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NLP Eye Movement Integration

Our North East NLP Practitioner Training is particularly focused on participants learning and developing ways to apply NLP in real world situations.  As training facilitators we are committed to participants having not just the NLP tools but the accompanying skill sets so you can and do change your life for the better.

Many people throughout their life have experienced trauma to some extent or another. Our NLP Practitioner training offers many ways to change the emotional response to traumatic memories and events from your past. One of the methods we share with NLP Practitioner participants is NLP Eye Movement Integration ( EMI ), developed by Steve Andreas. EMI is one of the most effective and content free interventions around to date.

Integrity NLP and Communicating Excellence also run a one day training course called Simple Trauma Elimination Process ( STEP ™ ) for practising therapists and health care professionals. STEP training delivers immediately useful and process orientated tools in both NLP Eye Movement Integration and Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT ).

Here Nigel Hetherington demonstrates Steve Andreas’s excellent NLP Eye Movement Integration process during an NLP Practitioner Training in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Recession Survival Techniques – Free eBook

This is a free eBook which aims to share some Hypnosis and NLP tips to show you how to help yourself and feel much better in yourself with regard to this recession that many of us are feeling and worrying about.

The tools and techniques from NLP and Hypnotherapy really are multi-contextual. Their uses range from Business Applications, Personal Therapeutic Interventions, Life Coaching and Marketing to name just a few.

Our Newcastle NLP Practitioner training and Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Training will cover, in far greater depth, through experiential learning all tips shared in this eBook.

NLP and Hypnosis are best learned through doing so this eBook is a next best attempt to share some NLP and Hypnosis techniques that can and will make a difference in your life if you DO THE EXERCISES you can start to make some amazing changes in your life now.

Download your free eBook  10 Tips for Surviving A Temporary Recession

Develop and Learn Basic Hypnosis Skills – Newcastle Hypnosis Practice Group – June 3rd

Crowned LilyImage by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via Flickr

The June event for the Trance Cafe – Newcastle Hypnosis Practice and Supervision Group is Basic Hypnosis Skills – Wednesday June 3rd

Martial artists, musicians, therapists and scientist all know and realise that practising and understanding the basics is thee way to develop deeper and better foundational skills.

This session of the Newcastle Hypnosis Practice Group will focus on using your senses to pace and lead people into hypnotic states. We will explore the structures of hypnotic sentence construction using Ericksonian, permissive as well as direct hypnotic language.

This is an opportunity to learn new skills if you are relatively new to hypnosis and for the more experienced practitioners an opportunity to further strengthen and develop your existing skills making new and different distinctions in hypnotic language construction.

Entry Level : Open To All Levels

By attending this event you are confirming that you undertake this even of your own free will and
that you take full and complete responsibility for your own state and well being at all times.

Places are limited to 15 so book in advance to guarantee your place

Come join in and explore in a warm, comfortable purpose built training environment. The Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group, The Trance Cafe meets at St Oswalds, Regent Centre, Gosforth. First Wednesday of the month.

tea / coffee & biscuits included
7-9pm for only £10.00 or £9 book online

NLP Practitioner Training – Newcastle upon Tyne – September 2009

Feuilles de la passionImage by from eye to pixel via Flickr

This is an advert.  We run NLP trainings.

We want you to join our NLP Practitioner Training because we want you to live an even better and more satisfying life.

We invite you to spend some of your money on our NLP training in order to change your life in seriously positive ways.

NLP is one of many paths that lead to living a truly authentic life. To live in ways that are honestly meaningful and satisfying. The end result of this NLP Practitioner training is to feel comfortable in your own skin and act with real and powerful personal congruence in your life.

This training will deliver and facilitate your learning

  • Powerful and effective communication skills.
  • Ways to run you own brain.
  • Heal any personal traumas in your life.
  • Deeper ways of understanding and relating to people.
  • A variety of ways to apply coaching and therapeutic skills to yourself and others.
  • Strategic thinking, planning and most importantly doing.
  • Attaining much more of what you want by more fully realising your potential.

Additionally, the nature of any good NLP training means there will be a certain amount of personal change work, therapy and coaching in addition to your learning the NLP tools, techniques and mind sets as you progress to becoming a certified NLP Practitioner.

We also invite all participants to do a complementary, personally coached NLP project during your training with us.

But this is really not what this training is about

What this training is really about is … making wonderful, meaningful and deep friendships with your fellow explorers, feeling comfortable in your own skin and leading through personal congruence, a more truly authentic life.

For full details and enrolment opportunities in our next NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East of England, beginning this September click here.

You can also get Business Link funding to pay for part of this course. Contact us for details.

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NLP Learning More Deeply In Trance

Communicating Excellence NLP Practitioner training combines effective trance and hypnotic learning integration techniques to deepen the concepts and understandings from our experiential NLP Practitioner training here in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Our next Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP Master Practitioner trainings begin in August and September.



If you would like access to the full twenty minute DVD trance integration simply subscribe to the Communicating Excellence NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy newsletter. and access it along with many other NLP and Clinical Hypnosis resources.

Hugging For Health and Wellbeing – 100% natural

My very good friend Steve, one of the best Bowen practitioners in the North East of England gave me this recently. It is simply sooo good that I have to share it with the rest of the world!

Practising your NLP skills – NLP Practice group – North East and Newcastle

Tiree PerspectiveHow often have you heard other people lamenting their inability to put things into perspective? If only we could step back and appreciate the bigger picture and put things into context. Fortunately NLP gives us some specific techniques to allow us to do just that.

In this week’s NLP Cafe Andy Hunt will take you through two processes for putting things into perspective. The Perspectives Pattern invented by NLP trainer John McWhirter and further developed by Steve Andreas. In this workshop we will learn to use this simple process to resolve troublesome images and unhelpful self talk. You will need to have had some experience of NLP to use these processes.

Join Nigel Hetherington and Andy Hunt at the NLP Cafe workshop on Wednesday 20th May at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne at 7pm. The cost is just £10.

Pay via email

Picture of Tiree Perspective courtesy of MacJewell

Reciprocal Links With Other Therapists – Necessarily Bad Business Sense?

HypnosisImage by zoomar via Flickr

There has for me been a noticeable increase in email this month from hypnotherapists inviting me to link to their site and in return offering to link back to my site.

This is of course an interesting proposal, swapping a link for a link … maybe Communicating Excellence and Nigel Hetherington Clinical Hypnotherapist climbing higher in the google search engines … too good to be true?

Well as a therapist possibly considering emailing a freshly harvested list of other therapists from the many watering holes on the internet with goal of link swapping, consider what is implied when you invite someone to swap a link?

You are to all intents and purpose endorsing the person you link to … you are putting your well earned reputation on the line.

I will only swap links with people who I know are particularly competent therapists because by way of swapping a link, this therapist becomes my personal recommendation.

I invite you to carefully consider with whom you may or may not swap links because for one, all qualified therapist are not equal. All trainings are not equal. I have met way too many ‘qualified’ hypnotherapists that are only just about good enough for reading a script from a book to their clients. Could be this is the very person who wants to swap a link with you?

Reciprocal Links with Therapists – Not Necessarily Bad Business Sense?

Well all things considered my proposal is for you to reject link swapping emails should you receive them. Politely decline these invitations or save time and mark them as SPAM. A well earned reputation is really worth preserving and you know your behaviours indicate your values … protect the public and your well earned reputation.

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NLP Practice Day – Newcastle upon Tyne – 30th May

Learner Bus Driver Give us a Break!Image by sarflondondunc via Flickr

NLP is an absolutely fascinating mix of art and science, with it’s roots in the field of personal development and change. Communicating Excellence and Integrity NLP strive to provide the very highest quality and best value training in the North East for NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

We want to help people help themselves to help yourself to an even better quality of life by way of accessing even more of your potential and making really positive change in your life.

Our regular practice days are ways to meet new and interesting people and re-connecting with old friends.  If you are new to NLP then attending a practice day is also a great way to try on some NLP training for size and discovering if this really is for you.

Right now in our current economic climate the ability to communicate effectively and make positive change happen has never been more important so if you add this to being able to run your own brain so you can feel the way you want much more of the time and you have the basic recipe for what you can do with NLP.

This next NLP Practice day takes place on Saturday 30th May with the following topics for personal exploration and development.

Session 1   :   NLP for accelerated learning
Session 2   :   How to Feel Really Good
Session 3   :   Connecting With People
Session 4   :   Creating Your Future

09.45am – 5.15pm ( Tea and Biscuits included )
St Oswalds Hospice
Regent Avenue
Newcastle upon Tyne

A whole days  practising, training and fun with friends as well
as tea and biscuits is only£10.00.

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10 Hints & Tips for surviving a temporary recession – HT nine

FriendsImage via Wikipedia

This series of hints and tips for surviving and making something very positive and meaningful happen for yourself in this time of a so called recession is coming to an end. Now why is that?

Well if you haven’t already, it is time to start putting your plans into action and if you haven’t made plans yet … remember all those exercises in the previous hints and tips? …. Its time to do them before you take action.

Its time to do the things that will differentiate you from the millions of self help book readers to move from a reader to a doer.

Doing something to change how you feel, change your situation and connect deeply with whom and with what is really important to you will make massive difference in your life … and this step to change … is often much smaller that you may have previously imagined.

Crisis, Global Problems, Traumatic Events and Swine Flu all have an innate potential to bring people closer together, the kinds of people who in the face of adversity come together to help and be-friend one another. So now may have never been a better time to forge new friendships and relationships with like minded people who share your interests, desire, passion and need to make positive change happen in your life and those around you.

How about taking and making opportunities to deepen and connect further the positive friendships you already have? You can also be there to help your friends and colleges too.

Getting Stuff Done

Make an honest commitment to yourself to spending a set amount of time each day fully focused on attaining your outcome / goals.  Stop talking and start doing and keep your sense of humour.

A journey of a thousand miles began with a single step

Lao Tzu

Poster 4 Achieving Art ExhibitionImage by Johnk85 via Flickr

Give up any unrealistic expectations that you will achieve your most meaningful outcomes overnight and with little or no work.  If your goals are really meaningful and worthwhile you can, at the end of each day measure your smallest achievements and feel good about those. And if you can … and you can … a sense of gratitude for what you have.

You may begin to feel surprised by what you can achieve with a little commitment, over time – lets say one week or one month from now. A professional life coach may be of some real utility here, at least in the early stages.

When eating an elephant take one bite at a time

Creighton Abrams

Make some time to see your friends and share your thoughts and ideas, you know, having fun and sharing with good friends, talking things through makes a big difference in life, and that difference can be the difference that makes the difference.

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