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New Year and The NLP Meta Model – Free E Book

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The New Year is a time for making resolutions and changes in your life.

Whether you are a student or master of NLP there is likely one particular aspect of NLP that has been a source of joy or consternation in your ongoing journey of self discovery and exploration. This is the NLP Meta Model.

In my experience, having met over one thousand NLP’s, the Meta Model can often be  confusing and one of the least understood aspects of NLP. It doesn’t need to be this way at all! You don’t need to know the confusing labels and terminology.

All you need are examples and a context to put them in. It really is very easy … once you give yourself permission to experience the Meta Model and understand it afterwards. After all this is the basic model for learning. The understanding comes later.

The Meta Model can be simplified to two questions

“What Specifically” and
“How Specifically”

And you can further build up your experience and understanding very easily by downloading this free 56 page e-book. Join well over 1000 people who have already downloaded this free NLP resource.

Make 2010 a year where you can become much more familiar with the NLP Meta Model.

Free NLP Meta Model ebook. Download it now!

Happy New Year!

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Double Hypnosis Induction – Left Brain Right Brain

One of the models used in Clinical Hypnosis is called analogue marking. Analogue marking is useful in splitting out instruction and suggestions in hypnosis because the brain hemispheres process language in different ways. To give direct instructions without to much conscious language processing the model indicates to speak in the left ear.

This model is that the non-dominant brain hemisphere operates in a more holistic and metaphorical way than the so called dominant brain hemisphere, where the language and linguistic brain specialisations are located.

Clinical Hypnosis training or any training and learning really do need to be fun and engaging. Fun and engaging training produces a delightful brain bath of chemicals that promote learning and long term recall.  Training must be fun!

This introduction to a hypnosis double induction is filmed at Communicating Excellence Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma training. Next Hypnosis training begins in Newcastle upon Tyne January 2010.

NLP Practitioner Training – 2010 – January-June – Newcastle upon Tyne

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After Christmas and the festive season begins the traditional time for change.

Time to change your life, your career, your attitude and prospects. Time to start running your own brain and running your own life in more and more better ways. Time to make better and deeper relationships in truly connecting ways.

much more than my expectations were met, I experienced discovering different layers within myself and therefore different potential for helping. The training was was helpful because it was experiential, non-judgemental, safe and supported and I can put this to use in my work as a coach and facilitator and in personal life

Judith – Coach and Training Facilitator

The six month fully certified NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training begins January 2010. NLP Training is certified by The Professional Guild Of NLP with optional additional Society of NLP certification. Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma is certified by The General Hypnotherapy Registrar.

if you would like to find out much more about this NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle upon Tyne then click here.

Also please read this guide to choosing your NLP Training Provider.  Click on this link to read my answers to the questions you should be asking before you commit to any NLP training.

I chose to attend an NLP Practitioner to build on my counselling skills. I have learned new skills and tools to use with clients. I found the training helpful due to the practical work and the fact that the emphasis is on practical work really made the techniques easier to learn

Alison – Associate Counsellor

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Free Hypnosis Audio : Relaxation And Bliss

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Here is a completely free hypnosis audio for relaxation and bliss. Maybe just the perfect free gift to put on you iPod for Christmas…

This hypnosis audio, recorded live at the Trace Cafe – Newcastle’s Hypnotherapy and NLP Practice group in December 2009.

Completely free hypnosis mp3 for bliss and relaxation. Approximately 30 minutes in length. Please listen to this responsibly. That means avoiding things like listening whilst operating threshing machinery, diving, driving or performing complicated tasks. In short ONLY listen when it is safe to do so.

Download Hypnosis For Bliss And Relaxation Now

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Change Your Life And Get A New Career In 2010

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Time!  How Much Have You Got?
Do you want to learn and embody the skills to create a new life, new beginning and a new career! NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle upon Tyne. Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training Newcastle upon Tyne : Beginning January 2010


Time is always an issue to be ignored, when you are in the moment and something you can utilise when you need to plan you life, futures and successes

This coming January, traditionally a time for New Resolutions backed up by Action …

NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training begins a fresh in 2010 …

The six month fully certified NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training begins January 2010. NLP Training is certified by The Professional Guild Of NLP with optional additional Society of NLP certification. Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma is certified by The General Hypnotherapy Registrar.

If you want to embark on this Life changing journey beginning January 22nd 2010 … Look here and see the full course details

NLP Practitioner – January – June

Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma – January – December

Are you ready to book your place yet?

The Clinical Hypnotherapy course was, for me, the perfect guide to help me to take what I’d learned whilst doing my N.L.P. practitioner cert and apply it practically. Very quickly, the course guided us through a host of useful techniques and processes to help us create change within our clients whilst at the same time it allowed us to see just how much we already knew. It was a great confidence booster for everyone.

I’d firmly recommend this course to anyone who is seriously considering doing something with the skills they have.

Gordon Smith – Clinical Hypnotherapist 2009

Whether you want to start a new career or just totally improve your live, Click on either of the above links to Book Your Place, Start running your own brain and Change Your Life For The Better.

NLP Trainer Training – 2010

The Next Step in the Mastery Journey – Trainer Training with Dr Christina Hall

Some exciting news… For people considering the next step in your NLP adventure …

Thought in this instance you really need to want to do an NLP Trainer Training!

Structurally in terms of breath and depth, the bestest, NLP Trainer Training ( I have done a few ) I have experienced is with Dr. Christina Hall. And … If you are considering doing any NLP trainer trainer this coming year then consider this … yet if you want ( IMO ) to do the best you can … stop considering and ACT … It is expensive … it costs nearly 4k … and for me ( as well as Jamie Smart ) it totally changed how we deliver training.

So …  My friend Jamie Smart of Salad has an amazing offer for you to take the next step in the journey of NLP mastery…

In February, Jamie is hosting NLP Trainer Training with Dr Christina Hall and has a special offer exclusively for my readers…

This is going to be a life changing training for the people on the course, and many thousands of people who will benefit from what you’ll learn and master.

Christina is simply amazing and this is an opportunity not to be missed at all.

She’s a language expert – really rocks at teaching the language of NLP and all that encompasses. She’s awesome, and one of the nicest and most congruent people I know, and by far the best trainer, with a great heart and a delight to be around.
She’s been training for over 25 years, collaborating with Richard Bandler who made her the Meta Master Trainer of NLP and she was instrumental in creating the Sleight of Mouth Patterns.

Whether you already know you want to be a Trainer, or you want to explore what it might make possible for you, now is a great time to have that conversation.
It won’t be for everyone, but if it is, then this decision will make 2010 the most amazing year ever.

You can either call Nikki (Jamie’s right-hand ‘man’) directly on 07957 119 013, or book online here:

There’s an early booking discount which expires on 31st December which I don’t want you to miss out on, with a saving of £300. If you book before this time, and mention me when you make your booking, then Jamie is going to go one step further and offer you your choice of a salad product!

Here’s the details in short:

•           14 day training with Dr. Christina Hall
•           Module 1: 1st – 7th February, 2010
•           Module 2: 5th – 11th July, 2010
•           Location: Holiday Inn, Leicester City Centre, UK

Maximum – 25 people on the course

But you can read full details and book your place here:

Full price – £3997 + Vat

Early Salad Tribe Offer Price – £3697 + Vat if you register before 1st January

You can register and book online or call office on 0845 650 1045 or call Nikki directly on 07957 119 013

Prerequisites: Need to be at Master Practitioner level to attend

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Eye Movement Integration – Creating Resource States

Eye Movement Integration ( EMI ) can be used not only to dissolve trauma and problem memories, EMI can be used to generate resource states. This partially hypnotic process utilised the clients unconscious to generate resources with eye movements and hypnotic language.

This for me would also qualify as a New Code NLP state generator or equivalently a Brain Gym exercise. EMI is created by Steve and Connirae Andreas.

Full Eye Movement Integration for Eliminating Trauma and Generating Resource States Training February 2010

Super Brief Therapy

My good friend Andy Hunt recently posted this to our news group.

This is brilliant and demonstrates a very very brief therapy method. LOL!

Making It Feel Even Better – For Christmas Time

Here is a clip from our NLP Practitioner Newcastle of a demonstration of how to use NLP to enhance and intensify an already pleasurable experience. This can be used to increase, intensify, improve and generally make even better almost any experience or memory ( past or future ) you care to work with and change.

This particular method uses Kevin Creedon’s excellent Could Process. Try this for a real Christmas Present!

Newcastle NLP Practice Group – December 2009 NLP Cafe

A bouncing ball captured with a stroboscopic f...Image via Wikipedia

Magic! This December’s NLP cafe North East NLP Practice Group is the final gathering of 2009.

The theme is this months event is celebration of what is already good in your life and excessively celebrating this!

The topic is to set up and transfer success, celebration and gratitude for the kinds of experiences that really make a difference in your life as well as others and move to create the context, energy and future history that will be making 2010 one of your best years yet.

Specific ways to achieve this will be decided by our group of friends and loved ones on the night … expect the unexpected and open up further to deeper connections and ways of creating the future you want … for this coming Christmas and holiday season and all the way through the New Year of 2010.

Exploring ways of capturing and transferring momentum of success, fun and realisation of dreams and goals are hot topics for this coming NLP Cafe.

Just £9.00 booking in advance online or £10 on the night.

 16th December 2009

7pm – 9pm ( Tea and Biscuits included )
St Oswalds Hospice
Regent Avenue
Newcastle upon Tyne

The NLP Cafe is complementary for all participants on
our current NLP Practitioner Training Courses.

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