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Hypnosis Weight Loss And New Year Resolution – Newcastle upon Tyne

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With the New Year comes New Year resolutions. Stop Smoking, Stop Drinking, Stop Eating, Stop Living – well perhaps for Jains and seekers of Nirvana.

OK,  one of the ways even from the outset that people can thwart their good intentions and goals is by thinking you have to give something up and change is painful. One of the most common resolutions of New Year is to loose weight, to become a certain weight or a specific size.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss does not entail being hypnotised or knocked out and then waking up several hours later, thinner and not remembering to forget any bad eating habits. Hypnotherapy for weigh loss with life change involves a combination of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistics and Biopyschology to weight loss and change your life. It involves a deep dedication with work and motivation from clients too.

What really happens with weigh loss is not just changing old habits. It is really about addressing the underlying cause of pain or hurt that things like emotional eating or yo yo dieting are trying to cope with.  Then going on to forming a new strategy that will get the results you want.

Most diet and self help books fail because the buyers and readers don’t do the exercises or lose motivation to easily. Successful weight loss and accompanying life change require a deeper understanding of the real reasons you want to change weight. This is about your own, honest motivation. Try this for yourself, answer these questions.

I want to lose weight because I want … ( X )
( X ) is very important to me because I want ( Y )
( Y ) is even more important to because I want ( Z )

For example

I want to lose weight because I want … ( To meet a new partner )
( To meet a new partner ) is very important to me because I want ( To have someone to talk to at nights  )
( To have someone to talk to at nights ) is even more important to because ( I want to feel loved )

When you have something for Z ( I want to feel loved ), this is you starting to understand and harness your real motivation to lose weight.

Weight Loss An NLP Attitude – 2 day workshop January £95

Weight Loss And Life Change 1:1 sessions £95 / 2 hours
Nigel Hetherington
Call now 0770 481 8467

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Self Hypnosis – To Extreme

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Here is a hillarious article from the Sun, thanks to my good friend Steve Austin for this one!

A SWORD swallowing hypnotist put himself in a trance for FIVE hours after practising in front of a mirror.

Helmut Kirchmeier was found in the hypnotised state by his shocked wife Joanna at their home in London.

She had to call a mentor of her husband’s to talk him round over the phone.

Joanna said: “I was really shocked when I found him, he was just like a zombie staring at himself in the mirror. His pupils had gone really small, which is a sign of someone under hypnosis.”

The hypnotist also known as Hannibal Helmurto became transfixed after looking into the mirror.

Read the whole article here.

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51 Free NLP and Hypnosis Videos – North East

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One of the ways therapists, hypnotherapists, counsellors and NLP’rs can extent their repertoire is through training videos. A video is an excellent accompaniment to direct learning.

Here are 51 free NLP and Hypnosis videos, including Core Transformation, to watch on You Tube from Nigel Hetherington.

Click on this link to my web site to view 51 NLP and Hypnosis dvd clips on You Tube.

If you would like to get an immediate notification when I upload a new video? Click here to subscribe to Communicating Excellence on You Tube.

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NLP Pattern Interrupt – Problem States

Everyone I know ( me included ), at some time has the experience of a ‘problem’. A problem IS at some level the sum total of the bio-chemical and bio-electrical ‘chemical/electrical bath’ that is then filtered, interpreted, filtered again and then experienced as a problem.

The well know and well coined NLP phrase ‘NLP Pattern Interrupt’ is one of those NLPisms that really deserves a closer look. After all what is a pattern? And what is a pattern interrupt? I prefer to think about this NLPism as State Alteration. What I mean by this is by way of my actions I am interfering, interrupting and changing the state that holds the problem together.

Again it is not the state that is the the problem, it is the end interpretation of the state. As a therapist / coach, by acting outside the level of interpretation and labelling it is much easier to alter the structure of the perceived problem.

The experiencer of a problem and the experience in and of itself are inextricably linked, at some level they are the same. What would the ‘problem’ or more accurately the perception of ‘a problem’ become or change to when the bio-chemistry and the bio-electrical responses to the initial experience or thought process that holds the ‘problem’ together change?

One way to pretty radically alter the internal state that ‘holds the problem’ in its current form is to Frustrate The Problem. This approach really does require a LOT of honest rapport. This approach is possible only with trust, rapport and a deep connection.

Of course, this is not a full change process, it is one part of a solution. Very good therapists and coaches know this!

NLP Practitioner Newcastle – Buy One Get One Free

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NLP New Year Practitioner Training – Beginning January 2010. Nine places remaining.

You know New year is often the time to start a new chapter in your life. Time to have taken stock of your life and identifying what is missing as well as realising what you really do want. What you want in terms of the experiences and values in your life, now and into the future.

New Year is a time for you and your partner or with your close friends to connect more deeply and make the moves to live the kind of life you dream about.  It is time to go beyond talking and to act to make and create the kind of life you honestly really want.

This New Year is a time for change and new beginnings. Your time for change and your time for new beginning. In my experience, the most effective and practically based way to get more of what you want in your life is Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP.

Why is NLP so effective? It is because you learn to run your own brain, identify and change the behaviours that have stopped you fully achieving and actualising the kind of life you want. It is also about understanding other people’s points of view ( which are just as valid as yours ) and finding ways of working together to achieve much more.

Our next NLP Practitioner Training begins this month, January 22nd.

  • Understand and apply powerful NLP change processes.
  • Break free from problem behaviours.
  • Change limiting beliefs to empower your life.
  • To notice and use non-verbal communication.
  • You will be able to set realistic outcomes by learning the secrets of well balanced goals.
  • How to acquire new skills and abilities and enhance your existing ones.
  • Use powerful communication skills.
  • Ethically influence others.
  • Discover real personal development.
  • How to learn.
  • Organise your time effectively.
  • Understand and utilise your own motivations as well as others.

Book on our January 2010 NLP Practitioner Training in Newcastle and get a second place for free. Book onto this course, change your life and invite your partner or a friend to do the same and so share this life changing journey with you.

much more than my expectations were met, I experienced discovering different layers within myself and therefore different potential for helping. The training was was helpful because it was experiential, non-judgemental, safe and supported and I can put this to use in my work as a coach and facilitator and in personal life

Judith – Coach and Training Facilitator

Why are we making this offer? Well of course it is great business sense for us. More people get to learn NLP and tell their friends and colleagues … great for all concerned yet for us this is not the heart and soul of what we have chosen to do.

One of the guiding principles of both Communicating Excellence and Integrity NLP is to continue to change the world in really positive and connecting ways by sharing the skills, tools and techniques for individual and group change. Quite simply with more people at out trainings, we are achieving our goals even more quickly.

January 22nd .. Act Now … Click Here.

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NLP Model Of The World – New Year 2010

I am currently in Paris with my partner Laurie taking a short pause from the world of NLP and Coaching and making the time to share more adventures with my friend and life partner.

A few days ago we shared a whole afternoon exploring Notre Dame Cathedral and we were both impressed by the incredible works of art housed inside the Cathedral and the craftsmanship and artwork evident in the construction of Notre Dame herself.

Like the good and enthusiastic tourists we can be, we bough an electronic tour, that comprises of a recorded voice ( in English, which was good for us ) that arrives in what would pass for a child’s walkie-talkie that can be started and stopped at various points through the tour walk of ‘Our Lady in Paris’ as well as a little map, depicting points of interest.

So we each took our map, our walkie-talkie and set off. Taking our time to appreciate various statues, carvings, frescos, painting and sculptures. And we talked, held hands and kissed a great deal. Believe it or not Notre Dame is not just a romantic cathedral it was for me on that day filled with a very palpable love.

Towards the end of our three hour exploration and adventure, we stopped, talked and kissed. Some time into our kissing, we were interrupted by a seemingly agitated French woman. She was very smartly dressed and carrying some new shoes in a bag.

Her interruption was a verbal one. She hissed some very agitated French at us. Neither of us quite understanding we asked “êtes-vous OK?”, in my best French and again after another exchange which was both to fast and beyond my current French vocabulary to understand I asked, “parlez-vous anglais?”

Her reply was “show respect!! show respect!!” and then having shared, as she walked away we resumed and continued kissing.

Now, in mine and certainly Laurie’s model of the world, a cathedral IS a place of spirituality and love and that is exactly what we were doing, kissing, expressing our love to and for each other. Our French sister to me clearly has different values and world view.

Can we both be ‘right’? Yes of course!

Laurie has suggested if that ever happens again ( we do like to kiss  ) we should either kiss the person or give them a hug!

Happy New Year 2010
Bonne Année 2010