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NLP Parts Integration Demonstration – Part Two

Parts Integration and Parts work can be used to explore decision making, resolve internal conflict and correct problematic behaviours.

Parts Integration can also be used to enhance desired behaviours such as sports performance or create better motivation to attain more of what you want in life.

NLP Parts work and Parts Integration are major techniques and process that are taught  on our Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma and NLP Practitioner Training.

The following YouTube clip is part two of an NLP Parts Integration demonstration recorded from one of our NLP Practitioner training courses in Newcastle upon Tyne.


North East NLP and Hypnosis Study Group

Beethoven in 1815Image via Wikipedia

September at the Trance Cafe – Newcastle Hypnosis Practice and Supervision Group is Deep Trance Identification To Acquire And Develop New Skills – Wednesday September 2nd.

The focus of the session at the Newcastle Hypnosis Practice Group will concentrate on using hypnotic trance to collect and install the desirable skills of your mentors. Mentors can take the form of characters from films, books and of course real life.

The requirement being you know a little about the mentors you choose and can recognise the skills they have, the very same skills you want to acquire.

This process in terms of hypnosis is often called Deep Trance Identification.

Entry Level : Some experience preferred

Places are limited to 15 so book in advance to guarantee your place

Come join in and explore in a warm, comfortable purpose built training environment. The Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group, The Trance Cafe meets at St Oswalds, Regent Centre, Gosforth. First Wednesday of the month.

tea / coffee & biscuits included
7-9pm for only £10.00 or £9 book online

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Fast Phobia Cure NLP – Part One

The Fast Phobia Cure is one of the best known and often least understood NLP processes for changing the meaning of traumatic or debilitating experiences from a persons past personal history.

Our Newcastle and Northumberland NLP Practitioner training and Clinical Hypnotherapy training course teaches practitioners and clinical hypnotherapists to use this process in a variety of ways to assist clients and yourself to be able to become free from unwanted and limiting past experiences.

NLP therapeutic interventions essentially take two forms. It is possible to change the problem state by either changing the internal representations that accompany the state or we can change the physiology, the body positions and breathing that accompany the state.

This video demonstration with Nigel Hetherington on a NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle of the Fast Phobia Cure uses both changing physiology and changing internal representations.


Free Hypnotic Body Relaxation mp3

Hypnotic Body Relaxation Audio

Massage in Frankfurt, GermanyImage via Wikipedia

Here is a completely free hypnosis audio. You know many of us will increasingly want to find relaxed states during 2009 so I thought it would be nice to make an mp3 of a hypnotic body relaxation. It last about 25 minutes and then as long as you want after that. use it as often as you wish.

Please feel absolutely free to pass this on to anyone you think will benefit from listening to this. You are of course free to make as many copies as you want too.

Feeling relaxed and calm are really good for your health and well being so do go ahead download it and use it.

Click here to download BodyRelaxation

Tyneside And Newcastle – September 2009 NLP Practitioner Training

Creative Challenge #2: BeginningImage by The Veiled Chamber [Gone Once More] via Flickr

Our next NLP Practitioner training begins September 12th.You can become a fully qualified and competent NLP Practitioner by June 2010.

The ten month fully certified training begins September. Training is certified by The Professional Guild Of NLP with optional additional Society of NLP certification.

If you want to embark on this Life changing journey beginning Saturday 12th September…

Look here and see the full course details

Are you ready to book your place yet?

If you would like to read the stories from previous NLP Practitioners, why they chose to do an NLP Practitioner training, what the got out of it and their own unique insights, you can!

The book is called “An Insiders Guide To An NLP Practitioner Training

Click here to look at a sample of this new book. If you choose to purchase this book, when you join our NLP Practitioner course you can get an additional discount of either £75 ( paper copy) or £35 ( pdf).

Warmest wishes

Nigel Hetherington

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