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NLP, Job Loss Worries and A Way Forward from Recession – Free 47 page eBook

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In a very recent article in The Journal the title is “28,000 public sector jobs to be axed – Tyneside will be worst hit”.

In the current state of UK and North East England economic up and down turns it is becoming more and more clear that people actually need particularly effective communication tools, need ways and means to reach more of their goals and need sharper skills and ways to stay top of their game.

Get your free 47 page e-book – Surviving A Recession

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming provides a solid and robust foundation to communicate effectively, get your points across and how to better understand others as well as yourself.

Continuing to be a valuable member of any team or making the decision to get a job that is both rewarding and satisfying are all about having the skills and the drive to live your life in ways that match your values and highest level desires.

If you are one of the people who’s jobs will be axed, don’t you want the skills to help you to make a real career progression in what can be described as a very turbulent time? Many companies help their employees who they are choosing to let go by making training funding available.

The Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practitioner training is not a therapy course per say, though all participants through exercises will become more confident, find higher self esteem and in general will be more more able to live life in the ways that matter the most.

Get your free 47 page e-book – Surviving A Recession 

Over the last two years many people deciding to do NLP Practitioner training have been funded by their companies as part of their redundancy package and while there can never be solid guarantees that NLP will make you land your dream job,  the NLP Practitioner will give you enhanced communications skills and extremely reliable ways for you to move towards getting the kind of job or career that you want to do.

If you are interested in NLP Practitioner Training please read this : Choosing Your Training Provider.

There has never been a time, now, more important to be investing in your future. NLP Practitioner Training’s in Newcastle upon Tyne begin in September ( 10 month ) and January 2011 ( 6 month ). They are lots of fun, you will make great new fiends and you will meet like minded people who are choosing to continue their personal and professional evolution.

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Creative Block? Hypnotherapy in Newcastle Nigel Hetherington

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Creative Block can effect anyone. Creative Block, Self Doubt and Lack of Motivation are not exclusive to writers, poets, scientist’s and the self employed. From time to time the vast majority of people quite literally lose their way. This is predominately due to emotional turmoil and a failure to truly believe in themselves.

In a recent BBC article the use of Hypnosis is shown to be used effectively to remove Creative Block and help people to return to serious productivity.

Read this BBC article on how hypnosis has been used effectively to remove Creative Block.

With a powerful combination of hypnosis and physiological techniques you can rediscover the motivation and drive that can propel you back into being your real creative and productive self.

Contact me for details of how I can help you return to your very best top form!

Tel : 0770 481 8467

eMail :

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Changing Your Perception of Reality

This is both a self hypnosis exercise and equally a way to evolve how you perceive your worlds.

There is one very important sentiment I want to briefly explore before offering you a self-hypnosis exercise.

Firstly a quote

“Perception is Projection, what we see is the state of our mind projected outwards”

Once there was a wise woman. A seer if you like. A wondering man came to her village and asked “I am looking for a new village to live in and I want to know what this village is like

The seer replied “What was you last village like?

The wondering man replied “Oh it was awful, full of thieves, robbers and adulterers. The most frightful sort of people you can imagine.”

The seer replied “My friend this village is much like you last one full of the most frightful people you can imagine.

The wondering man left and went on to look for another village.

A day or two later another wondering man came to the village and asked the seer “I am looking for a new village to live in and I want to know what this village is like.

The seer replied “What was you last village like?

The wondering man replied “Oh it was wonderful, full of friendly and helpful loving people to say the least.”

The seer replied “My friend this village is much like you last one full of the most loving people you can imagine.

The wondering man decided to stay and made a home for himself.

Another way of saying this is what the mind expects tends to be found. Hypnosis is a way of purposefully altering our own perceptions in powerful ways.

Here is the exercise. This comes from one of Carlos Castaneda books describing his relationship with his mentor Don Juan. Its about purposefully altering perceptions, this is just one way hypnosis, an altered state of perception can be attained.

This exercise takes 15 minutes to do it properly. Practice once per day for just one week.


  1. Find a bush or shrub that you can see, that is both in shade and in the light.
  2. Concentrate your visual attention on just one specific spot that is in the shade. Focus on it entirely.
  3. For the next 15 minutes focus just on that one spot in the shade – until you begin to see a bush that is entirely made out of shadow. Notice that the shadow is at least 50% of the bush.

You need to do this in the form of an exercise. A ‘theoretical’ knowledge of this is not enough.

If you want to learn to alter your perceptions and reality – DO THE EXERCISE!

When you do this you will experience massive changes in your perception. This exercise is actually doing a huge amount of things – you will only notice what these are by doing the exercises …

Trauma Resolution Workshop For Counsellors and Therapists – October 16-17 Newcastle upon Tyne

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This workshop by Nigel Hetherington is based on Solution Focused Brief Therapy, NLP and Eye Movement Integration ( Created and developed by Steve and Connirae Andreas ). It is taking place in Newcastle upon Tyne and includes generative elements of ‘hypnosis.’

Eye Movement Integration is a very brief and content free process for resolving psychological traumas such as PTSD, intrusive memories, shame, guilt and other kinds undesirable emotional and identity imprints.

All Coaches, Therapist and Change Professionals will naturally deal with client trauma, blocks and problematic emotional states. EMI – Eye Movement Integration is a virtually content free process that again and again successfully deals with such issues. EMI can also be used to generate resource states which can be coupled to attaining client outcomes.

Once the Trauma imprint is dissolved where does you client want to go? Successful therapy and coaching is essentially two part. Eliminating blocks, stuck states and problematic emotional imprints and then assisting your client to generate the resources, deep desire and motivation to move towards their goals. This Newcastle based training by Nigel Hetherington in NLP, Hypnosis, EMI and Generative Change will deliver a full change process to do just this.

This two day weekend workshop is designed for Clinicians, Therapists, Counsellors,  Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Police and all People Helpers who can then use these process based neurological methods to assist their clients neutralise traumatic memories and move into much more resourceful states.

October 16-17 Newcastle upon Tyne : Gosforth

Full Workshop Details – Click Here

To pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to Communicating Excellence and post to Communicating Excellence, PO Box 238, Morpeth, NE61 9BS

Pay by Debit Card

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Weight Loss Attitude Workshop – November 2010

As the end of 2010 approaches many people will have time off from work and time to share with family and friends. In addition to great company, happy times and wonderful conversation there is quite often mixed in with this a good proportion of over eating and drinking. Extra turkey, extra roast potatoes and ample quantities of the grain and the grape. Come New Year 2011 many people will be making ( and possibly breaking ) new resolutions. If weight loss in the New Year is something you want and have struggled with in the past … then read on …

When you honestly decide to make 2011 the beginning of getting to a more comfortable and healthy weight and you want the real Attitudes that can make a whole load of difference then you may want to attend this weight loss attitude workshop.

A Workshop For People Who Want Or Need To Lose Weight Before 2011

November 2010 13-14 £95 : Gosforth Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Are you fat or overweight?
  • Have you tried all the diets, books, tablets and self help you can get?
  • Are you still fat and hating it?
  • Or even worse hating yourself?

This is a practical and hands on workshop where you will discover yourself how to change your attitude towards food, especially emotional eating as well as how to build the real and honest motivation that will help you stop Yo Yo dieting and emotional eating and keep you on course for the much better life experience you know you really do want.

This workshop is NOT about diets, nutrition, books or exercise.

This workshop is specifically about the physiological and mental attitudes that makes the difference.

Attendees probably will not lose any significant amount of weight during the workshop. Attendees will leave with significantly increased probability of weight loss and keeping it off.

This workshop is also designed for FAT AND OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE, Counsellors, Therapists, Hypnotherapists and People Helpers who are in the business of helping people with weight issues. Workshop is held at Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne and will qualify for CPD. Both remedial and generative change aspects of therapeutic intervention for weight loss will be addressed in this fully participatory workshop.

This very practical, hands on workshop will teach you the three most important Attitudes you absolutely must foster in order to Lose Weight … Especially if you really want it to happen for yourself or for your clients.

Attitude One to understand that Weight Loss is not about Weight Loss. Every one of the clients I see in private practice for Weight Loss … ultimately wants way much more than just to lose some weight. Weight Loss is most definitely NOT the end result!

Attitude Two to accurately know what it will mean when you have what you want and how your life will change as a result. When you are happier in and of yourself and you have lost weight, what does this get you? Successful weight loss involves looking and seeing beyond the weight problem and having a clear vision of how your life will be different.

Attitude Three Specifically, how you can, in an ecologically sound way, radically change your attitude and feelings about food. To understand and deal with emotional eating so as to keep the weight off and build and maintain the required motivation to see it through. This workshop includes therapeutic processes for remedial and generative change in the treatment of problem weight issues.

Enter your name and email address to receive inside attitudes about weight loss and a complementary hypnosis audio mp3 with no obligation.

So … What is covered in this Weight Loss – An NLP Attitude workshop?

  • Attitudes towards food and eating
  • Emotional eating cycles and how to change them
  • Understanding the real reasons why you want to lose weight
  • Yo Yo quitting and the “I Hate Myself” complex the next day
  • Identity issues … “I am fat”, “I am unlovable” etc
  • Making your motivation last
  • Feeling more comfortable in your own skin

This is an advert for weight loss hypnotherapy AND weight loss attitude workshop : a two day workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne, specifically for people who want to lose weight and have tried just about everything else. This is about the changing your attitude towards weight loss. Just in time for the New Year’s Resolution … Weigh Loss an NLP Attitude This workshop takes place November 13-14 and will cost you £95. How many books, DVD’s diets etc for £95 can you waste your money on, when none of them will change your attitude? If you have tried the lot and are still not where you want to be then think seriously about attending this workshop. Book Your Place Now

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Newcastle

PTSD – from the inimitable Andrew T Austin. Therapists watch this!

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Training UK, North East, Newcastle and Northumbria

Highly Acclaimed Professional Accredited Hypnotherapy qualification in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England and Northumberland from Neurolinguist and Clinical Hypnotherapist Nigel Hetherington. Next training course begins August 2010.

Nigel runs a course packed with practical exercises, with an emphasis on learning-by-doing this is a course which teaches skills and builds confidence. Run with humour and energy the Clinical Hypnotherapy course is informative, engaging and enjoyable. For anyone wanting to build on their NLP skills and learn to use trance and hypnosis in their therapeutic work I would heartily recommend this course.

Simon Stanton – Retail Change Manager and Clinical Hypnotherapist

This Clinical Hypnotherapy training course is designed for Coaches, Counsellors and all Change Professionals who really want to increase their repertoire of skills and approaches. The course has a very strong emphasis on real world applications in terms of communication, personal congruence and knowing through experiential learning what really does work in a therapeutic change or coaching environment.

If you’re looking to kick-start, jump or extend your client facing skills, this course is a MUST. I’ve ‘kissed a few frogs’ over the years, in other words, done loads of NLP and hypnosis courses and some of the things that frustrated me were the lack of real life experience of the trainers, real life application of the content and the intellectual snobbery and jargon. You know, when you say to yourself “But how could I use this in REAL life, with REAL clients?”

That’s not the case at all with Communicating Excellence’s course. The trainers are SO down to earth, yet SO sophisticated and SO funny, you’ll find yourself learning, laughing and experimenting your way to a new level of skill and qualification. The training has an overt NLP focus, so ideal for you if you have some understanding of this field. In fact, even as a Trainer of NLP, my NLP repertoire was significantly expanded and enriched, while learning a complete set of hypnotherapy skills. Double bonus.

You’ll find yourself in a friendly, light-hearted, warm, supportive environment, with the emphasis on experimentation and playfulness. Supporting materials are excellent. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. If you’re looking for Hypnotherapy & NLP skills and qualifications, your search is over. Good decision!

Haider Imam – So In Flow Ltd, Award Winning Achievement Coach

All participants will through practice gain a great deal of personal change work, practical experience and feel confident in the therapeutic approaches conversational hypnosis, specific change techniques, metaphor and Clean Therapy ™

Click here for full details and to book onto the 2010 Clinical Hypnotherapy Accredited Training Course.

Hypnotherapy Training Courses in UK, North East England

Hypnotherapy training courses are fully accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register and taught by Newcastle and North East Clinical Hypnotherapist Nigel Hetherington over a five month or ten month period.  Nigel has a busy clinical practice and brings his years of clinical experience straight to the training room to share what really works and why.

This Clinical Hypnotherapy training is perfect for people who want to become clinical therapists with skills that actually work and not just reading scripts to people. This hypnosis and hypnotherapy training in Newcastle upon Tyne is also ideal for Life Coaches who want to really expand their repertoire and have a great deal of powerful additional tools and techniques.

Learning and mastering hypnotic language patterns as well as generative metaphor is a huge benefit for anyone in the business of ethical communication and influencing with integrity.

Click Here for full details of Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training August 2010.