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How To Feel Better … For Christmas And Beyond … Using NLP

There can in my opinion be far too much importance weighted on feeling bad! Sorting out problems, Remembering what has been troubling you and then looking to make it feel better. Why not start on the Feeling Better experience?

NLP process can and do work equally as well with problem resolution as they do with showing you how you can start Feeling Better and Feeling Good!

Christmas and the impending New Year are times when people traditionally start new ventures, people come together sharing joy, love and connecting in renewed, warming and loving ways. A great place to begin this is re-discovering your own self love, drive and passion for the things you do and the people you love.


This is the first of three videos that will use Kevin Creedon’s excellent Cloud process to show you how you can enhance already positive experiences and interactions.

This first video is an opening and exploration of the concept, the second two videos will demonstrate the process.

Hypnosis for Christmas Relaxation, Serenity and Calm

Crowned LilyImage by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via Flickr

Trance Cafe – Newcastle Hypnosis Practice Group
Wednesday 2nd December

Christmas is coming … along with all the usual trimmings. Shopping for presents, Crowds of people, Grandpa hogging the television controller, Santa getting stuck in the Chimney as well as full side helpings of stress and weighty portions of mild agitation.

It doesn’t have to be all stress stress stress. There is a alternative solution!! A way to really relax and rediscover the serenity within!!

Get relaxed and learn how now to help others relax too.

This months Trance Cafe is going to explore Guided Visualisation Journeys and Hypnosis Skills with Language to feel more and reconnect deeper with your feelings of relaxation, serenity and calmness.

A Christmas Cracker of a bargain at just £10 and complementary for current participants of my Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training.

Facilitator : Nigel Hetherington


Entry Level : Open To All

Places are limited to 15 so book in advance to guarantee your place

Come join in and explore in a warm, comfortable purpose built training environment. The Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group, The Trance Cafe meets at St Oswalds, Regent Centre, Gosforth. First Wednesday of the month.

tea / coffee & biscuits included
7-9pm for only £10.00 or £9 book online



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New Year Resolution – Lose Weight : Weight Loss Attitude Workshop

During the Christmas holidays in the UK many people will have time off from work and time to share with family and friends.  In addition to great company, happy times and wonderful conversation there is quite often mixed in with this a good proportion of over eating and drinking. Extra turkey, extra roast potatoes and ample quantities of the grain and the grape.Come New Year many people will be making ( and possibly breaking ) new resolutions. If weight loss in the New Year is something you want and have struggled with in the past … then read on …

When you honestly decide to make 2010 the beginning of getting to a more comfortable and healthy weight and you want the real Attitudes that can make a whole load of difference then you may want to attend this weight loss attitude workshop.

Fat BuddhaImage by Scrunchleface via Flickr

A Workshop For People Who Want Or Need To Lose Weight In The Coming New Year 

January 30-31 £95

  • Are you fat or overweight?
  • Have you tried all the diets, books, tablets and self help you can get?
  • Are you still fat and hating it?
  • Or even worse hating yourself?

This is a practical and hands on workshop where you will discover yourself how to change your attitude towards food, especially emotional eating as well as how to build the real and honest motivation that will help you stop Yo Yo dieting and emotional eating and keep you on course for the much better life experience you know you really do want.

This workshop is NOT about diets, nutrition, books or exercise.

This workshop is specifically about the physiological and mental attitudes that makes the difference.

Attendees probably will not lose any significant amount of weight during the workshop. Attendees will leave with significantly increased probability of weight loss and keeping it off.

This workshop is also designed for FAT AND OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE, Counsellors, Therapists, Hypnotherapists and People Helpers who are in the business of helping people with weight issues. Workshop is held at Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne and will qualify for CPD. Both remedial and generative change aspects of therapeutic intervention for weight loss will be addressed in this fully participatory workshop.

This very practical, hands on workshop will teach you the three most important Attitudes you absolutely must foster in order to Lose Weight … Especially if you really want it to happen for yourself or for your clients.

Attitude One to understand that Weight Loss is not about Weight Loss. Every one of the clients I see in private practice for Weight Loss … ultimately wants way much more than just to lose some weight. Weight Loss is most definitely NOT the end result!

Attitude Two to accurately know what it will mean when you have what you want and how your life will change as a result. When you are happier in and of yourself and you have lost weight, what does this get you? Successful weight loss involves looking and seeing beyond the weight problem and having a clear vision of how your life will be different.

Attitude Three Specifically, how you can, in an ecologically sound way, radically change your attitude and feelings about food. To understand and deal with emotional eating so as to keep the weight off and build and maintain the required motivation to see it through. This workshop includes therapeutic processes for remedial and generative change in the treatment of problem weight issues.

Enter your name and email address to receive inside attitudes about weight loss and a complementary hypnosis audio mp3

So … What is covered in this Weight Loss – An NLP Attitude workshop?

  • Attitudes towards food and eating
  • Emotional eating cycles and how to change them
  • Understanding the real reasons why you want to lose weight
  • Yo Yo quitting and the “I Hate Myself” complex the next day
  • Identity issues … “I am fat”, “I am unlovable” etc
  • Making your motivation last
  • Feeling more comfortable in your own skin

This is an advert for weight loss hypnotherapy AND weight loss attitude workshop : a two day workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne, specifically for people who want to lose weight and have tried just about everything else. This is about the changing your attitude towards weight loss.

Just in time for the New Year’s Resolution … Weigh Loss an NLP Attitude

This workshop takes place January 30-31 and will cost you £95. How many books, DVD’s diets etc for £95 can you waste your money on, when none of them will change your attitude? If you have tried the lot and are still not where you want to be then think seriously about attending this workshop.

Book Your Place Now

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Changing Your State with NLP : Cloud Process

States are created inside people. The way we respond to external or internal ( memories ) stimulus and events often determines the way we feel. There is literally no fine line between elicitation and installation. This is an installation and emergent – directed metaphor process.

Research indicates that 80% of what we see is created in the brain … it is what we see, either real time or memories that drive feelings. This is great news! Because by running your own brain you can massively influence how you feel.

NLP application is about running your own brain / neurology to create the stimulus to influence how you feel. How you feel, like motivation and desire to change your situation to something more beneficial is our human birth right.

This is a demonstration from the Communicating Excellence NLP Practitioner Training of how you can by using your internal memories with metaphoric and emergent installation techniques to CHANGE HOW YOU FEEL using only your own brain.

The excellent Cloud Process is a kind of directed and emergent metaphor. The Could Technique is designed by Kevin Creedon.

Serious email problems with UK2 The Worst Service Provider In The World?

Apologies if you have emailed me in the last two three four EIGHT days.

The service provider I use UK2 has been experiencing severe technical difficulties for the last week, very poor access to email, which seems to have culminated in the total break down of the servers and service I use to receive email.

Once again, apologies if I haven’t answered your emails from the last two three four EIGHT days it is because I have not received them in my POP account.

The UK2 technical support department, despite numerous emails from me, are not responding to emails. Sadly a not unusual response from UK2 technical support.

I have had two problems with UK2 following on from their disastrous email migration. I have resolved them after FIFTEEN days.

POP access. A simple fix ( for me )
My web mail works fine, yet the POP was logging in fine though reporting no new emails.
I had the incoming server set as
change to

Sub-Websites not working … well uk2 managed to re-write all my index.html files. Use you back up to re-upload your index.html

By the way, it seems that the replies from UK2 technical support ( when they actually reply ) are not going ( at least to my ) to your selected ‘support’ email address, they are only available on their web site.

Newcastle NLP Practice Group – Physiology : Me, (My)Self & I

Marine Girl - Body PaintingImage by Nanynany via Flickr

All feelings are experienced and eventually noticed and created with body posture and positioning and movements.

Carlos Castenada’s Walk of Power, John Grinders New Code NLP, Clean Space ( David Grove ), Tony Robins “Physiology is King” to name but a few all exploit this principle. This evenings practice group explores and exploits these principles to get more of what you want and to get you out of undesired states.

An evening of practice and experience that is ideal for therapists, coaches and people helpers who want new tools and techniques that are guaranteed to work to change lives.

At the NLP Cafe on November 18th in St Oswald’s Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Nigel Hetherington will be demonstrating and exploring how physiology, the positions of body. How this affects state and performance and showing you how to use utilise your body to get to where you want to be … And how to get out of problem states.


Just £9.00 booking in advance online or £10 on the night.

7pm – 9pm ( Tea and Biscuits included )
St Oswalds Hospice
Regent Avenue
Newcastle upon Tyne

The NLP Cafe is complementary for all participants on
our current NLP Practitioner Training Courses.

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Therapist Thriving Practice Builder : Andrew T Austin : Newcastle upon Tyne

More Clients Thriving Practice

A workshop specifically for Therapists, Counsellors, Coaches, Hypnotherapists and any one in the profession of helping people to lead better, more productive and satisfying lives…

Andrew T Austin is probably the UK’s premier therapist. If you have had the experience of training with him you will know why. He is skilled, congruent and extremely successful.

Having a thriving practice is about much more than being extremely skilled.

Success, like Andy’s is not just about being a skilled therapist. Yes of course, this is a crucial part of the success equation, but only one part.

Success is not about luck, thought the better the strategy you follow the luckier you may well get.

Andy has built his reputation and practice over the past fifteen years, and this two day course is for all therapists, healers and people helpers to get to know what and how Andy has built his practice. This is the secrets and strategies that you can use to establish and build your own thriving practice.

This workshop is truly excellent value because depending on what you charge for the services you provide, you will have made you money back with between 2-6 clients.

A workshop specifically for Therapists, Counsellors, Coaches, Hypnotherapists and any one in the profession of helping people to lead better, more productive and satisfying lives … including you!

Saturday-Sunday March 6-7 2010

Caledonain Hotel
Newcastle upon Tyne

Cost £195

Book Before Jan 2010 for £175

NLP Master Practitioner And NLP Practitioner January 2010 : North East & Newcastle upon Tyne

Gift box iconImage via Wikipedia

New Year, New beginnings, New ways to live more of the life you really want.

If you are thinking about doing an NLP Practitioner in Newcastle upon Tyne or in the North East of England then do have a look at our responses to choosing an NLP Practitioner course. In addition to NLP you will also learn Hypnotic and Hypnotherapy skills too. Andy Smith of Practical EQ has written an excellent summary of ways to choose an NLP Practitioner course that’s right for you.

Given the plethora of courses available in all sorts of styles, this is a very helpful guide to new ‘NLP shopper’. Before my shortened version of his list there are a couple of essential things you can find out about any prospective course.

Meet your trainers : You will be spending a lot of time and money on your course so it is very important that you get on with your trainer. Call them up and talk to them, better still arrange a meeting. Why? Some trainers have very little or no real personality, some dont have a sense of humour, some are actually incapable of real rapport and since rapport is one of the key NLP topics you owe it to yourself to make sure your trainer can deliver. Remember – talk to them first even better meet them in person.

Inspect the Venue : Your learning environment is a critical part of your NLP journey. Some training providers run their courses from little better than dilapidated buildings shared with probationary services. The facilities have questionable supplies of drinkable water and unpredictable heating systems. It has been so cold on these courses that many people took in blankets or sleeping bags to keep warm. This sounds like a horror story and I know it is because I have been on these courses!

Its very easy to avoid this nightmare situation, arrange to see the training environment ahead of time. Be certain your learning environment is clean, warm and comfortable.

How to choose a practitioner course

  1. What is the emphasis of the course? Therapy, business, self development or general purpose.
  2. How big is the course? Course sizes can range from 2 to 500! How big would you like your group to be?
  3. ‘Intensive’ or ‘Extensive’? Intensive courses can be as little as 7 days long, extensive courses are usually 20 days long.
  4. How is the course structured?
    Does the course run for 10 days straight, or one weekend a month over
    10 months? Do you want to complete the course quickly or do you want
    time to take it on board and integrate the learning into your life.
  5. How much access do you get to the trainer? Is the trainer available to answer questions or does he use assistants and coaches to do that work?
  6. How much are NLP Practitioner courses? The pricing varies from under £650 at the very bottom end of the market to £3,500 that’s quite an investment.
  7. How much does the personality of the trainer matter?
    Does your trainer inspire trust? Do you feel at ease with them? If
    possible meet up with them before taking a training to find out what
    they are like.
  8. Does accreditation matter?
    Since there is no official body setting the standards a lot training
    institutes adding their own ‘accreditation’ to the trainings.

Here are our answers to his questions

Emphasis of the course:
Practical application, our course is structured so that you learn by doing. NLP is not a theoretical subject and through experiential learning you will gain skills and techniques that you will be able to apply in your own life and others. In doing the exercises you will not only learn NLP you will also develop mentoring or coaching skills that will assist you in applying NLP with others as well as yourself. We work from the NLP foundations of rapport, calibration and behavioural flexibility while having a specific outcome in mind. We also have a
very strong emphasis on ethics and the appropriate use of these powerful skills.

Group size:
To give you the right amount contact and interaction with course facilitators our maximum group size will be 18 participants. There are usually two facilitators and at least one assistant.

Length of the course:
We adopt The Professional Guild of NLP’s minimum contact time of 120 hours direct contact. We run your course over 6 and 10 months and this 18/20 days at one session per month. We understand the importance of having time to integrate your learning through experience we have found this format works best.

There is absolutely no requirement to do any additional outside study or purchase additional materials as all required material is provided and our comprehensive course more than covers The Professional Guild of NLP’s requirements for Practitioner Level training. For those who want to know more we provide a comprehensive reading, audio and video list to help them develop their understanding and skills.

Structure of the course:
Our NLP Practitioner course is three days Friday-Sunday per month over a six month period. We give a lot of time to experiential learning, a cycle of instruction, practice and reflection.
At the beginning of each session, in keeping with our emphasis on practical application in the real world, we share and explore our experiences of NLP over the past month and share our learnings and discoveries as well as answering any questions that arise.

Access to the facilitators:
During the course the facilitators and assistants are readily available during the training and breaks. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and fully participate in the experiential learning.
We don’t leave in-between training weekends we offer an on-line forum where you can ask questions and share thoughts and experiences with your fellow participants and facilitators.

How much is the course:
We strongly believe that this amazing and incredibly beneficial technology that is NLP must be within reach of as many people as possible, not just the rich. We provide excellent and affordable training (we don’t use fancy hotels or drive flashy cars) our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner course is great value at just £1455 with additional early booking discount.
£1145 for self funding.

Personality of your facilitators:
We have three very different trainers working on our NLP Practitioner Training. We think that the wide variety of approaches beautifully demonstrates that there is no one ‘true’ way of using NLP it can be used effectively in many ways by many different people. You don’t have to be a clone of the trainer to get results.

We welcome people from all walks of life on our NLP Practitioner training. We also make clear that an NLP Practitioner Training is an opportunity to learn skills not a substitute for therapy. Although it is likely that what you will learn on the course can change your life.

Communicating Excellence training facilitators are accredited NLP Trainers with The Professional Guild of NLP, one of our trainers is also accredited as an NLP Trainer by Dr. John Grinder ( the co-creator ) of NLP and The Society of NLP ( Dr. Christina Hall)

Your NLP Practitioner is certified by The Professional Guild of NLP.
And optionally through the Society of NLP.

How we assess your progress.

  • Through continuous assessment throughout the course
  • There is no written examination ( NLP is a practical application subject )
  • The final weekend is a series of practical exercises that are designed to show your application of your learnings over the course period. Unlike exams most people really enjoy the experience.

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