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NLP Newcastle Training : Workshops and Personal Development

It is almost February and straight and to the point I have
Some training courses from me and some from my associates
That I am inviting you to consider as part of your personal
And Professional ongoing development and evolution.
There are a great deal of excellent courses, practice groups
And workshops here in the North East and London.

NLP Practitioner Training – March – April 2012 :12 Days – £595
This course designed for those of us who really can’t make the time
Commitment to eighteen days training over six months. This is specifically
For those of us who want the different option.
Days: Tuesday-Wednesday
Dates: March 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28, April 17-18, 24-25
Venue: Newcastle upon Tyne.

The SoulSpace Place – Monthly Practice Group
This is the creation of One of my best friends and one of
My Coaches Paula McCormac and myself. A practice group
Exploring spirituality and creating space to connect with
Your soul.
We are meeting every third Tuesday of the month.
From 6.30-8.30. £10

Past Life Regression Hypnosis – March 17-18 : £70
A two day experience of PLR with myself and my good
Friend Gordon Smith. This is both to experience PLR yourself
AND by able to facilitate the experience for others.
Exceptionally popular topic that is facilitated in a very
Safe space where you will both experience and learn how
To do PLR yourself.
Venue: Jesmond Dene Conference Center.

Oriental Massage with Chi-Kung Day – March 3rd : £40
This is facilitated a little by me ( language ) and mostly by
My very good friend Tony McDonald. This is a hands on day
Where you will both practice and get massaged ALL
Leave with skills you can immediately apply and feeling
Very very relaxed. This massage day is like chicken soup
For the soul.
Venue : Newcastle, Heaton.

Humour In Therapy & Coaching : April 21-22 – £199
My good friend and colleague Phil Jeremiah is back in Newcastle
To facilitate his most excellent 2 day workshop in the strategic use
Of Humour In Therapy and Coaching. This is NOT for everyone.
All participants receive a complete DVD of this workshop worth £99.
Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Newcastle.

Advanced Therapist Training – Feb – June : 10 Days – £595
This extremely practical and experiential training requires you already have an
NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy certificate or you are already working as a Change Professional. and will build on your skills.
Currently just 2 places available.
Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Newcastle.

Courses, Workshops & Training of Interest – Associates

NLP Practitioner Training London Canary Wharf 4th-10Feb : £600
Training in the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Canary
Wharf. With Paul Cosens, Arthur Partridge and me,
Nigel Hetherington. Exceptional value!

Solution Focused Practice – John Wheeler
5 days training @ £500. From April – December
NCFE approved training.

UNIT1: The historical origins of Solution Focused Practice

UNIT2: The assumptions within Solution Focused Practice

UNIT3: Working with what works

UNIT4: Focusing on the future

UNIT5: Using Solution Focused Tools to promote self-efficacy

Change Camp – Andy Hunt : March 24th : £10
A one day, many presenter workshop where some
Of the top and rising stars of psychological change.
A great day out and opportunity to meet like minds and
Explore lots of different perspectives of change from
The world of Newbies and professional change artists.

BTNE Study Day – John Wheeler : May 4th : £10
An exceptional day that has been running for over
A decade. A gathering of exceptional material delivered
In workshops throughout the day. I am presenting
“Your Very Sexy Brain and Neurology To Frame Positive
Client Centred Change”

Products from Communicating Excellence

Hypnosis Language Structure Mastery Cards : £25 ( click )
ReDiscovering Your Inner Peace – 90 min mp3 audio : £10 ( click )
Exploration of spirituality and meditative practice.
NLP Anchoring DVD – £12.23
A comprehensive DVD demonstrating the 1-2-3 of
The anchoring process from setting up and preframing
To testing your work.

NLP Practitioner Newcastle | Durham | Sunderland | Gateshead | Nigel Hetherington

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is often described as a set of techniques and processes that we use to make our life much better. The creators of NLP describe it as the study of subjective experience. The purpose of study is then being able to copy or model the way people who are exceptional in their chosen field and by way of modelling how these experts do what they do, to then practice and assimilate the how so to be able to attain similar levels of excellence for ourself. NLP is also described as the structure of subjective experience. NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle is highly interactive fun way to make your life better.

NLP Newcastle Training is located in the excellent Jesmond Dene Conference Centre. A picturesque park given to the people of Newcastle by George Armstrong, with waterfalls, crags lots of trees and a very natural feel.

There are several NLP Practitioner training courses in the North East and Newcastle being offered. These range from short courses to longer ones and they also vary considerable in price and delivery style. Indeed there is a real and immense variety of NLP Trainings in Newcastle being offered, so how do you go about choosing the one that will be right for you?

Well, I think this is a very good and important question. Usually people will go for personal recommendations as to what NLP Practitioner training to attend. I think personal recommendations are very important because friend reconsiderations are from people you know because they have had the experience of attending a Newcastle NLP training and all this can offer, in all the ways that can be enhancing.

NLP Newcastle Training offers excellent lunch time and break time walks and scenes in the beautiful Jesmond Dene park.

There is probably now, more than any time in the previous ten years, a desire for us to have the tools and skills that make us more emotionally resilient and connecting as well as the having access to the attitudes and ways of being that allow us to prosper in life. So while I state here that NLP is a way of being and thinking that promotes exceptional well being, communication and positive attitudes, there is a down side to be aware of.

The down side, which is not in my opinion really well stated is these kinds of skills and attitudes do fundamentally require both time and practice to be able to fully apply. We all know that any, and I mean any, set of proficient skills MUST be practised over a period of time so to integrate into who we are and then to see and feel the real and long term results manifest and as such assimilated into long term and generative abilities and skills.

NLP Newcastle Training for delicious food and dining at location and in Sandyford at Cafe Bar One and Denes Delli.

An internet search of NLP Training in Newcastle gives many well respected training companies here in the North East. They all offer something good in different ways. What I urge you to explore and in realistic terms is validate the claims that are being made. More often than not, there is no quick fix. A quick fix sales pitch is often like taping up a leaking pipe. It is still leaking but it has a Elastoplast over the hole. This kind of mentality as I see it is fire fighting or problem containment. NLP Practitioner training with Nigel Hetherington and Communicating Excellence is not about quick fixes.

Quick fixes, these are temporary, and will again require more fixes.  My preference is a longer term or generative way of fostering life long change. When I read claims on website’s like NLP will ( as in you will be able to ) cure all phobias in minutes or have you master your emotions, I physically cringe.

While doing and participating in just about NLP Training you will have the experience, by way of repeated practice, be invited to quite literally, change and adopt new ways, functional ways, of experiencing your world. We all want to live life in a connecting and prosperous way. The way that in which our life has a deep, connecting and soulful meaning. Choose your NLP Practitioner Newcastle training well!

NLP Training Newcastle | NLP Newcastle | NLP Courses Newcastle

Today and now we are all living in the most interesting of times. Not least because the world, our economy and our life are often perceived as spinning into places of uncertainty and worry. for sure, we can know that there exists both serious challenges and serious opportunities ahead of us. A question to you is … are you now ready to make seriously positive changes in your life and well-being?

Neurolinguistic Programming  ( or NLP ) Training Courses in Newcastle upon Tyne are a very real pathway to your increased well being and a more purposeful life.

Life changing, life giving. An amazing journey begun. Love the fact you ( nigel ) are so available between the contact days. Many many thanks.

David Mills


This has truly been the best training / development event I have ever attended. I was totally taken out of my comfort zone, as the course was delivered in a totally different way to what I was used to.However the results were amazing. My own understanding and also understanding of others has improved vastly. My interest in NLP is now a passion and I can’t wait to develop my knowledge and skills further. Nigel is truly inspirational and wow! have I enjoyed myself. I never believed I would be able to ‘coach’ someone successfully, using a funny voice! Thank you so much.

Lorraine Lord

Now is the perfect time to enrich who you are and learn to run your own mind and well-being with NLP Practitioner training. Eighteen days over six months beginning in January 2012. This training is experiential and you learn through doing followed by deep reflection. This Newcastle NLP Practitioner training is the very likely the best value in the UK. Only £595 with just 10 places currently available on the training beginning this month.

“I would 100% recommend this course. I have been on an incredible journey that has changed my life on so many levels. Thank you

Angela Lynn

A very enjoyable and experiential course. The exercises are well thought out and assist the continued building and learning throughout the course. Nigel is very generous and willing to share his skills and experiences. He imparts just the right amount of theory between exercises to stimulate further learning of the material.

Bryan Wright


Sometimes it can feel as if of joy is being is excessively taxed by external events and situations that we can’t control. It can seem like our peace of mind and quality of life are largely dependent on external forces. Sometimes it can feel like we have lost the scent of our trail, the trail that can be described as our bliss. When fear, loss and worry are your instructors then it may be time to change class and explore ways in which you can be much more able and empowered to take back the innate sense of well-being that is our natural birthright.

Get ready for a journey. This course is life changing, you learn so much. before I joined this course I had worked in Learning & Development for 6 years and thought I had a full toolkit, how my mind has been opened & my toolkit increased. For anyone, make this course happen for yourself.

Neil Black – Senior Training Consultant

Don’t You Honestly Want To …

  • Get back on track again and live a more meaningful and purposeful life?
  • Learn to run your own mind and brain in better ways?
  • Have the tools and skills that promote well-being?
  • Be more able to generate highly resourceful states?
  • Learn hypnosis and hypnotic communication?

Your brain is ‘like‘ a computer, it is not a computer, it is like a computer. The brain is the most complex processor we know and it comes without a users manual. Newcastle NLP Practitioner training is one way you can ‘use your brain for a change and keep the change‘.


Attending this NLP Practitioner training course will of course not ensure you immediately find your ideal ‘job’ or vocation in life. It wont make you able to bullet proof and it won’t make you suddenly an enlightened being. It may pave the ways to all of these with string foundations … the rest is really up to you …

The pace and practicality of the practitioner course were perfect in terms of identifying personal traits that I wanted to explore in my model of the world. I found ways to integrate the teachings I learned into a number of facets of both work and personal / social life. I fully recommend this course for personal development and life enhancement in general.

Tor Bruce – CEO Registered Charity

You Might Be asking Which Kind Of People Get The Most From This Training?

  • Being willing to explore, experiment and have fun in learning.
  • To temporarily put aside past concepts and limiting beliefs.
  • Participate fully in the exercises and support a positive learning environment.
  • your attitude … bring it!

I’ve trained with 3 different NLP companies before; this was by far the best experience by a long way.

Martyn Healey – MD Real Radio

About Your Facilitator

Since 2005 Nigel Hetherington has been facilitating NLP and Hypnotherapy training. Nigel, lead facilitator is an approved NLP Trainer via John Grinder ( NLP Co-Creator ), The Professional Guild of NLP and The Society of NLP ( Dr. Christina Hall ). However credentials and certificates are not what this training is about. His style is supportive, humorous and provocative. This is about an experience that can change how your think and lead to a deeper and more meaningful life.

Want to know more about Nigel? Check out over 100 NLP and Hypnosis videos from Nigel on YouTube here.

Nigel presents NLP in a very fun and memorable way. He has a skill in teaching some complex stuff in an easy way – mega engaging! Useful tools acquired which will definitely add to counselling skills as well as personal development.

Marie Strizaker

Loving this training! It is engaging, life changing and what I call cheep ( seriously affordable ) at £595.

Ruth Hindmarsh


A £150 deposit secures you place for this January-June NLP Training. Currently just 10 places currently available.

Dates : Jan 27-29, Feb 24-26, Mar 23-25, Apr 27-29, May 25-27, June 22-24

This Newcastle NLP training is hands on, interactive and fun. You’ll leave with new skills and understandings that will serve you well in all aspects of your life.

There are just ten places currently available … Take Action Now! BOOK YOUR PLACE …

Looking forward to seeing you later this month.

Neuro Linguistic Programming < NLP > A Pathway To Well Being – Nigel Hetherington

It is New year 2012. On January 27th an 18 day NLP Practitioner training begins in Newcastle upon Tyne. There are currently just ten places available. You may already be thinking about taking NLP training. Here are some compelling reasons why you will want to do and Neuro Linguistic Programming training here in Newcastle sooner rather than later.

According to the latest news sources on television and the internet, the prospects for further recession in Europe are more than high. Here in the UK we may be doing a little better. But many people in the UK are facing an uncertain future working in both public and private sector employment. This uncertainty is mostly due to employers and business’s resizing, reshaping and most of all cost cutting to be money saving in what can appear to be a downward spiral.

You may through NLP training be wanting to improve your communicating skills, interpersonal skills, or wanting to gain some tools for greater success in your career. Equally you may be worried about your future and want some powerful personal development training to help you set your direction with purpose.

Worrying and being overly anxious about the future over a prolonged period of time is neither good for our health or our general wellbeing. We all have worries; we worry because we are intelligent people. It is our intelligence that both lets us worry as well as plan, dream and hope for a better future.

Because a good Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP course gives us tools that we can use to better control our emotions, plan our futures and communicate much more effectively a course like this will naturally enhance your well being.

Your well being is one of your most valuable assets. During an NLP training you will meet new and interesting people, some of who will possibly become lifelong friends. You will be in a stimulating learning environment where you will be learning through doing and practice as oppose to gaining some kind of theoretical knowledge.
Research on animals and people shows that those of us who live purposeful lives, who are in enriched and stimulating environments surrounded with other likeminded people naturally develop more brain neurons; Your brain is like a muscle that grows with ‘exercise’. This means our brains and as such our behaviours and thought patterns are capable of growth and change.

Your well being is one of your most valuable assets because your well being affects your capacity to move towards the kind of life you truly want. It is your well being that to a very large extent dictates the amount of energy you can put into pursuing hopes and dreams, which through commitment on your part are all the more likely.

Attending this course can’t guarantee you get your dream job right away and it won’t guaranteed some nonsense like you will never feel negative emotions again. What you will get is a large selection of tools that will help you have much more influence over your emotions while you take a more positive charge over the directions you want in your life.

NLP training has as much to do with changing problem behaviours and thoughts as it has to do with utilising and creating new thoughts and behaviours to get much more of what you want and in ethical ways. Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP Training in Newcastle upon Tyne. Beginning January 27th.