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Language Influences Consciousness

You probably already know about words
That can literally change your perception
And as such, powerfully change an experience.

I want to highlight two of these special
Words. These words tend to include or exclude
People or things into one group or another,
As well as enhance or diminish an experience.

I invite you to recall a time where you had
Have a really great experience.

Now notice the difference when you read
And do do the following … contrasting the
Two recollections of your memories.

Remember this good experience as if you were there again.
Remember that experience as if you were there again.

Commonly the experience for most people
When they compare the effect of the first
And second sentence is …

The word ‘this’ tends to associate and
Enhance a remembered experience,
whereas ‘that’ tends to diss-associate and
Diminish the intensity of a remembered experience.

When you want to invite people to remember
Positive experiences and really associate into
The good feelings use the word ‘this’. As in
“remember the time when … now …
remembering this experience”

When you want to invite people to remember
An experience and to not have the associated
Feeling as well as the visual aspects use the
Word ‘that’. As in …”remember the time
when … now …remembering that experience”

Using ‘this’ and ‘that’ to associate or
Diss-associate experience will come easily
With practice. Remember to clear about
Your intentions when you do use this.

Workshops And NLP Training In Newcastle upon Tyne – Nigel Hetherington

Improvisation Skills For Therapists & Change Workers – £70

This is the second time Ruth Hindmarsh and Nigel are running
The Improvisation weekend. Fun packed and very engaging.
Ideal for building more self confidence and offering ways in
Which to engender change with outside of the box thinking
And behaviours.

15 7 Places Available.

Dates: October 1-2.
Venue: Newcastle upon Tyne – Fitness Training Consortium.

NLP Practitioner Training : 12 Days : October – November 2011

12 Days experiential training that is certified by The SNLP. Only £595.
Training From October 11th, Tuesday-Wednesday each week,
Until November 16th. Gain real skills for professional and
Personal Life.

Trauma Resolution Workshop For Therapists and Counsellors – £70

This very popular workshop incorporates Eye Movement Integration
With Hypnosis, Humour and Breathing Techniques. A content free
Way for working with even the most serious client trauma.

15 3 Fully Booked. Next training in EMIPlus 2012.

Dates: October 15-16
Venue: Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne.

ReDiscovering Your Inner Peace : Audio mp3 @ £10

Recorded at The Trance Cafe. An exploration and
Story of spiritual practice with four meditations.
Over 90 minutes. Click to purchase and get your download link.

More Than The Milton Model

Milton Erickson described the NLP codification of his patterns as ” a delightful simplification of the infinite complexities of the language I use with patients.” Patterns of the hypnotic techniques of Milton Erickson, Volume 1, is an excellent description of linguistic patterns that Erickson used. Erickson did a great deal more with his patients than just talk hypnosis to them.

A strong theme that runs in Erickson’s interventions is the client tasking elements to change. More importantly I believe to self directed change. He would arrange for an experience or series of experiences that would usually bring his patient into contact with other people in certain situations. Erickson could also be very directive as the intervention demanded.

Think how different this is to much of the standard NLP change processes. After all NLP is pretty introverted right? Check your internal dialogue out or better yet have a conversation with someone.

Here is a short video clip from Nigel Hetherington recorded August 2011 during module one of Clinical Hypnotherapy Training in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Improvisation Workshop – October 2011 : Nigel Hetherington

Improvisation is an essential life skill.

We all live in a time, our time,  where the ability to rapidly adapt to circumstances and be our playful and congruent selves is not just a requirement but a necessity. At least it is if we want to live particularly meaningful lives. This is a suggestion, an invitation, to one way of being more comfortable with who we are, who be are becoming and how we really want to be in our world.

When our regular and time worn patterns no longer serve us as best as they could, and we recognise this and wish for new and different ways of being, here is one possible solution. It is also guaranteed to be a great deal of fun.

Improvisation and improvising can often lead us into new pastures. We can adopt a new or different persona that is enabling and freeing. New pastures may not always be what we expect yet at the same time it really is a move away from our old and staid patterns of behaviour. A positive move towards a more congruent and meaningful way of being. I think you know and I hope it is a deep knowing, that when the time is right for you to make a real shift. A step or two in the right direction to change something or awake something that we recognise has been snoozing all too long, too comfortably …

When you are looking to make a new move, get out of that old, limiting comfort zone and open up a little more to a real experience, wouldn’t you really want to make that move in a way that promotes and expresses a ‘you’ that opens your heart in both a playful and honest way?

If you are on board so far, then here is an invitation to come along and play … Play in a two day workshop that combines improvisation, coaching and personal growth. In a way that is generative for personal development and additionally for therapists, elements that will enhance your client work by out of the norm ways of directing change.

A safe, inclusive and co-supportive workshop where you are free to engage and build your confidence while you experience and develop some new and additional behaviours that get you out of those old comfort zones, and creates space with an accent on a shiny new you.

Facilitated by myself and Ruth Hindmarsh. Me and Ruth, described as a ‘force of nature’ ( this is accurate ) will facilitate a wholly transformative workshop experience, where participants can develop greatly increased playfulness and self confidence with a real and honest participation in self directed, meaningful personal evolution. And again, this is guaranteed to be fun!

When : October 1st – October 2nd

Venue : Fitness Training Consortium : Newcastle : Stepney Bank

Cost : £ 70 for two full days ( 9.30-5.30 )

Book your place right now!