for it. That it’s a way of developing advanced communicating skills, influencing people,achieving your goals, managing individuals and groups, avoiding the things that you don’t want and getting much more of what you do and so on. But you are not yet ready to invest in a full North East and Newcastle based NLP Practitioner training to verify these claims for yourself but you are clearly are curious about NLP.

Unfortunately you can’t learn NLP from a book! NLP is a very practical set of tools and techniques, reading about it is not the same as doing it, you will find out about NLP by doing NLP.

An excellent way to find out about NLP for yourself is to attend a complete three day Introduction to NLP. During this workshop you will be able to try on NLP for size, get an inside perspective on it and be able to talk it over with experienced nlp trainers and master practitioners.

Because NLP is a practical set of skills and attitudes most of the three days will be spent in supervised practice sessions so you’ll be learning NLP by doing it. Get the experience and skills of what NLP can do for you and how you can start applying NLP by attending this course.

This course will be held over three days at
St Oswald’s Teaching Centre, Gosforth
Saturday May 24th, Saturday and Sunday June 14th-15th

Three days comprehensive training for just £95.00

To book a place on this course
email or

telephone 0191478 2726 or 0770 481 8467

Click here for complete details