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NLP Practice Day – Newcastle upon Tyne – 28th March

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IntegrityNLP are hosting another of our open Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practice days. It is a chance to come and practice your developing skills and meet some great people.

The day is open to all levels of skills and that includes complete novices. You will find the group warm and welcoming.

So if you are curious and want to find out more about NLP attending this practice day is a very low cost way to do some exploring of your own.

NLP Practice Day – 28th March 

09.45am – 5.15pm ( Tea and Biscuits included )
St Oswalds Hospice, Regent Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1EE

A whole days  practising, training and fun as well as tea and biscuits is only£10.00.

  Hope you can make it this time.

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Brief Therapy North East – Annual Study Day

Beyond TherapyImage via Wikipedia

The BTNE annual study day will be held at the Sir James Spence Lecture Theatre from 9am-4.30 pm on Friday 24th April.

Nigel Hetherington will present The Language of Change from 9.30am – 12.30pm.

The language we use and the inherent presuppositions transferred in it can have a massive effect in our client work. This will be a full therapeutic process that will complement existing skills and practice.

The session will be participatory and exploring how as brief therapists using specific forms of language together with linguistic presuppositions and physicalisation will assist your clients to more rapid and healthy healing in the brief therapy manner.

For full details of the days events click here.

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Worried or Anxious about a trip to the Dentist?

A great many people worry and stress about trips to the dentist. Change this with EFT and feel confident and in control for dental visits.  Follow along with this very simple and easy to follow demonstration to see how you can get rid of anxiety, fear and worry about visits to the dentist so you end up feeling calm and in control.

This seemingly odd process is very easy to learn and above all works extremely well to change old habits and moods. Feel much better about trips to the dentist.


Hypnosis and Weight Loss – Like Lily Allen

slim down for summer fun...Image by loungerie via Flickr

I work with many clients here in Newcastle, Hexham and in the North East to help with weight loss and to start feeling much better about body image.

There are many articles about Lily’s success with hypnosis, how she has lost weight kept it off and even enjoys going to the gym. Lily paid around £300 per hour for hypnosis and over several sessions.

If you are thinking about getting into a better shape and starting to feel better about yourself and you want to use hypnosis because its natural and drug free or because everything else you have tried to lose weight has failed then …

I can help you to help yourself to make very positive changes and unlike yo-yo dieting help you find the continued drive, attitude and honest motivation to make your changes stick.

Unlike Lily’s hypnotist I work with real people with real issues and as such don’t charge over £300 per hour. A two hour Clinical Hypnotherapy session with me costs £85 that is only around £42 per hour.

  • You want to lose weigh?
  • You want to feel better in and about yourself?
  • And you want to do it with hypnosis?

Then contact me on now

Call 0770 481 8467 or email

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Sliding Anchor

All NLP Practitioner training will cover anchoring.  This demonstration of sliding anchors from our NLP Practitioner course shows how to elicit and anchor desired state and then using a sliding anchor amplify and intensify the desired state.

Notice the anchoring in multiple systems as well as the very important testing throught.

In the next two weeks I will be adding a full and complete explanation of what I am doing as a process operator for this sliding anchor demonstration. This will only be available by subscribing to the Communicating Excellence newsletter.


Simple Trauma Elimination Process – STEP

Are you a counsellor helping clients with psychological trauma?

A Trauma Resolution Workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Trauma can take many forms and levels of severity. From post traumatic stress and intrusive memories to flash backs of remembering seriously debilitating and highly emotional events.


Having your client tell you about these things only serves to increase their discomfort by re-living the events.

STEP is a one day training for practising counsellors and therapists. The training covers the effective use of Emotional Freedom Techniques and NLP Eye Movement Integration for working with and resolving trauma quickly and gently.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You want to help people recover from trauma quickly but what you are doing now doesn’t seem to work very well.
  • You want to have more effective tools to work with traumatised clients
  • The stories clients tell you when working with there traumas trouble you emotionally.
  • You have the feeling that there must be an easier and better way to help someone overcome their traumatic experiences.

With our STEP training you will get

  • Two effective and powerful tools to resolve trauma.
  • An understanding of where, when and how to use them.
  • Follow up supervision

STEP training takes place in Newcastle on 28 March. From 9.30am – 5.30pm and costs only £95.00.

To find out more click on Simple Trauma Elimination Process

Trouble Sleeping? EFT for Better Sleep

Hi my name is Nigel Hetherington. In my professional work as a clinical hypnotherapist in Newcastle, Hexham and the North East I meet many clients who have trouble sleeping. They have usually tried a great many ways and things to get better sleep and have now turned to hypnosis.

If you are one of the people who don’t manage to get a good nights sleep on a regular basis then here is something for you to try.

In addition to clinical hypnosis I have used this simple technique EFT with a variety of clients who had sleeping problems. In many cases EFT on its own can prove incredible effective. So before you even consider exploring hypnosis – please do try this on you own. It is 100% drug free and it is free so it costs you nothing.

Give it a go and get a much better nights sleep. What have you got to lose? Nothing.

What could you gain? A much better nights sleep .. now .. imagine what that will be like.


Coping With Worry – Friday 27th March


Are you a worrier?

It’s not quite the happiest of New Years. Financial difficulties. Looming recession. The flu bug that’s going around. Wars and disasters on the TV.

Lots of challenging situations for all of us, but if you are a worrier it’s just so much worse. As if the reality of the situation wasn’t bad enough you can’t stop worrying about it.

“Completely new strategies for dealing with worry and difficult situations. I came with an open mind and have realised the benefits of the techniques”

Karen Morris

Do these statements apply to you?

  • You’re not able to calm down
  • You imagine the worse
  • You feel anxious far more than you should
  • You just can’t stop worrying
  • You feel out of control

If they do then we have a short course in picturesque Hexham that will help you:Relaxed

  • Feel calm
  • Stop worry in it’s tracks
  • Get back control of your mind.
  • Gain greater peace of mind.

The course will be held at The Bodywork Centre in picturesque Hexham on Friday 27th March from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

“Very helpful with lots of great hands on activities. Great take home resources and plenty of time to practice”

Azza El-Dahshan

The cost for this complete one day workshop is just £69.00. A small price to pay for a great deal of benefits.

To find out more click on Coping With Worry – A Short Course in Hexham.

Practising NLP in Newcastle – Forgiveness Pattern

To forgiveImage by dhammza via Flickr

The Newcastle NLP practice group the NLP Cafe meets every month on the third Wednesday in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. The NLP Cafe is sponsored by North East based IntegrityNLP – NLP and Hypnotherapy Trainings.

Each month we have a structured practice session. The coming session on Wednesday 18th March is the NLP Forgiveness Pattern by Steve and Connirae Andreas.

Sometimes we really do need the skills and ability to be able to forgive others and to be able to forgive ourself.  Quite often or more like most of the time when someone has committed what we can perceive as some deliberate or unforgivable act against us that has violated our values that can go on to cause anger, blaming and resentment. This of course can also apply to perceived self-transgressions.

Using the Forgiveness Pattern it is possible to transform what are essentially unhelpful states into forgiveness and compassion. This particular practice session does require you have some NLP skills and experience.

To have an experience of the Forgiveness Pattern and how you can put it into practice join Nigel Hetherington and Andy Hunt at the NLP Cafe workshop on Wednesday 18th March at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre at 7pm.

Pay £9.00 in advance online or £10 at the event.

The NLP Cafe is complementary for all participants on both of our current NLP Practitioner Training Courses.