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Hypnosis course Newcastle upon Tyne

Introduction to hypnosis training course in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Self hypnosis is great for deep relaxation and meditation. Easily learn it in just one weekend with a hypnosis introduction training here in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Learning Hypnosis can help you to make genuinely positive changes in your life, change how you feel about things and how you go about getting much more of what you want.

The next hypnosis training weekend is November 22-23 click here for full details and booking.

Would you like to know how hypnosis can help you cope with daily stress in health drug free ways?

Hypnotherapy NLP and Placebo's

When long ago, as myth dictates, Bandler and Grinder attempted to market a ‘sugar’ pill called’ placebo’ they were categorically deigned.

Even with a < than 50% success rate ( and I refer you to a recent study publicised on BBC internet ) ‘you could take at least two ( placebos ) to make sure it worked.’

Here is yet more ‘evidence’ of the power of positive suggestion. This is yet another whacking blow to the massive pharmaceutical ‘legal’ drug cartels. Especially the pushers of ‘anti-depressants’ , what the heck did people use before selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors? A long walk?

How long before this becomes common knowledge?

For naturalistic, effective drug free solutions to your problems contact me here.

Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma

The next Clinical Hypnotherapy diploma course in the North East of England in Newcastle is starting in August. There is just two weeks before you can join the premier Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma training in the North East – Alan Jones and Nigel Hetherington facilitate this General Hypnotherapy Standards Council approved training.

Get a nationally approved qualification.

Check out clinical hypnotherapy diploma training in Newcastle.

NLP Master Practitioner – Half Price Offer

Here are two blistering incentives to take this NLP Master Practitioner course here in Newcastle upon Tyne – North East England. Hurry Course Begins this September.

If you already have an NLP Master Practitioner qualification and understand the advantages and benefits of doing it again we offer you our NLP Mater Practitioner at half of our advertised price.

If you want to do your NLP Master Practitioner training here in the North East you can apply to Business Link to get a whopping 45% funding.

NLP Demyistified – Model of The World

Lets for a moment pretend there is ‘a one‘ reality. A gargantuan leap into the improbable, I know. But stay with me on this one.

So we have this ‘one reality’, we, being humans, have uniquely individual ways in which we perceive and sense reality. Biologically we all have eyes but we don’t see exactly the same things. We have limited range sensory apparatus. The human eye works within a specific frequency of light.

So as an anology ‘Model of the World’ is like beliefs and values but it is much more expansive. The word model suggests its not quite true, not quite reality.

We have ideas, thoughts, wants, needs, compulsions, attention spans and wishes that are not exactly the same as anyone else’s. All of these, a combination of our unique physical, neurological and our life experiences ‘colour’ both what, how and the meanings we make in order to perceive and act in our own unique reality.

This is unique to everyone, so that’s the ‘model of the world’.

Look at this video to catch glimpses of two unique models of the world in action. If you can, stay out of the content and look and listen out for ‘models of the world’.

North East NLP Practice Group – September 2008

Sorry Folks! There is no NLP Cafe in August as was advertised. We are back in Spetember after a summer holiday.

Do you procrastinate or do you get stuff done? Do you want a really cool systematic way of getting stuff done?

Getting stuff done is one of the things that radically differentiates what is often termed as the difference between success or failure.

The evening will comprise of a logical and structured way to prioritise tasks / goals or outcomes and then build the motivation and desire to do it using NLP.

The elements and processes to DO IT will be demonstrated and you will have the opportunity to work on real tasks / issues or goals that are present in your life.

Join Andy Hunt and Nigel Hetherington at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre between 7pm and 9pm on August 19th.

The Newcastles structured and applied NLP practice group, the NLP Cafe, Sponsored by Integrity NLP.

Venue and Directions

St. Oswalds Teaching Centre
Regent Avenue, Gosforth,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1EE


Click here for map

We meet on the third Tuesday of each month. From 7-9pm.

Only £10.00 including tea n bikkies.

Free NLP Resources – Problems and Goals

Almost every one of us has at some time had the experience of either some problematic ‘behaviour’ or somehow not quite being able to reach some of our goals.

In the free download section there is a new NLP / Hypnosis process specifically for use in attaining your goals or changing problematic behaviours.

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Communicating Excellence :  NLP courses run in the North East of England and Newcastle to provide the very best applied NLP experiential trainings. Newcastle and North East NLP Practitioner, North East and Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training in Newcastle upon Tyne.

North East NLP Introduction course – Newcastle upon Tyne

Our NLP courses run in the North East of England and Newcastle to provide the very best applied NLP experiential trainings.


Communicating Excellence are running our next Introduction to NLP course beginning in October 25th 2008. It is a two day course, on two Saturdays.


The next NLP Introduction Course here in Newcastle upon Tyne will concentrate on skills that you can immediately use in every day life for practical results and applications to make your life better and get more of what you want.

This training is over two days. Beginning Day one Saturday October 25th and ending day two on November 1st.

The days are spread apart for two reasons. First you get necessary time to integrate your new skills into your life. Secondly spreading the training over time we realise you have the opportunity to ask questions and receive very useful feedback based on your experiences.

We restrict the number of participants to only 18 so you can be assured of personal and individual tuitions throughout each day of the course so you can get the most of your training experience.

What Participants are saying about this course

This has been a dynamic course that has allowed me to feel empowered, in
that I feel like I have more control over emotional forces that have
driven me in the past. There is now the beginning of making decisions
that I want in a more confident manner. Thanks Nigel, Andy and Harry.”

Huw – Student

“My expectations were all met extremely well. All of the exercises were
extremely well delivered. I found it helpful the way the training was
delivered with fun and enthusiasm.”

Donna – Project Co-Ordinator

“What has been beneficial is learning about the foundations of NLP and having
the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of techniques.”

Jane – Outreach Co-Ordinator

book early to ensure you get your place on this really practical and well structured training course.

click here for full details

nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
Excellence in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy

NLP Demystified – Beliefs & Values 2

WARNING! This is extremely controversial!

This is currently one of the most popular internet videos available.

I post the link because – it is also an excellent demonstration of Beliefs and Values in action. It may be a fake. But it has currently been watched by over four and a half MILLION people.

Irrespective of its authenticity, lets assume this is just cinema. A projection of actors beliefs and values. An example is worth more than one thousand written words …

What is educational are the many Beliefs and Values that are conveyed in the conversation.


What may be an even more powerful example of beliefs in action is your own, you own responses to this audio. But DO note the end of the audio when the ‘prank’ all becomes clear!

This will lead nicely into the next NLP Demystified post ‘Model of The World’

Free NLP Resources – Self Esteem

An exploration of Self Esteem

Newcastle NLP training course in the North East.

This is a short exert from our structured NLP Practice Group in Newcastle, The NLP Cafe. The session is based on Steve Andreas’ excellent book ‘Transforming yourself becoming who you want to be’. This is an exploration of the Submodalities of Self Concept, Self Esteem and Values.

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nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
Excellence in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy