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Trauma Resolution Workshop for Coaches, Counsellors and Therapists

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Trauma Resolution with Generative Change | Newcastle upon Tyne

A Trauma Resolution Workshop for Therapists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Police and all People Helpers working with client trauma. Using Eye Movement Integration and Generative Change Techniques. A Brief Therapy and Solution Focused approach to working with Trauma.

Practically every change professional will work with client trauma in varying degrees. As a coach you need to have the tools to remove emotional bocks. As a therapist you will need to be able to robustly remove and dissolve client trauma. As a social worker or counsellor wouldn’t you like to help your clients quickly and safely move on from serious emotional episodes without all the pain or talking about this again and again? This is a much quicker, content free and client centred approach than CBT.

Newcastle upon Tyne
October 16-17

Cost £125

Eye Movement Integration is a very brief and content free process for resolving psychological traumas such as PTSD, intrusive memories, shame, guilt and other kinds undesirable emotional and identity imprints.

“This course offers so much even if, as I had, you’ve already learnt and used basic EMI techniques. It is exceptionally well presented and gives a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of EMI, including simple explanations of how and why it works. But in combining EMI and Time Line techniques it offers a new and extraordinarily effective procedure for the resolution of many types of symptom that can be linked to traumatic experience.” – Nick Rolfe

Most people during their life time have had experiences that have been traumatic, painful or negatively emotionally charged. These experiences, all kinds of problematic responses to past events, are all part of the rich tapestry of life and commonly know as Trauma, Grief, Guilt, PTSD, Shame. Usually the intensity of the experience fades in time and people are OK.

This is a robust process where it is absolutely unnecessary to become emotionally involved in your clients pain. This way you can run process and work rapidly towards helping your clients out of their pain whilst being compassionate.

Watch Nigel demonstrate the principles of Generative Change and Positive States

Watch Nigel demonstrate EMI  process during a training course

But other times there are one, two or more memories that just seem to pop up from nowhere or surface unannounced and then all the unwanted emotional energy is there. Its painful, unpleasant and unwanted. And very often, people suffer for long periods of time, way longer than is actually necessary.

As a counsellor, therapist or anyone who is working with client trauma, you want proven and recognised ways to help your clients out of the black emotional cloud of pain and suffering as rapidly and as ecologically as possible. Your clients are typically coming to see you because they are experiencing some form of emotional pain. All of the emotional states discussed above can be successfully treated and neutralised with Eye Movement Integration.

EMI is not EMDR. You do not need to belong to an elite group or have to pay thousands of pounds to use this Brief Therapy method.

EMI is a tiny, tiny fraction of the cost of EMDR training and is applied with precision and skills by the EMI practitioner, surprisingly easy to learn and a particularly robust clinical process.

I found the material and the presentation excellent, what I have seen of the Generative Change process fills some big gaps in my conventional NLP training and the EMI allow the body mind to connect and integrate the release of emotional issues in a very clear and clean way!

Feras Jerjis

EMI Background

Eye Movement Integration was developed by Steve and Connirae Andreas in America in 1989.

Watch Steve Andreas Demonstrate this process with a Vietnam Veteran.

The Neuro Linguistic Eye Accessing Model states when someone ‘thinks’, their eyes will typically move in some sequence. The sequence of unconscious eye movements will give clues and cues to how they are thinking. There is often a ‘sequence’ of eye movements ( and certain physiology ) when a person re-experiences troublesome and problematic memories.

As a person moves their eyes, their eye movement access specific brain locations and brain processing functions. Parts of the brain that are know to be active when we re-access memories overlap spatially, for example the auditory and visual cortex and as well the different processing functions integrate memory components to produce a full and integrated sensory experience of some memory.

By linking the full array of possible eye movements ( or a sub set ) when the client is associated into their undesired state, through eye movement sequences we intend to make all the clients neurological resources available to them to remove or neutralise all negatively charged emotional response to their problem emotional state.

This Trauma Resolution Workshop is an absolute must for Clinicians, Therapists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Police and all People Helpers.

Workshop facilitator Nigel Hetherington has demonstrated and taught and demonstrated EMI at

  • Brief Therapy North East Practice Study Day
  • Change Camp
  • Newcastle Counselling Association
  • STEP training
  • Trance Cafe
  • NLP Cafe
  • NLP Practitioner Trainings
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Trainings
  • Front Line Skills – Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

Next Trauma Resolution Workshop is Newcastle upon Tyne : October 16-17 2010

Who Will Want To Attend This Workshop?

This two day Trauma Resolution weekend workshop is designed for Clinicians, Therapists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Police and all People Helpers who can then use these process based neurological methods to assist their clients neutralise traumatic memories and move into into much more resourceful states.

Attendee Goals and Outcomes

Having completed this workshop you will be able to implement EMI as an integral part of your own work either in isolation or as a complementary aspect of your own clinical work. You will have a structured therapy process to facilitate your clients to eliminate most psychological trauma and traumatic memories in 1-2 two hour sessions in a structured and methodical way.

The result is you will have more referrals from delighted clients and you will increase your understanding of ecological and systemic change processes. And by increasing your effectiveness, you will also be able to treat more clients in the same time more effectively.

Dates And Venue

The next EMI Workshop takes place on 16-17 October 2010 in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Saturday 9.30 am – 5.30 pm
Sunday 9.45 am – 4.00 pm

All participants will receive a full workshop manual detailing all theory and exercises.

EMI training workshop is held at The Coleman Education Centre, St Oswalds Hospice, Regent Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1HE

The two day workshop costs £125 and has strictly limited places to ensure all participants receive all required individual attention.


To pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to Communicating Excellence and post to Communicating Excellence, PO Box 238, Morpeth, NE61 9BS

Pay by Debit Card

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Finding Your Purpose In Life

Finding your purpose and discovering real meaning to your existence is not for everyone. Yet it is a question more and more people who want to live meaningfully and follow their bliss are asking.

In his very famous and moving book ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’ Viktor Frankl discussed how he found meaning in life while in a prison camp in World War 2. Finding real meaning and purpose in your life, your relationships and work is really the pathway to bliss. it is not always so easy, it does take work and dedication.

Here is a short message from the Dalai Lama on finding purpose and meaning in your life. Compassion and warm heartedness are key aspects. I also add being true to yourself and acknowledging the most painful and beautiful truths.

Hypnosis Training Course – Newcastle upon Tyne

Sunrise Paddling on the North Canadian RiverImage by FreeWine

Recently the NHS has announced that over 100 staff are likely to be made redundant in yet another exercise in job, staffing and service cuts. All of the redundancies are being said to be voluntary. A very similar offer was made towards the end of the 1980’s when a market crash, an old oil war scuffle and a trade bubble burst.

The people that took the offer of a ‘golden handshake’ were the people who thrived on change and took the opportunity to do something different with their lives. The people who stayed behind were the people who sought security, the least creative and the people that companies really could do without.

Download : 10 Good Reasons To Do A Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

If you are one of the many hundreds of people in the North East, Northumberland, Newcastle, Tyneside, Teeside and Tyne and Wear who will have the opportunity to retrain and look to set up working in a sector that thrills and excites you; Look to NLP training with Communicating Excellence ( Beginning January 2011 ) and to learning Clinical Hypnotherapy ( August 2010 and January 2011 ).

NLP or Neurolinguistic programming is a time proven way to increase your communication skills, learn how you think and act to change your life much for the better. Take the opportunity now to think and plan how you want your life to be. Not just now but in ten years, in twenty years. How do you really want to make the difference for yourself?

Study Clinical Hypnotherapy here in Newcastle and Master hypnotic language, coaching tools and processes, understand hypnotherapeutic change tools and approaches.  Take the opportunity to learn skills that can change your life and others. Get a professionally recognised qualification in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Click on the links to read testimonials, get the insight on how these trainings run and how you can change your life in new and positive ways.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

NLP Practitioner Training

Essential Spirituality and NLP – Part Two

Fractal ArtImage via Wikipedia

The concept is to balance the internal and external worlds so that neither one dominates so in equal measures a person leads a harmonious and balanced life. Think about this as doing some thinking as well as taking some exercise. Pretty simple right!

It can be …

It is simple, this is Yoga! Yoga IS a spiritual practice. Meditations to exercise the Mind as well as Physical activities to exercise the body.

Remember one of the so called operational Presuppositions of NLP is ‘Mind and Body Are One System’.

The seeming majority of NLP trainings will tend Strongly to works with mental and cognitive Elements of change yet not pay enough attention Towards the physical development aspects of change.

Yet this still is only half the story. This is about much more than learning mental and physical controls and Disciplines. This is about what happens to a persons Psyche as a function of having the ability to run the Brain and Body in unaccustomed and new ways.

Practically all current NLP training tends not to acknowledge let alone develop any aspects of Practitioners honest spiritual exploration and growth.

Clearly this was not always the case. Both Bandler and Grinder were hugely influenced By the work of the Mystic Carlos Castaneda. They Did in my opinion attempt to integrate spiritual Disciplines and practice in the early NLP trainings. Looking at the co-creators now there is to me clearly a very strong bias on the internal worlds from Bandler and a very stron bias from Grinder on the external experiences.

Now like UK schools, many ‘spiritual’ concepts have Been forgotten, swept under the carpet or Let go in some attempt to gain credibility, get recognition appease governments, seduce would be practitioners, Create ‘professional’ bodies, tap into management Institutes or educational institutions.

The ongoing and current NLP Evolution, I believe Will see an emphasis on honest spiritual development For NLP Practitioners, and just as much a moving away From the ‘trendy’ tic box, academically accredited Nonsense for NLP Practitioner certification that surely Will do to to real NLP education what the GCSE system and bureaucratic government did to hopes of serious Creativity and independent thinking practice.

NLP, like spiritual practice is not for everyone Yet those who do choose to practice NLP in earnest Will surely benefit from additional spiritual practice Intended to balance the psyche as a result of having The ability to run the Brain and Body in new and unaccustomed ways. NLP Evolution … … …

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End Your Job Loss Worries – Calling All Public Sector Workers

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It is predicted that the UK job market will stall this year. Research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development states a full one third of employers expect to cut jobs in the next three months. This can read as a very scary and particularly worrying prospect if you have a family to support, a mortgage to pay and a life to live outside of worrying how to meet the bills if the worst happens.

Many people buy insurance from the banks and building societies for things like job loss, ill health and a variety of other predicaments that can happen. These insurance policies depending on their type of cover and exclusions can certainly be on the expensive side. I know that when I was employed working in the software industry, I was paying out well over £500 per month in insurance alone. This covered my mortgage and a proportion of my wages in the event I lost my job or was unable to work. Now this policy ( on reading the small print ) would only come into effect for a maximum of 12 months for job loss. So there was a time buffer but sadly no magic purse that would pay all of my outgoings for more than 12 months. In short it was an illusion of security or a security buffer, and a very expensive one at that.

What if you could look through the illusion of security of what you think you can get and see what you actually want?

Think about it! There has never been any way to really guarantee that a job will be secure for life or that all of your bills will be paid. That kind of security is an illusion yet worrying about job loss, making ends meet and the dreaded ‘Yes But, What If …‘ scenario is extremely real in our present economic climate.

Standing still will pile on the stones of life. NLP helps blast the stones so you can begin to live as life intended

William Ingram

Research indicates the people hardest hit in terms of job loss will be public sector workers because the government will shed good people to cut their wage bills that the public actually pay anyway. We can worry and blame this on the recent wars in the middle east, we can worry and blame the greedy bankers and governments that fuelled and fed the housing bubble before it popped. We can blame any and all but you can also choose to stop worrying and blaming and start to direct your attention onto what you actually want. A novel idea I know!

Get your free 47 page e-book – Surviving A Recession

It will be commensurate of the government to give any and all employees who’s job it will cut some kind of retraining or compensation package and it is how you use this that can determine your own relative security in the months and years to come.

I have seen changes in myself that I wouldn’t have thought possible. Thank you so much

Felicity James

It is all too easy to concentrate on the problems we face to the point it will eventually immobilise and in worst cases lead to depression and ill health. Which could be good if you have an insurance policy, maybe good for only 12 months though! On the other hand how about exploring your options in terms of what you can do for yourself about your current situation and how to move into the future with more confidence in yourself and how you will feel?

This is a golden opportunity to take a look at your life in terms of your wants, needs and expectations. A time to set some meaningful goals and a time to learn ways to run your own brain. To get out of patterns of negative thoughts and concentrate on what you really want to experience, achieve and do in your life.

I have met new people, become more confident and learned new skills. The trainers teaching style is excellent, the learning is fun and experiential.

Jane Smith

So here is the solution – Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training Course. The Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practitioner training is not a therapy course per say, though all participants through exercises will become more confident, find higher self esteem and in general will be more able to live life in the ways that matter the most. It is a course that delivers the most effective life and communication skills you can learn.

If you are interested in NLP Practitioner Training please read this : Choosing Your Training Provider.

There has never been a time, now, more important to be investing in your future. NLP Practitioner Training’s in Newcastle upon Tyne begin in September ( 10 month ) and January 2011 ( 6 month ). They are lots of fun, you will make great new fiends and you will meet like minded people who are choosing to continue their personal and professional evolution.

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Hypnotherapy to Relieve Stress and Worry

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Film icon Mel Gibson has very recently had a 10 day hypnotherapy session to help him cope with all of the worry and stress in his life.

Pressure in our life is very real and also necessary. Pressure makes people perform, strive to be better and very often is actually a motivating force. When there is more pressure than a person perceives they can cope with, this is the beginnings of stress.

If you imagine a buffer, a container, then the container’s capacity can be thought of as the amount of pressure an individual can cope with. When circumstances and situations fill the pressure container past its limit, everything over and above the pressure limit is called stress.

The vast majority of people regularly exceed their pressure limit and experience stress for a short period of time and then get back to a healthy life balance living within their coping limits of pressure. Sometimes the excess pressure or stress is way too much and can go on for a long time. This is what really is know as serious stress. When life’s challenges and problems are much to much for you to cope with so you experience high levels of stress for most of the time.

Long term stress exposure is particularly bad for both physical and emotional health. It affects performance, can damage relationships and can lead to depression.

One really effective solution to relieve stress is hypnosis and hypnotherapy. This psychological method will initially reduce and alleviate the stress emotions and good therapy afterwards will help you formulate new strategies and actions that are made to stop you getting deep into the stress state in the first place, that is they will deal with the causes from a psychological perspective.

To get professional help so you can cope with stress and get your balanced life back contact me now! 0770 481 8467

You can read the full article here .

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Essential Spirituality and NLP – Part One

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The word and meme ‘spirituality‘ is incredibly loaded and often misinterpreted. This term spirituality can be mistaken for religion and or new age mysticism yet in this context I attempt to define it here as neither.

I want to introduce a concept that is a part of NLP just as much as this is a part of life in general; And by way of a story, a metaphor, here we go. The intention is a balanced life.

In the Kundalini ( coiled ‘serpent’ power ) Yoga, intrinsic as with many Eastern spiritual systems there are the inclusion of Chakras or Padmas, which essentially mean energy centres. Now it MUST be understood that like the western concept of ‘mind’ a chakra is a ‘subtle’  substance. The chakra like the mind will not be found by a surgeon or MRI scanner.

Interweaving through the seven chakras are two nerves which are also made of subtle substance. These are called Ida and Pingala. Ida may be thought to refer to the Lunar Consciousness and Pingala to the Solar Consciousness. Now you may well be asking or thinking what Is Lunar and Solar consciousness.  Well one interpretation of Lunar in this context is death and rebirth, the way of living in your body, physicalised. An corresponding interpretation of Solar is eternal and divine consciousness, inexhaustible and likened to the internal meditations.

So in essence, this can also be interpreted as the external and internal worlds experienced by all humanity, every woman,man and child.

The concept is to balance the internal and external worlds so that neither one dominates so in equal measures a person leads a harmonious and balanced life. Think about this as doing some thinking as well as taking some exercise. Pretty simple right!

Well, it can be … … …

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