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January 2009 North East NLP Practitioner Training

To most people NLP is a bit of a mystery

What is it? And what can you do with it? And why bother to join a practical course to study it?

If you would like to know what you can do with NLP then I can help. My colleague and me have put together ten of our good reasons for learning NLP.

If you would like to read about our own experiences and perspective you can see for yourself the kinds of things you could do with NLP.

Complementary NLP Report and £50 Discount Voucher

Our practitioner course begins January 2009 and runs for six months. In the mean time you can get our free report “10 Good Reasons To Learn NLP” by entering your name and email address right below.

You will need to confirm your request ( we detest spam email and as such we only use opt-in email ) and then you will receive your copy of the report immediately.

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nigel hetherington

NLP Practitioner 23rd Jan 2009 – Newcastle and North East

What will 2009 bring you, worry, anxiety, stress?  Things you want to do but cant find the motivation? This is a serious undertaking so…

What about you taking response-ability for your situation, what you do and how you feel?

There are a million self help books out, audio and DVD’s and they are OK. But how about getting yourself the real practical skills that can and do make real differences in life?

Our NLP Practitioner course begins January 23rd 2009 and supplies the tools and skills where you could potentially and realistically change your life for the better for the rest of your life.

Our course is completely practical in nature and gives you the time to integrate these powerful skills into you every day life. There is the option of a personal project where you receive complementary coaching as you use your NLP skills to make it happen and get EFT training in with complete package.

This NLP Training’s quality is verified by The Professional Guild of NLP.

NLP when taught properly give people the skills to run their own lives in far better ways focusing on personal ecology. Deal with personal problems and issues, communicate much more effectively and get many more of the outcomes and goals you want in your personal and business life.

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Nigel Hetherington