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NLP Master Practitioner Training Newcastle 2012-2013

Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner training in Newcastle upon Tyne over 18 days and with a recognised certification from the Professional Guild of NLP and additionally SNLP. This is a course and learning experience that will transfer and work in so many areas of your life.

NLP Master Practitioner Training begins September 2012 and is 18 days over 6 months.

NLP Master Practitioner Training Newcastle upon Tyne

Recently I have been doing things I would never have dreamt of doing, testing and challenging who I though I was to the person I am now

– Cherry : Young Person Substance Misuse Worker

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This exclusive training in mastering the practice, principles and a lot more life enhancing skills and ways of being begins September 2012 and providing the world continues in 2013 completes in February 2013.

Master Practitioner training is aimed and by way of practice is to shape more fully new and additional dimensions of your NLP Practitioner training. This in essence means mastering practice of the basics, practising master and requiring of you a willingness to both absorb, question and practice while demonstrating your new and additional attitudes and competencies in NLP.

I highly recommend Nigel Hetherington. Each course I have attended has been well structured and the delivery has been priceless

– Christine Brock

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There is a modelling project to complete which will include using strategic modelling or natural modelling to acquire some skill of genuine value to you that you will demonstrate before certification.

Felt the last six months have been fab. I have grown in confidence and knowledge massively in this time. Great course

– Ex GP & mum

NLP Master Practitioner begins September 28th

Limited to ONLY 12 participants

Dates : Friday-Sunday Newcastle upon Tyne

September 28-30, October 26-28, November 23-25, December 14-16, January 18-20, February 22-24

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Cost : £695

Booking : Requires £150 non-refundable deposit

N Step Reframing with Ideo-Motor Signals – 2 DVD Set

One of the most useful and dare I say it powerful change process’s I know is what is called N-Step reframing.

This is a particularly relevant process for working with what has been termed second order change for symptoms like addiction, secondary gain and physical symptoms in client and personal change sessions.

This is kind of like but rather different to the traditional NLP 6-Step reframing technique BUT at every step within the process we are utilising honest unconscious signals or ideo-motor responses to get an honest unconscious response or confirmation at each point in the interaction. The interaction is either with yourself ( as self application ) or with your clients.

This process is for both resolving unwanted or problematic behaviours and equally enhancing good behaviours to make them even better.

The premise here is that all behaviour serves some positive function so the behaviours meta-process function has some positive intention and that intention can be both enhanced behaviourally or swapped for some behaviour that better satisfies the meta-intention and is better for your core requirements.

By creating a context, not a content for new and improved behaviours, which are left to the unconscious to choose ( without any conscious knowledge ) we, as facilitators, open a direct line to the power and knowledge that is literally outside conscious thought. But … backed up with an honest unconscious reply.

N Step Reframaing with Ideo-Motor Signals – 2 DVD set


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