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Trauma Resolution Workshop For Counsellors and Therapists – February 6-7 Newcastle upon Tyne

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This workshop by Nigel Hetherington is based on NLP and Eye Movement Integration ( Created and developed by Steve and Connirae Andreas ). It is taking place in Newcastle upon Tyne and includes generative elements of ‘hypnosis.’

Eye Movement Integration is a very brief and content free process for resolving psychological traumas such as PTSD, intrusive memories, shame, guilt and other kinds undesirable emotional and identity imprints.

All Coaches, Therapist and Change Professionals will naturally deal with client trauma, blocks and problematic emotional states. EMI – Eye Movement Integration is a virtually content free process that again and again successfully deals with such issues. EMI can also be used to generate resource states which can be coupled to attaining client outcomes.

Once the Trauma imprint is dissolved where does you client want to go? Successful therapy and coaching is essentially two part. Eliminating blocks, stuck states and problematic emotional imprints and then assisting your client to generate the resources, deep desire and motivation to move towards their goals. This Newcastle based training by Nigel Hetherington in NLP, Hypnosis, EMI and Generative Change will deliver a full change process to do just this.

This two day weekend workshop is designed for Clinicians, Therapists, Counsellors,  Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Police and all People Helpers who can then use these process based neurological methods to assist their clients neutralise traumatic memories and move into much more resourceful states.

February 6-7 Newcastle upon Tyne : Gosforth

Full Workshop Details – Click Here

To pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to Communicating Excellence and post to Communicating Excellence, PO Box 238, Morpeth, NE61 9BS

Pay by Debit Card

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Andrew T. Austin – Newcastle Upon Tyne – March 6-7

More Clients Thriving Practice – Andrew T Austin in Newcastle upon Tyne

Andy Austin is probably the UK’s premier therapist. If you have had the experience of training with him you will know why. He is skilled, congruent and extremely successful.

Having a thriving practice is about much more than being extremely skilled.

Success, like Andy’s is not just about being a skilled therapist. Yes of course, this is a crucial part of the success equation, but only one part.

Success is not about luck, thought the better the strategy you follow the luckier you may well get.

Andy has built his reputation and practice over the past fifteen years, and this two day course is for all therapists, healers and people helpers to get to know what and how Andy has built his practice. This is the secrets and strategies that you can use to establish and build your own thriving practice.

This workshop is excellent value. Depending on what you charge for the services you provide, you will have made you money back with between 2-6 clients. The cost of a full weekend with Andy is excellent value at £195.

Places are genuinely limited so please book now to make sure you get your place and to have your questions answered by Andy. All participants will be invited to submit their questions about Building A Thriving Practice to Andy before the event.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
March 6-7

NLP Cause And Effect – An Outdated Model

The idea, concept or model of Cause And Effect is very familiar to physicists and NLP’s. The model proposes that one action ( a force ) is caused by another action ( another force ). Or equally, one thing necessarily causes another.

The Cause Effect model works extremely well for static forces as well as dynamic forces but not so well for living beings and human interactions. Human beings are way more complex, interesting diverse than to be reduced to a cause effect model. A much more useful model to consider is one of Intention – Consequence.

John Grinder,  Wayne Dyer amongst many others use and make use of the Intention – Consequence model for amazing results. Now me, Nigel Hetherington, I don’t always have the consequences of may actions in mind when I act, I still get stuff wrong and make amazing blunders that are of course disguised learnings! Something I am working with and through!

Here is a little video clip exploring Meta Programs and Cause Effect.

North East Hypnosis Practice Group – Wed 3rd February

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November at the Trance Cafe – Newcastle and North East Hypnosis Practice and Supervision Group is Creating A Performance Mindset – Wednesday February 3rd.My good friend Kim Bull of Performing Excellence will host the evening.

High performers from sport, the arts, politics and business often have a certain way they think about their successes, and a different way of thinking about their errors or bad experiences.

We will use the thinking structure of successful performers to create a model for using past successes and learning experiences to create a positive mindset for the future. As well as having applications for performers, this is also a resource in therapy and change work where a positive mental attitude might be useful.

Facilitator : Kim Bull


Entry Level : Open To All

Places are limited to 15 so book in advance to guarantee your place

Come join in and explore in a warm, comfortable purpose built training environment. The Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group, The Trance Cafe meets at St Oswalds, Regent Centre, Gosforth. First Wednesday of the month.

tea / coffee & biscuits included
7-9pm for only £10.00 or £9 book online

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Change Camp – The North East's Conference For Therapist and Change

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It’s getting near that time again. Time to assemble a group of talented presenters from a variety of fields to share what they know.

The last two ChangeCamps have been hugely enjoyable for all the participants and presenters, I’m looking to add to the range of speakers and the numbers of attendees this year to make it an even bigger and better event.

If you would like to present on an area of psychological change work that really gets you excited drop me a line andy [at]

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NLP Time Line – Manifesting A Worthy Future – Part Two

Here is the second of three parts of how to do a NLP Time Line. This was recorded at the Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma training in 2009 with one of the attendees. This is a direct follow on from the first video.

Clinical Hypnosis training in the North East of England and Newcastle starts in January and August each year.

Time Line – NLP – Manifesting A Worthy Future

Time Lines in terms of NLP, Future Orientation in terms of Goal Setting and Achieving, Coaching Future Pacing … All of these activities have one absolutely fundamental thing in common! Future Planning / Future Pacing!

One of the most common mistakes Coaches ( even pretty good ones ), Therapists and Hypnotherapists to name but a few don’t include as part of dynamic and generative change processes is future pacing. This means to ‘pretend’, ‘imagine’ and ‘realise’ is to go into the future and look back – Having already got the ‘Goal’ … and … powerfully linked this to the real underlying motivations and desires.

One of my mentors Dr. Christina Hall ( See Salad Training ) has educated me very well in terms of what NLP Time Lines absolutely must include. Here is Part one of three of how to do Time Lines. This was filmed during last years Hypnotherapy Diploma Training. This is my take on Chris’ version of Time Lines and as far as I know it is by far the most effective.

Perceptual Positions – NLP – Spinning Dancer

This is a ‘great optical’ illusion to see the ‘dancer’ spin both ways.

One of the easier ways to see it spin the other way is to close you eyes and imagine it spinning the ‘other way’. Alternatives are to watch the shadows. So seemingly ‘it’ is seen to spin both ways.

Here is the challenge, can you see it spin a third way?…

Spinning Dancer

Life Club – Newcastle upon Tyne

Life Club was a big hit at ChangeCamp Autumn 2009, with more than 20 participants! Now I’m delighted to tell you that Life Club Newcastle is ready to go – we will meet every Monday night from January 18 onwards.

Life Clubs are 90 minute workshops where you get a clearer way of thinking about yourself and your life. We want you to live more, laugh more, earn more and play more. It’s a fun environment where you meet like-minded people all wanting to learn more about their life and how to manage it.

Doors open at 6.15pm, and we kick off at 6.30pm prompt, finishing at 8pm.

Workshops are £15 each (concessions available), with free membership (value £10) for ChangeCampers – just say the word! I look forward to seeing you there.

Facilitator Abigail Smith

Life Club

Unitarian Church, Ellison Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8XG

North East NLP Practice Group – Values

In the first NLP Cafe of 2010 join Andy Hunt in an exploration of what is most important in our lives: our values.

Often times these values may not be in concious awareness and we wander like an explorer without a compass.

When we know what our values are then we can use them to improve our decisions, motivate ourselves and construct a future that really works for us.

Because they are associated with worth, meaning and desire, values are a primary source of motivation in people’s lives. When peoples values are met or matched, they feel a sense of satisfaction, harmony or rapport. When their values are not met, people often feel dissatisfied, incongruent or violated
Robert Dilts

In this NLP Cafe practice group on Wednesday January 20th we will use a simple process to elicit and sort our highest values. Then use that information to improve our decisions and make our goals and outcomes even more juicy and enticing.

Just £9.00 booking in advance online or £10 on the night.


7pm – 9pm ( Tea and Biscuits included )
St Oswalds Hospice
Regent Avenue
Newcastle upon Tyne




The NLP Cafe is free for all participants on our current NLP Practitioner Training Courses.