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Newcastle Hypnosis and Therapy Practice Group – March 4th

Clean Therapy ™

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The March event for the Trance Cafe is Clean Therapy ™.  Newcastle upon Tyne Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis practice group.

This is the current evolution and culmination of my own experience, practice and successful application of content free therapeutic process of the previous six years.

I was initially introduced to ‘Clean Language‘ the work of the late David Grove modelled as Symbolic Modelling from Penny Thomkins and James Lawley.

My association and work with John Grinder opened up, from this very useful beginning what Clean Elicitation ™ ( cleanlanguage is a functional sub-set of this ) really is and can be.

The work of Lakoff and Johnson in terms of Metaphor, and my background in software engineering, physics and math allowed me to apply what is necessarily and possibly possible to this field in terms of real and likely connection.

The result is Clean Therapy. This is a provocative, opportunistic and humanistic approach to change. This is a process oriented methodology to creating and engendering change with clients and yourself – At a very, very  specific level.

The basic variables involved are time, space and ‘logical’ categories.  The level of work involved can be defined as pseudo ‘real’ or ‘metaphorical’.  All problems are shuffled to a higher or metaphorical level where the usual conscious mind processes are quite literally disengaged.

This is another way of re-quoting Einstein’s famoused words that the thinking involved in problem formulation ‘will not necessarily’ be the thinking ( actions  ) involved in problem resolution.

This workshop in March 09 will demonstrate and deliver Solution Focused Clean Therapy interventions.

There are 12 places on this event and the price is £15.00. This is a three hour training from 6-9 pm on March 4th.

NLP Introduction Weekend – March 7-8 2009

Introducing NLP – March 7-8 Newcastle upon Tyne

Perhaps you have seen Paul McKenna demonstrating some NLP on TV, maybe you’ve read about NLP in a book or magazine, it could be that someone you know has shown you some. You know NLP seems kind of interesting and it looks like it could be very useful but it’s difficult

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to make sense of it from what you’ve experienced so far.You could have heard all sorts of claims for it. That it’s a way of developing advanced communicating skills, influencing people, achieving your goals, managing individuals and groups, avoiding the things that you don’t want and getting much more of what you do and so on. But you are not yet ready to invest in a full NLP Practitioner training to verify these claims for yourself but you clearly are curious about NLP.

Unfortunately you can’t learn NLP from a book! NLP is a very practical set of tools and techniques, reading about it is not the same as doing it, you will find out about NLP by doing NLP.

An excellent way to find out about NLP for yourself is to attend a complete two day Introduction to NLP. During this workshop you will be able to try on NLP for size, get an inside perspective on it and be able to talk it over with experienced NLP Trainers and Master Practitioners.

This has been a dynamic course that has allowed me to feel empowered, in that I feel like I have more control over emotional forces that have driven me in the past. There is now the beginning of making decisions that I want in a more confident manner. Thanks Nigel, Andy and Harry.

Huw – Student

You will develop and enhance your communication skills, learn ways to better manage yourself as well others and influence with integrity. Over this comprehensive two day training you will learn:

• How to connect on a deep level with other people.
• How we all use a hidden language of the senses.
• How to notice what’s going on in other people.
• About certain repetitive behavioural traits how to use them.
• How to quickly change the way you feel.
• How to choose your outcome for yourself that work.
• Simple techniques to see your world from different perspectives.

My expectations were all met extremely well. All of the exercises were extremely well delivered. I found it helpful the way the training was delivered with fun and enthusiasm.

Donna – Project Co-Ordinator

Because NLP is a practical set of skills and attitudes most of the two days will be spent in supervised practice sessions where you’ll be learning NLP by doing it. Get the experience and skills of what NLP can do for you and how you can start applying NLP by attending this course.

What has been beneficial is learning about the foundations of NLP and having the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of techniques.

Jane – Outreach Co-Ordinator

The next course will be held at The Coleman Teaching Centre, St Oswald’s Hospice, Regent Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Saturday 7th March & Sunday 8th March 2009 The cost for this two day training is only £95.

Get the experience and skills of what NLP can do for you and how you can start applying NLP to start getting more of what you want. Integrity NLP offer exceptional value and the highest quality training, so come and try it on for size and get first hand training from highly skilled and experienced NLP facilitators.

Special Bonus
Having completed this Introduction to NLP course,you are entitled to a £95.00 discount off the advertised price of our full NLP Practitioner Training. To book a place visit or email or phone 0191 478 2726

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Double Handshake Induction

Rare and unprecedented video footage capturing a completely new phenomenon. The Double Handshake Induction.

During a demonstration of the well known ‘Hand Shake Induction’ two experienced hypnotherapists unknowingly attempt the same process.  As you will see they are completely unprepared for what happens.


Remove your unwanted negative emotions

More than ever, life can be full of situations and events where we feel anxious, worry, get stressed, experience the sensation of panic or be depressed by past memories. We cant always change these situations but we can often change how we feel about them. You can change your emotional response.

One way you can ease and remove unwanted negative emotions is to use Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT. EFT looks very odd if you haven’t seen it before, it is surprisingly easy to learn and extremely effective too.


Establishing Charisma with an audience

Connecting with your audience

Establishing Charisma with an audience. How to do it!

My good friend Kim Bull in this you tube video, Kim from Adventurous Minds excellently demonstrates an NLP pattern in this straight to the point you tube video.

If you are involved in the medium of working with audiences, people or even yourself pay attention to the process. Feelings then Auditory then Visual. Use it and if you like, let Kim know your results.


Change Camp 2009

Something very special, completely innovative and unusual is going to happen in the North East this year.

Its called Change Camp.

This is something that will be of interest to NLP’s, Therapists, Solution Focused therapists, Hypnotherapists and Health Care professionals as well as anyone with an interest in personal growth and self development.

This is the brain child of my good friend and co-conspirator Andy Hunt and is the first un-conference in Newcastle upon Tyne that will attract people who want to change the(ir) world.

Want to know more? You should!

Download and read the Change Camp manifesto here and get ready for change in the North East that will be a breath of fresh air for all change professionals.

Information, Chunking and Learning

My good friend and college Kim Bull of Adventurous Minds has uploaded a you-tube video of part of his ‘NLP for Sports excellence’ training about how we as humans process information.

Kim is an excellent NLP Trainer who incorporates fun and relevancy within all the learning and discovery methods he facilitates.

This video describes in very understandable ways the linguistic model concepts of Generalisation, Distortion and Deletion.

North East NLP Practice Group – Newcastle upon Tyne

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Come and practice NLP in Newcastle with a friendly and inclusive group that is all about experiential learning and the practical application of NLP in your life.

The SCORE model was invented by Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein in the mid 80s when they looked at the way that they were helping their clients and student solve problems. By dividing the problem down into the following components:

  • Symptoms: The signs that something is wrong or not as it should be. In personal life this could be an anxiety or traumatic response, in a work setting it could be a poorly motivated team or a misbehaving class.
  • Causes: What happened in the life of the individual or group that lead to these symptoms
  • Outcomes: What do you want instead? Where do you want to be when the problem is solved. An outcome orientation is a fundamental part of the NLP world view.
  • Resources: What skills, feelings, beliefs, values and other resources do you have that can be used to get you where you want to go.
  • Effects: What are the effects of the outcome you are seeking. How will your goal play out over time? A consideration of the long term results of a plan often makes a huge difference to what happens (the Invasion of Iraq being a good example of what happens when you don’t think beyond the obvious objective).

To have an experience of the SCORE model and how you can put it into practice join Nigel and Andy at the NLP Cafe workshop on Wednesday 11th February at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre at 7pm. You don’t need any knowledge of NLP to attend this event but you do need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and join in.

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