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Neurolinguistic Programming Training : Durham | Darlington | Northeast : 18 days @ £595

Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP training in Newcastle upon Tyne is a course of learning in personal and professional development where you can learn how to enrich your life. NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle is very easily accessible from Durham, Darlington, Sunderland and the Northumberland region. The next 18 day NLP Training begins in January 2013 and is three days per month until June.

Why An NLP Training Is Valuable To You

The human brain has been described as the most complex piece of software on the planet that comes without a user manual. Learning how your brain works and how you can, with practice, re-program your own learned patterns and behaviours gives you a genuine way to a happier, healthier and discover and create a more meaningful life for yourself.

NLP Practitioner Newcastle

NLP Practitioners June 2012

Your brain and nervous system, from an evolutionary perspective, is for your survival and passing on of your genes. From a more personal perspective, your brain, is an organism that is more than capable of making you feel happy, content and open to connecting with others. Sometimes it can literally feel as is your brain is working against you and an internal saboteur is scuppering all your good intentions and plans.

What You Will Learn On An NLP Practitioner Training

Through a series of structured exercises, demonstrations and reflective feedback sessions, you will gain a deep knowledge of the application of NLP that you can apply in your personal and professional life to do these more affectively.

  • Feel more in control of your life
  • Engage and ethically influence your friends and business partners
  • Focus your attention
  • Channel and utilise your emotional responses
  • Have better relationships

 Feeling more in control of your life

We all live in a universe that on the grand scale seems deterministic. Our reality is more like that our life is packed full of surprises and what has been described as chaos or chaotic systems. The more sense we have of feeling in control or at cause in our life’s generally equates to the less problematic stress we experience.

How we respond to our environment, how we respond to major stressors and even how we talk to ourselves sets up either a healthy or unhealthy psychological immune system to the psychological viruses that are prevalent today. Your life will never really be free of major stressors, major life changes or the uncertainty of being human. What you can change, often with massive positive results, is how you respond.

Engaging and ethically influencing others

The simplest way to be engaging and as such engage others with your ideas is two fold: First having a deep appreciation of your own values is essential in being congruent in your own communication. Your values are at the core of your actions and behaviours. If you were asked to write down your ten most important values could you? Values are the kinds of experience and actions we place huge importance on. When you understand your values you know why you do things.

Secondly, being able to communicate authentically and with passion, offers you the platform, to influence with real integrity. You can communicate the deeper purpose and benefits of your ideas and plans so that you can reach others and share your values in ways that can be more wholly grasped, seen and understood by others. Not every one will want to get on board, but you will be more able to reach the people who share your passions.

18 days training : Friday-Sunday once per month :

Booking before January 2013 means
Exceptional value just £595 : 18 days training

Currently 22 8 FULLY BOOKED

Secure your place with a non returnable £150 deposit


Call 0770 481 8467 for January 2013 waiting list

NLP Practitioner in Newcastle is easily accessible from Sunderland | Darlington | Durham and the NorthEast of England. NLP Practitioner Training takes place in Jesmond Dene Conference Centre which is located in the very picturesque Jesmond Dene valley in Newcastle upon Tyne. Next 18 day NLP Training begins January 2014 and completes in June 2014. Please call 0770 481 8467 or email for additional details. Next 9 day NLP Practitioner Training April 2013 Newcastle upon Tyne.

Newcastle Hypnotherapy Training – Generative Trance

NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle and North East is the foundation requirement to Clinical Hypnotherapy training in Newcastle. Newcastle NLP Practitioner gives a sound basis in interpersonal rapport and relationships, respecting and moving in to other peoples world views.

This clip is from Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Training in December 2012. This is a process from Dr Stephen Gilligan, part of a body of work he created known as Generative Trance. Posing the current situation which is problematic, the form of this exercise is : “I want to do X but do Z instead”. One of the ideas here for our work together is to take physical forms of each ‘state’/’part’/’behaviour’ and in trance move between the two.

Your NLP Practitioner will train you how to work more at a level of process when you are involved in applying NLP and when you are applying 1:1 change work interventions. In preparation for later clinical hypnotherapy training here in Newcastle and as an integral part of the NLP Practitioner training, one module concentrates on hypnotic language and hypnosis Newcastle applications.

NLP Practitioner Training 18 days January – June : 18 days @ £595
click here for full details currently just 3 places available – FULLY BOOKED

NLP Practitioner Training 9 days April 2013 @ £595
click here for full details currently 15 places available

Clinical Hypnotherapy ( requires NLP Practitioner training ) 10 days August – December : 10 days @ £595
click here for full details

You trainings with Communicating Excellence and Nigel Hetherington are recognised and validated trainings and easily accessible for NLP Practitioner Durham | NLP Practitioner Darlington | NLP Practitioner Teesside or anywhere within Northumberland. Following on your training Newcastle Hypnosis training begins 2013 in August. One weekend per month until December 2013. Discover more about Newcastle Hypnotherapy.

NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle : January 2013 : 18 days : £595

NLP Practitioner Newcastle upon Tyne | NLP Practitioner North East | NLP Practitioner Darlington

This Newcastle NLP Practitioner training is easily accessible from Darlington, Durham, Teesside and even Scotland. A transformative and life changing experience for you over six months from January 2013 to June 2013 and all for the best NLP Practitioner training value in the UK at only £595.

Newcastle NLP Practitioner Training

This has been a real experience for me! In a good way! I’ve been on a journey with a wonderful group of people, some of whom I will remain friends with for life.” – Nia Haynes

Why might it be the right time for you to learn Neuro Linguistic Programming in Newcastle?

You have probably heard the teaching story about the frog being slowly boiled in a pot of water. The story goes, that if the water is heated slowly enough, the frog will not notice the increasing temperature difference and will sit, boiling, happily, until it dies. Fortunately we evolving human beings are not frogs yet we all can fail to respond to ‘wake up’ messages that can really change our life very often because we have habituated as the proverbial frog in the pot of slowly boiling water.

In 1991 the Soviet Union was affectively dissolved by Mikhail Gorbachev. Before the dissolution, Gorbachev was responsible for a series of inspirational and transformative reforms the Soviet people experienced new and gratefully received freedoms which the people of the Western world had experienced for many decades and to some extent perceived as normal.  In 1986 Perestroika, a series of democratic initiatives paved the way to Glasnost, ushering in a new era of freedom of speech where the world felt safer, more open and a great deal fairer.

Because it is possible to have a more real, enjoyable and full experience of life before death!

Using NLP, you can rapidly start to have much more control and influence over your own brain, emotions and interactions with both yourself and others. NLP is one way among many, that you can access to transform your own attitudes, outlooks and general sense of wellbeing. Of course with integrity not every one will benefit in the same way using NLP. You have to engage fully in this experiential training. NLP is best utilised by adopting an attitude of experimentation and being willing to explore and try on new ideas and experiences.

My learning from the course has provided an invaluable opportunity for personal & professional development which has supported me through some major changes in my life.” – Jeanine Main, HR Consultant

When Gorbachev introduced a whole new range of freedoms for the people of the Soviet Union, not every one adopted the new ways. Many did and their life and freedoms greatly improved. But you may remember that the deposed military leaders, ousted from their power base attempted a coup. The coup was intentioned to take the peoples freedom back and and the old and traditional ways.  The traditionally repressed, downtrodden and reserved Soviet people in 1991 quite unexpectedly took to the streets and with three days of protests ( riots ) has affected enough political leverage that Gorbachev was re-instated and the coup leaders were deposed.

The lesson is that once freedoms have been tasted and experienced it is very very difficult to take them back. An analogy is the taking of the Blue or Red pill in the film The Matrix.

Our world history has taught us again and again that people will take huge actions to safe guard their own emotional and psychological wellbeing when they have tasted freedoms they have never had before. It is different, just like a boiling frog, when the changes ( negative or positive ) are drip fed. Those kind of changes are more pervasive and more difficult to detect.

Just imagine if in 2008, when the financial crisis was highlighted, that the then governments of the world ( assuming they knew, if they didn’t really worry! ) had been much more honest about the actual affects on us all of how a very much  greed and profit driven culture would literally bleed a huge portion of the world.  Now, imagine, if in 2008, we were told how it would actually be at the end of 2012 and moving into 2013.

So why chose to learn NLP?

Most of us have felt the environmental and emotional affects but here is the very useful aspect of NLP you may well be looking for. NLP offers procedures and techniques that through practice, for the vast majority of people who are willing to and wanting to turn your life into something more a a wakening. Learning to have greater influence and control in your own responses, flexible attitudes with greater emotional resilience will almost certainly increase your quality of life.

Get ready for a journey. This course is life changing. You learn so much. Before I joined this course I had worked in learning & development for 6 years and thought I had a full toolkit. How my mind has been opened & my toolkit increased.” – Neil Black, Learning & Development Manager

It is very important almost essential that you will connect with your training facilitator. All facilitators have differing styles and personalities so you can get a sense of your NLP Training facilitator Nigel Hetherington with more than 100 NLP and Hypnosis video’s here on YouTube.

There are currently eight places still available for the 18 day 2013 NLP Practitioner Training. Click here for fuller details of this NLP Practitioner training from January – June 2013

18 days training : Friday-Sunday once per month :

Booking before January 2013 means
Exceptional value just £595 : 18 days training

Currently 22 FULLY BOOKED

Secure your place with a non returnable £150 deposit


Call 0770 481 8467 for January 2013 waiting list


Training is held in the wonderful and naturalistic Jesmond Dene in the heart of Newcastle at the purpose built Jesmond Dene Conference centre. NLP Practitioner training is 18 days over six months from January to June. This training is Friday-Sunday once per month. There will be alternative shorter training throughout the year for those of us who simply can’t make weekends or have to work within the school holidays. Next 9 day NLP Practitioner Training April 2013 Newcastle upon Tyne.

Newcastle Hypnotherapy Training : Begins January 2013

Clinical Hypnotherapy training in Newcastle upon Tyne. Includes a full NLP Practitioner training.

A healing and transformational hypnotic metaphor. Recorded during the Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy training in October 2012.

A complete training in Clinical Hypnotherapy from January to December 2013 including a full NLP Practitioner training for ONLY £1200.

NLP Practitioner Training 18 days January – June : 18 days @ £595
click here for full details currently just 8 places available

Clinical Hypnotherapy ( requires NLP Practitioner training ) 10 days August – December : 10 days @ £595
click here for full details

Newcastle hypnotherapy training from start to finish from Nigel Hetherington