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Newcastle Brief Therapy Study Day – Nigel Hetherington Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

The next Newcastle Brief Therapy Association 12th Annual Study Day is on Friday April 30th and is open to All.  This day, like change camp is a bargain at just £10 for members and £15 for non-members.

With a variety of well know presenters, this is another great opportunity to learn new process and techniques relating to Brief Therapeutic interventions as well as to connect with other local therapists.

Me,  Nigel Hetherington, Newcastle Hypnosis Course Facilitator and Master Hypnotist will be presenting “Physiological Solution Focused Therapy – Unsticking Problem States: ” In one of the four morning sessions ( mine is in the main lecture theatre ). This is an experiential learning and participative session.

Synopsis By understanding just a little about the connection between the brain, the nervous system and problem to solution states you literally can move people from problems to solutions.

The Newcastle Brief Therapy Association is run by my good friend John Wheeler.

Trauma Hypnotherapist Specialist Framing – Newcastle upon Tyne

Before a home is built the foundations are created. Everything rests on the foundations. Framing is like preparing the foundation for more effective hypnotherapy.

When working with clients successful neurolinguists and clinical hypnotherapists alike will use some kind of framing to assist clients in making changes easier. Framing also explains the hypnotherapeutic process to your client before they actually experience it.

This is recorded for the Newcastle upon Tyne workshop for therapists, counsellors and hypnotherapists on Trauma Resolution using Eye Movement Integration and Generative Change Methods by Nigel Hetherington.

Hypnotherapist Weight Loss And The Cost

Johnny CashImage by Tim Patterson via Flickr

Something that continues to amaze me in the field of professional hypnotherapy is transparency of fees.

During a recent FaceBook discussion I invited hypnotherapists to explain why some have different fees for different services. For example one hypnotherapist may charge £150 for a stop smoking session and the same hypnotherapist may charge £75 for phobia cures.

Working as a clinical hypnotherapist I don’t understand why there is a difference. One well known therapist, who was brave enough to leave a comment, stated that their students, having graduated in NLP ( I assume a seven day training ), some time lines therapy ( NLP Jargon that no one outside of NLP has heard of never mind understands ) and a bit of hypnosis should charge a MINIMUM £150 per hour. I wonder how many people ‘sold’ on such get rich quick schemes actually see any clients at all?

For me this comes down to a well earned experiential qualification and has nothing to do with some quickly attained qualification. It’s like learning to drive in 7 days, the individual can pass an exam and yet this does not necessarily make barely competent drivers or people any where near able to share their driving experience to teach or coach another person. It is the very bare minimum.

My question was ( and this specific individual refused to comment but did invite me to book a consultation to find out ) and is “Why do some therapists refuse to make their charges and fees transparent to the people”, The exact people who will want to book their services? Why not make charges completely transparent to the general public at large?

A dentist fees are transparent, and accountants fees are transparent and so are a personal trainers. So why do so many hypnotherapists choose to make their fees secret to the public and create an unnecessarily complicated process for potential clients to have to go through.

Hypnotherapists are not sales professionals so why act in this way?

Hypnotherapists in the Noth East and Newcastle, please, continue to give this credible alternative health profession a good name and advertise your fees to your potential clients.

In the interrest of transparency, me fee is £95 for a two hour session.

A quick internet search of hypnotherapists in the Noth East will reveal precious few advertise their fees. So this is an invitation for all therepists especially in the North East to comment to this post and share you fees with the general public.

Beliefs Values And Health

NLP Meta Programs – Easily Understood

Meta Programs in terms of NLP are the initial creation of the Bandlers. Meta Programs are ultimately derived from Carl Jung’s work. Andy Hunt and Newcastle hypnotherapist Nigel Hetherington started Integrity NLP to offer the highest quality NLP Training at prices people can honestly afford.

Here Andy Hunt introduces NLP Meta Programs in a way that is very easily understood.

Hypnotherapist Trauma Resolution Newcastle upon Tyne

Anxiety, grief, trauma and phobias can be successfully treated using clinical hypnotherapy. Master clinical hypnotherapist Nigel Hetherington in a seminar in Newcastle upon Tyne explores how Memory Templates for such conditions can be formed.

One of the neurological models of how memory works is likened to Templates. Templates are specific networks of neurons that become activated when a specific memory is accessed or specific skill is utilised.

A template is formed through experience and is created directly by the growing and solidifying of brain dendrites. A memory template can be used to explain the structure of phobic response or problematic ways of thinking, like anxiety or excessive worry and grief.


Newcastle Conference Change Camp Newcastle Hypnotherapist and more …

Change Camp is a Newcastle conference for hypnotists and newcastle hypnotherapists and anyone involved or wanting to know more about personal development and change.

One full day of varying presenters and topics from Hypnosis and NLP to brief therapy methods. Incredible value at £10 and bringing together a community of like minded individuals.

Saturday 20th May – All Day

The themes for ChangeCamp are:

1. Changing yourself: Using psychological techniques to change our own experience of the world.

2. Changing others: Using psychological techniques in therapeutic or educational contexts.

3. Changing groups: Making groups and organisations more effective through psychological means.

In an un-conference that is put to one side, people who are interested in a subject and want to present about it make presentations to other people who are interested. The presentations may be talks, workshops, exercises, question and answer sessions, brainstorming sessions – what ever format best suits the issue in question. Audience participation is strongly encouraged. The event is organised to encourage an informality and cross fertilisation of ideas.

ChangeCamp is arranged to bring together a large number of participants from a variety of fields so they can be exposed to other ways of working and thinking. It’s set up to stimulate discussion.

To encourage high attendance the entry fee is set at £10 which is just enough to cover costs.

If you would like to attend just go to and sign on to the website.

NLP Anchors : How Not To Anchor

The single most important thing you must know about NLP anchoring is it is all about preparation.

In order to anchor any resource state, the state must be fully accessed. Many people fail to create powerful anchors to states because the state they are anchoring is neither intense or pure.

Here is an example of how NOT to anchor.