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10 Hints & Tips for surviving a temporary recession – HT eight

ISS Propulsion Module (NASA)Image via WikipediaHere we are at Hint and Tip number eight. You have probably done a great deal of work, if you have done the exercises to be here in a fully participatory way.

You will have explored not just your goals but things like the consequences ( positive, negative and sameness ) of your changing situation. You have explored your outcome from differing perspectives and multiple ways in which expanding options could or could not take place.

The well formed outcome process ( Andy’s compass exercise ) may have given you more new information or some kind of realisation about what is really involved. You may even be consciously aware of how the language you use with yourself either verbally or non-verbally ( with or without sound ) can change the way you can experience your outcome in the future.

now, this is the part where you, yes, you! Begin the enrichment and enhancement of the deep desire and motivation to propel yourself to seeing it through.  See, it is ultimately ( as previous exercise may have shown you ) up to or down to you.

Apollo Soyuz Test Project Soyuz booster on lau...Image via WikipediaOK. Here you are with outcomes, well formed goals or things you really want to achieve. At this point the words aren’t really that important.  What is important is that you have an idea, a feeling, a representation, a sense of what this is really going to be like when you have it. That’s the VAKGO representation.

So here is the missing part from the well formed outcome process. What is it? That is going to start you and move you, pushing from one direction and pulling from the other that is going to make it much more possible that you get what you want.

This is in addition to the ecology ( personal congruency ) checks you have already done.

OK this is it.

Take your goal ( maybe the first one ) and ask yourself the following questions. Then answer it.  This is the beginning of honest and deeper propelling motivation.

Goal: What is important both to you and for you ( specific words from Dr. Christina Hall )  about fully achieving this goal?

Your answer “it is … X”

Having got some answer – ‘X’,

What is important about having ‘X’, that gets you what?

Your answer “it is … Y”

Having got some answer – ‘Y’,

What is important about having ‘Y’ what does that get you?

Your answer “it is … A”

Now, having put your goal into a much bigger context or bigger picture, I invite you to really think and give your full attention to what having ‘A’ in just the right and proper way your having ‘A’ is all about for you.

When you have got it and you have really got it, notice how you are feeling and especially having this realisation now notice how are you breathing… Breath it in and have it. Hold it for awhile… Relish the feeling, savour it.

This is your motivation… This is your motivation.

and now, having had this physical experience and remembering how you are breathing in this experience … and remembering it, now, let it go.

Shake it off… wiggle wiggle – That is BREAK STATE

After shaking it off, get it back, state ‘A’ recreate it … now … feel it, see it, smell it, taste it…

The easiest way is to replicate it, is your breathing, while remembering the ‘higher’ driving purpose and real importances of your outcome.

Sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean in HollywoodImage via Wikipedia

Lock it in, in your motivation, ‘A’ and connect this with your goal.

This deeply moving motivation will make your goal so much more possible. Having this fully and completely as you do now, what, as you think about it are your next steps…

More to follow, get it on!

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Smoke stacks (LOC)Image by The Library of Congress via FlickrThis is a STOP SMOKING process for therapists and hypnotherapists.

The 7 Step STOP SMOKING ™  process was designed and developed by me Nigel Hetherington over the past two years.

This entire process is available as a free download. Simply subscribe to my complementary newsletter to access this stop smoking process and many other NLP and Hypnosis resources.

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STEP ™ – Simple Trauma Elimination Process

Are you a counsellor helping clients with psychological trauma?

Trauma can take many forms and levels of severity. From post traumatic stress and intrusive memories to flash backs of remembering seriously debilitating and highly emotional events.

Having your client tell you about these things only serves to increase their discomfort by re-living the events.

STEP is a one day training for practising counsellors and therapists. The training covers the effective use of Emotional Freedom Techniques and NLP Eye Movement Integration for working with and resolving trauma quickly and gently.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You want to help people recover from trauma quickly but what you are doing now doesn’t seem to work very well.
  • You want to have more effective tools to work with traumatised clients
  • The stories clients tell you when working with there traumas trouble you emotionally.
  • You have the feeling that there must be an easier and better way to help someone overcome their traumatic experiences.

With our STEP training you will get

  • Two effective and powerful tools to resolve trauma.
  • An understanding of where, when and how to use them.
  • Follow up supervision 

STEP training takes place in Newcastle on 12 February and 28 March. From 9.30am – 5.30pm and costs only £95.00.

To find out more click on Simple Trauma Elimination Process

Elman Induction

One of the simplest and certainly most effective hypnotic inductions is the Elman Induction.  It is a rapid, permissive and direct induction.

I looked on the internet to see if this was easily available for people to study and found very little unless you signed up for it.

I want to make hypnosis much more available than what it is on-line.

This exert is produced with permission from one of my Clinical Hypnosis  Weekend courses that are run in Newcastle upon Tyne.

This video give the basic demonstration. There are a lot of subtleties that go hand in hand with the process that are not explicated. Learning really should be fun! Enjoy.

Elman Hypnosis Induction

How to stop worrying and live better – A short course in Newcastle


Are you a worrier?

It’s not quite the happiest of New Years. Financial difficulties. Looming recession. The flu bug that’s going around. Wars and disasters on the TV.

Lots of challenging situations for all of us, but if you are a worrier it’s just so much worse. As if the reality of the situation wasn’t bad enough you can’t stop worrying about it.

Do these statements apply to you?

  • You’re not able to calm down
  • You imagine the worst
  • You feel anxious far more than you should
  • You just can’t stop worrying
  • You feel out of control

If they do then we have a short course in Newcastle that will help you:Relaxed

  • Feel calm
  • Stop worry in its tracks
  • Get back control of your mind.
  • Gain greater peace of mind.

The course will be held at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Regent Ave, Gosforth on Saturday 7th February from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

The full cost for the full day workshop is just £69.00.

To find out more click on Coping With Worry – A Short Course In Newcastle

10 Hints & Tips for surviving a temporary recession – HT Seven

Shifting Perspectives 2008The ability to change perspectives is one of the single most powerful tools there is. And the great news is that each and every one of us has this innate gift. Unfortunately we don’t always choose to use it though as is clearly being demonstrated in Israel and Gaza at the moment.

Children ( and some adults still ) have a wonderful ability to radically shift perspectives from what can appear to be one reality to another.  This ability in children may be because they haven’t yet developed rigid belief structures that prevent change and essentially close down possibilities.

For a moment think about your own thoughts, values and beliefs about the current conflict in Israel and Gaza. Now, if you can, think about it from a Hamas ‘freedom’ fighters perspective, what would you have to believe and value in order to operate this way? Now think about it from say an Israeli soldiers perspective, what would you have to value and believe to be true to act this way? Now come back to being yourself.

OK, now, if you found these two other world views uncomfortable, tricky, wonderful or impossible this is likely because they conflict or disagree with your own beliefs and values.  This is OK, this is not an attempt to begin world piece it is an illustration of beliefs and values in action, at work; yours.

Beliefs if you believe in them are like a glue holding the fabric of your reality together, if you like, the warp and the weft that keep things in place. And for most of the time this works really well.

In a simplistic world view each set of perspectives including your own are perfectly right and valid from the perspective of the individual. You may not agree or condone what is happening from your own perspective and this is about your own beliefs and values.

Loosening and softening limiting beliefs – Gaining new perspectives

The ‘What Do You Want’ question will illuminate some goal or outcome. A great many people that I am work with want to ‘Stop Worrying about xxx’ or ‘Dont want to feel zzz’. This to say the least is a very very reasonable outcome.

In the post H&T Four, you were invited to explore the question ‘What Do You Want’? using the NLP Well Formed Outcome process.

You were also invited to state your goals in a certain way. To state them in terms of not what you don’t want but in terms of what you want. So that is your goals stated in the so called ‘positive’.

Irrespective of how you stated your goals here is a neat process that explores and loosens the underlying beliefs relevant to the goal.  This is a process that will generate different perspectives about your outcome / goal.

For each goal, I invite you to answer  the following questions in the order thy are presented. Of course you will do them in the order you want. My experience is the order does have significance so choose wisely.

pick and write down three goals you want to explore. For each goal answer all of the following questions. Please take the time to really consider all of your answers before moving on to the next question.

  1. What will happen if I do achieve this goal?
  2. What will happen if I don’t achieve this goal?
  3. What won’t happen if I do achieve this goal?
  4. What won’t happen if I don’t achieve this goal?

These four ‘Cartesian questions’ especially Q4 tend to open up our own perspectives and encourage views of different yet related possibilities and outcomes.

For all of your goals, well at least the ones you want to work with go ahead and use this reasonably rapid process to generate new perspectives and explore the validity and possible consequences.Success

The next hint and tip will require you to have used these Cartesian questions and the Well Formed Outcome process on your goals. It will also require that you have refined your list of goals down to only the ones you are really committed to achieving.

I suggest picking just three that are most important to you as having too many goals and doing nothing about them is a potential recipe for procrastination.

The next hint and tip will be about creating and maintaining the right motivation to help you work towards getting what you really want.

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Free Hypnosis Audio For Pain Control

Migraine #2Image by Truly, Madly, Arty Lee via FlickrA great many people suffer from pain. Now, pain is the bodys signal that something may be unbalanced within the mind/body system. Anyone experiencing any kind of ongoing pain is advised to consult their doctor.

Some people using long term medication to suppress symptoms want to find more healthy and naturalistic ways to relieve the symptoms and so reduce or stop using prescription drugs.

Hypnosis can be used to control and relieve pain.

I work with individuals who suffer from recurrent pain. This ranges from headaches and back injuries to Chronic Pain sufferers. One way to work with pain is to create and change a metaphorical representation of the pain.

This completely free hypnosis audio recording for pain control uses a hypnotic version of Kevin Creedons excellent cloud process.  It is in mp3 format and lasts around 25 minutes.

Before you listen make sure it is safe to do so. Before you listen rate your current level pain from zero to ten. After listening rate it again.

If you find this of particular benefit please leave a comment.

Download free hypnosis audio for pain control.

Nigel Hetherington
Excellence in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP

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