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North East NLP Master Practitioner Training

Communicating Excellence and IntegrityNLP are running our NLP Master Practitioner Training course beginning in September 2008.

If you are already a NLP Master Practitioner and can see the clear advantages of doing it again, with another company, we have a limited number of half price places available for people like you.

Do you know you can get up to 45% funding towards your course costs paid for by Business Link? Contact me for further details.

Our NLP Master Practitioner here in Newcastle upon Tyne will include the following modules.

  • Practical Application in the real world
  • New code NLP
  • Systems Thinking and Application
  • Metaphor and Clean Therapy
  • Time Structuring
  • Congruent Communication
  • Modelling Application – A modelling project and a personal project
  • Linguistic Excellence with Integrity

In addition to all of this you will also get the following

  • Complementary access to our structured NLP practice groups for the duration of your ten month training – worth £100.00
  • Complementary Coaching for your personal project worth over £150
  • Real and powerful NLP process to positively enhance your life

For more information and to secure your half price place click here

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Communicating Excellence
Excellence in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

This is one of the best videos I have seem in a while.

It is a lecture by Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon. It is all about achieving your child hood dreams. A deeply provocative, inspirational and moving ‘last lecture’ from one of life’s achievers and philanthropists.
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NLP Demystified – Calibration

The purpose of this topic is to be an ongoing series of posts that attempts to demystify some of the esoteric and obscure terminology in NLP.  It may also serve as a way for NLP’ ers to talk to other humans about the intrinsic concepts of NLP so other non- NLP’ ers may understand more easily.


A few days ago I went into my local shop ( I live in a village ) and as I was buying a bottle of wine I noticed the shopkeeper wrinkled their nose and stared for a moment too long. Interesting, I thought as I walked out. It was one of those unusually warm and sunny days that the weather report had once again got wrong.

Later that same evening I returned to purchase another bottle and the shop keeper said “Have you been eating garlic?”  You see, I am currently experimenting with a herbal intestinal cleansing diet of which a large proportion is eating fresh and raw food stuffs.  I am normally quite a comparatively high consumer of garlic and because of my current diet am eating raw garlic ( grated of course ). “Yes indeed” I replied.

It seems my local shop keeper had identified a rather powerful tang of garlic about my person on my first visit. ( the twitching nose and facial expressions ) and on my second visit took the opportunity to check their initial insights and observations.

In a nut-shell this is calibration. The detection of some ‘thing’ in this case me reeking of garlic ( I dont smell this on myself as I am so used to it ).

So one explanation of calibration is the detection of  some repetitive pattern in some context. Here the pattern is ‘me stinking of garlic’ ( YUM ) and the repetitive context is me buying from our local shop.

This is a simple definition, as it should be. What is noticed repetitively and is then verified is the result of calibration; noticing repetitive patterns of behaviour/actions etc

Newcastle NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Thinking about pursuing a Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Beginning in August 2008, or an North East and Newcastle NLP Practitioner or Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner training beginning in September 2008? Communicating Excellence and IntegrityNLP are top quality training providers in Newcastle and The North East. All trainings are in Newcastle upon Tyne, in an excellent and well equipped training environment with ample and safe parking.

We differentiate our training by having a real emphasis on practical application, so you can immediately use your new skills in the real world. Our courses include practical projects and complementary coaching to assist you in getting even more out of your chosen course.

Our NLP training and Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainings here in Newcastle are all about doing and participating in the experience. No dry classroom nonsense here! We will demonstrate processes and then you practice them. Training needs to be fun and active and we guaranteed this with three complementary senses of humour and perspectives.

This really is high quality training, Nigel Hetherington, one of three trainers on the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner has an NLP Trainer Trainer certificate from Dr. John Grinder and additionally a NLP Associate Trainer Trainer certificate from Dr. Christina Hall.  Harry Knox has over 30 years experience working in the NHS in mental health. Andy Hunt is a Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer working in clinical practice and meridian energy therapies.

The personality and style of your trainers is important and it is well worth you meeting any training providers before you commit to a training course. So here is an invite to come and meet us at our NLP Practice Group in Newcastle and find out if we are the right providers for you.

Whatever training you are considering, choosing the right training provider for yourself is really important, here is some useful information for you to read to help you choose your training provider. In addition to committed and competent facilitators your training takes place in well equipped, comfortable warm training rooms.

Our courses are practical, with lots of demonstrations and includes optional projects of your choice so your NLP skills extend beyond the training room right into your life!

And if you would like a £50.00 discount off any of the three courses above and a complementary report “10 good reasons to Learn NLP”

Enter you name and email below and and I will send you our free report

NOTE: your privacy is taken seriously. Your email address will never be rented or sold to anyone. All information is kept 100%, completely confidential.

Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group – 6th August 2008

This month’s trance cafe, the Newcastle hypnotherapy and support group is presented by Kim Bull – NLP trainer and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist.Kim will be presenting the Boynian pattern, attributed to Hypnosis forefather Gill Boyne’s work.  He will address a specific structure the utilise the information gathered in a way best suited to clients needs.

When we first meet our clients we spend some time gathering information. This can be about their problem and especially what they would like to experience instead. We then consider how we can best achieve the change they desire.

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Tennis NLP and your inner game – part 2

NLP Training Newcastle covers topics like creating and maintaining motivation,
North East NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training Newcastle.
differentiate our Newcastle NLP trainings by having a strong emphasis
on real world applications. Next Training begins September 08.

Well Done Nadal! Indeed a truly an epic final.

Recently I have read W.Timothy Gallwey’s Inner Game of Tennis. It is an excellent book, published in 1974.

The ‘inventor’ of Calculus is often credited as Isaac Newton but there is of course the ongoing dispute that calculus was invented by Gottfried Leibniz.

Like many ‘inventions’ it is not entirely impossible that many people at around the same time had the same idea.

So what has all this got to do with NLP and Tennis? Good question.

In Gallwey’s Inner Game there are references made to ‘Self 1 and Self 2’. In NLPers as Conscious and Unconscious. And how to program it for success.

New Code’s ‘know nothing state’ seems to have an equivalent in ‘Playing out of your mind’

If you read the book, there are processes that is completely comparable to six step reframing, change personal history, time lines oh and NLP Modelling to name a few.

kind regards
nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
Excellence in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Newcastle and North East NLP Practice Group

If you would like to practice NLP by doing NLP then you might like to come to the NLP Cafe and meet like minded explorers like you who want to increase your knowledge and skills – And all this takes place in a warm, secure and purpose built training centre.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that trigger unresourceful states in us. A letter from the bank, being called into the bosses office, having to do the paper work, etc, etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that not so useful state automatically triggered a more resourceful state in that situation? Not surprisingly NLP has a number of state based processes to help that happen.

In the next NLP Cafe on Tuesday July 15th we will use a simple technique called the Anchor Dance for automatically taking you from an unresourceful to a resourceful state quickly and easily.

Join Andy Hunt and Nigel Hetherington at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre between 7pm and 9pm on July 16th to find out how to do the Anchor Dance (courtesy of Vikas Dikshit an inventive NLPer from Pune, India).

The evening costs just £10 for which you will receive a Cafe Credit which will give you a £10 discount on any course run by Andy Hunt or Nigel Hetherington.

PS: This is a great way of finding out what we are like as trainers and the kind of thing you might expect to get from one of our IntegrityNLP Practitioner trainings.

Tennis NLP and your inner game – part 1

Motivation, purpose and rehearsal techniques are all part of our
Newcastle NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training. We
differentiate our Newcastle NLP trainings by having a strong emphasis
on real world applications. Next Training begins September 08.

What A Belter!

Last night I was treated to one of the best tennis matches I have ever seen.
Andy Murray Vs Richard Gasquet, it went the full five sets and was non-stop action and emotion for players and spectators alike.

The first set was really neck and neck and it went to Gasquet. The second set Murray was outplayed; repeatedly attempting failing drop shots and audible self talk. 2-0 Gasquet.

The third set looked like going to Gasquet but he failed to serve out the match and this was the beginning of the Murray revival and the fall of Gasquet.

Both of these player have excellent skills, are emotionally involved in their game and train long and hard to be where they are in the rankings. So what happened to Gasquet? What happened to Murray?

In the second set Murray was beating himself up, hitting his head with the racket and engaged in lots of self talk; this evidently did nothing but put him off his game. Conversely Gasquet kept playing his game and winning.

When Murray grittily picked off the third set, his emotional involvement rocketed, his self talk changed to roars of self encouragement, raising him and raising the crowd. Gasquet on the other hand seemed to go inside himself. Making unforced error after unforced error, his game literally fell apart. Murray went on to epically win the next two sets to take the game.

How do players continue to motivate themselves in positive ways? And why will this match be remembered?

How can you motivate yourself positively and how can you keep you motivation focused and on track?

The follow on article – Part 2 will address these matters of practical application and highlight a link between NLP and Tennis Performance.

kind regards
nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
Excellence in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy