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NLP Free resources – Meta Programs

Our Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma training and our NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle both explore and utilise the Meta-Programs of personality.

based on the work of Karl Jung ( perhaps even earlier Socrates ) and eveloped further by Myers and Briggs among others; meta programs are POWERFUL predictors of behaviours and attitudes.

If you would like a comprehensive listing and explication of the most useful Meta-Programs then go to the free resources section.

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Communicating Excellence
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FREE NLP Resources – Milton Model

Our Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma training and our NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle both explore and utilise the coded patterns of Milton H Erickson.

There are many ways to increase your learning of Milton Patterns. If you go to the free NLP resources section here you can discover yourself ways to increase your knowledge and understanding.

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Communicating Excellence
Excellence in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy

NLP Practice group – Newcastle – 20 May 2008

In the next NLP Café meeting on May 20th we will explore getting in and out of states. In the first part of this practice group we will usea process to tease apart unresourceful states so that they are easier to change. In second part we will work on creating tailor made states for use on any occasion.

Join Andy and Nigel to get in, and out of, a bit of a state at St Oswald’s Hospice Training Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle on

Tuesday May 20th between 7pm & 9pm. Cost just £10.

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Andy and Nigel

How to get more of what you want with NLP

Our NLP training course in Newcastle upon Tyne has a great deal of emphasis on practical application. Its not about learning 20 processes in one week and having no real skill as to how to use them. Communicating Excellence and Integrity NLP practitioner courses give you the time to develop and integrate your NLP skills into your life.

Getting More of what you want with NLP

There are just two very simple parts of getting what you want using NLP’s well formed outcome. A full exploration of your outcome and then acting on the information. The full exploration is called a ‘well formed outcome’.

well formed outcome

Step 1

State what you want, your outcome in the positive. Then in your imagination, See / Feel / Hear / Taste and Smell – exactly what it will be like when you have got your outcome. You require a sensory description!

  • “I dont want to get angry” is not stated in the positive, so one way to turn this to the positive can be “I want to be calm”.
  • When I am calm “it will be good” is not a sensory description. When I am calm I will be seeing other people next to me, they will be treating me differently, specifically they are talking to me, asking me about my ideas, opinions. I can smell one lady’s perfume and notice the smell of coffee. I am in a cafe. I feel relaxed and my shoulders are particularly comfortable.

Step 2

Check the possible consequences

  • How will getting your outcome affect you, friends, family, others? You can think of this in terms of time, relationships, other commitments and any and all impacts your outcome will have on the relationships with these other people.
  • What will you gain, what will you lose and what will stay the same? You can think of this in terms of money, time, relationships…
  • How will you sort our potential difficulties? Think about it, what difficulties could arise? What problems are obvious what problems are hidden?
  • Where do you want this outcome, where do you not want this outcome? In which physical locations; not at home but at the office.

Step 3

Resources and Control

  • What level of control and influence can you bring to bear as resources to attaining your outcome. You have little to zero influence of winning the lottery. You can think of this as is this achievable and how can you make it more so.
  • Do you have all the Skills, Understanding, Time and Information to realise your outcome? If you require additional information / skills / time / understandings – where can you get it from, what and where are your resources?
  • How will you overcome and barriers and hurdles?

Step 4

Do you still want this outcome?

  • So having explored, examined and gathered information and resources. Do you still want this?
  • Is getting your outcome the steps to getting something else?
  • When do you want this and what are your next steps?

If you choose to use this process for a specific outcome, run the process three times on the same outcome. Then ACT on the information you have generated. Many people know about this process but seemingly only a few actually use it – be one of those who do.

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nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
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Hypnotherapy for anaesthetic pain control

Communicating Excellence’s Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training course here in Newcastle will show you how to control pain to such a level that you could undergo a legitimate operation.

recently Alex Lenkei a hypnotherapist from Sussex hypnotised himself whilst surgeons cut, sawed and chiselled bone out of his hand. Click here to read the full BBC news article.

If you would like to become a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist or want to experience an Introduction to hypnosis both training course in hypnosis and hypnotherapy take place in Newcastle upon Tyne.

nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
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Resolving Painful Emotional Memories – Newcastle NLP Practice Group – 15 April 08

People like you or me, have, in our life time, our own personal history, had experiences that for want of a other words have been traumatic, painful or negatively emotionally charged. This is part of the rich tapestry of life and often labelled as Trauma, Grief, Guilt, Shame, PTSD and other kinds of problematic responses to past events.

Usually the intensity of the experience fades in time and we are OK. But other times there are one, two or a few memories that just seem to pop up and surface and whoom all the unwanted emotional energy is there. Its painful, unpleasant and unwanted.

What would it be like if you can learn a simple and brief NLP process to resolve these types of painful emotional imprints? How useful will it be for you to clear up your own undesirable responses to your own personal history events? What sort of benefits can you imagine when this process is in your tool bag?

Steve and Connirae Andreas developed NLP Eye Movement Integration on 1989. Additionally there will be a further addition ‘Lazy-Eights’ which Andrew T Austin demonstrated while we attended his excellent IEMT training.

Come along for two hours of well structured and
applied NLP Practice at the NLPCafe

7-9pm Tuesday 15th April only £10.00

The NLP Cafe
St. Oswalds Teaching Centre
Regent Avenue, Gosforth,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1EE

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Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP Training in North East

Are you thinking about pursuing a Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Beginning in August, or an NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner training beginning in September, Newcastle upon Tyne?

Perhaps you would like to explore an introduction course before committing to a full training? Then have a look at Introduction to Hypnotherapy.

Whatever training you are considering, choosing the right training provider for yourself is really important, here is some useful information for you to read to help you choose your training provider. In addition to committed and competent facilitators your training takes place in well equipped, comfortable warm training rooms.

Our courses are practical, with lots of demonstrations and includes optional projects of your choice so your NLP skills extend beyond the training room right into your life!

And if you would like a £50.00 discount off any of the three courses above and a complementary report “10 good reasons to Learn NLP”

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Brain Gym in UK schools

I use many contralateral exercises in therapeutic practice and of course they get tremendous results.  Grinders 1980 ‘new code’ games are essentially brain gym games, they work BUT there seems to be no ‘scientific’ proof that they work or do not work.

An interesting and somewhat damming appraisal of Brain Gym from a BBC report

click here to watch a BBC news video on Brain Gym

the video article ends with “until the claims made by ‘brain gym’ can be verified it has no place in our schools.

Unlike phylosophy, religion and the scientifically tested forms of exercise like yoga … did you see all those people doing something together – fringe benefits 🙂