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NLP Practitioner Course

NLP Training is all about improving your communication skills, this aspect of NLP is richly endowed in using language much more affectively. Using language to set and frame expectations, honour values and focus attention is a core NLP Training Skill. An NLP Training with communicating excellence in Newcastle and North East will share the secrets of powerful communication and how to use these skills ethically. Do you like sandwiches?

One aspect of the 18 NLP Course in Newcastle is the understanding and application of Meta Programs. Meta Programs are the behavioural and thought patterns that both enslave and deliver. They are called meta programs because until they are identified and utilised or changed, they are major parts of the unconscious aspects of our personality that dominate who we are and how we respond.

A major player in the psycho-lingustics field ( Lutz ) is quoted as saying “its not what you say it’s what is heard”

Knowing and utilising Meta Programs is a surprisingly simple linguistic set of skills to both learn, understand and use. You have seen a simple demonstration in the context of a sandwich. An a very exceptional sandwich at that!

NLP Practitioner Training in Newcastle over 18 days. NLP Practitioner Training over 9 days in Newcastle: NLP Course @ £595 in Newcastle. Easy commuting NLP Training Darlington | NLP Training Durham | NLP Training Sunderland. Contact Nigel Hetherington on 0770 481 8467. Next NLP Training Newcastle April 2013.

NLP Training Course

NLP Training Course in Newcastle upon Tyne this coming April over 9 days. NLP Practitioner Training is an experiential way to improve communication skills and understand how your thoughts and behaviours work both for you and against you. In nine days throughout April learn the powerful tools and techniques of NLP for you to help yourself positively change your life and relationships.


NLP Training Course


Life crisis are an accepted and very real phenomenon. This is usually brought about by excessive worry, negative thoughts, failed relationships and comparing yourself to other people. When you stop and consider that it is a behaviour of specific kinds of thought patterns that create both problem and resources state, you are probably beginning to realise, you could learn to have different thought patterns.

The waiting opportunities of possibility, to help and assist others as well as yourself can be realised ecologically and holistically using NLP tools and techniques. You will learn how to set well formed goals and much more importantly how you can realise them yourself. NLP Training Course North East details click here.


NLP Training Course

Personal & Professional development where you learn how to :


  • Use language with precision
  • Discover values that motivate
  • Apply hypnotic language
  • Ethically influence others
  • recognise and use non-verbals


The deeper purpose in attending an NLP training course is to have an embodied knowledge, that’s knowing through doing, that we can influence and change states by changing our psychological and physical behaviours. The originators of NLP Dr Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder studies how the very best therapists got the results they got. Grinder and Bandler studied their specific use of language and their observable physical behaviours and called this Neuro Linguistic Programming.


NLP Practitioner Training Course
Jesmond Dene Conference Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne
9 days : April 3-5, 9-12, 27-28

16 12 Places currently available
£150 non-returnable deposit




Traum Resolotion Training – EMI Plus – 2 Day Training Free Download

Trauma Resolution Training for Change Professional with Eye Movement Integration Plus ( EMI Plus )

Helping clients overcome debilitating emotional trauma is a significant part of professional change work and coaching. Newcastle trauma resolution change professional Hypnotherapy Newcastle Nigel Hetherington uses several tools and techniques that originate in NLP and Hypnotherapy to assist clients to move through and let go of emotional trauma.

Completely FREE nearly 6 hours of footage, 7 MP4 files, 1.8 Gb download

Trauma Resolutions training in Newcastle Eye Movement Integration Plus is a two day experiential training that is specifically designed to teach easy to learn and very powerful ways to dissolve emotional trauma.

EMIPlus Trauma Resolution Training Newcastle

The training is designed both for people who are already working as change professionals and people who are developing and nurturing the kinds of skills necessary to help people who have experienced emotional trauma. Firmly based in the Andreas’s NLP Eye Movement Integration with the addition of specific breathing patterns and irrelevant humour this training is an excellent addition to anyone’s toolkit.

Go to the emiplus website and very easily enter your name and email and immediately download nearly 6 hours of footage FREE from the latest EMIPlus training in Newcastle upon Tyne.

EMI Plus Trauma Resolution Training & Skills – ‘Click Here and’ Get It All

NLP Training Course | Hypnotherapy Training Course | Newcastle NLP & Hypnotherapy Training



Presentation Skills Training Course

Presentation skills – some people just seem have them… don’t they?

Maybe you can recall a time when you witnessed a perfectly seamless, completely engaging and ‘fully in control’ public speaker deliver their message to an enthusiastic and interested audience.

At the same time, how much did you wonder at what it is specifically about what they do that means an audience is right there in the palm of their hand? Surely it’s a question of talent… isn’t it? You’ve either got it, or you haven’t…?

The most highly skilled public speakers know that it’s not just about confidence and getting all the right messages in the right order. This practical training will equip you with the knowledge and skills to become an exceptional public speaker.

Use of language, effective use of the space, stage presence, controlling your emotional state and techniques which further engage you with your audience are just a selection of the skills you can expect to develop during this course.

Course facilitators Nigel Hetherington and Ruth Hindmarsh (Creative Momentum) with their combined experience and expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, theatre and hypnosis look forward to delivering this unique and highly practical training which promises to transform all your future presentations!

Specifically you will be learning how to :

  • Enhance your charisma
  • Engage your audience
  • Use language more affectively
  • Feel more at east presenting
  • Enhance your presenting state

What you will not get from this training :

  • Classroom style lecturing
  • Death by powerpoint

What you will gain from attending Excellent Presentations Skills :

  • Be more able to talk from your heart and your head
  • Lots of experience presenting
  • Feedback and real coaching
  • Confident stage presence

Just imagine what kinds of difference it will make in your life when you can present with excellence. By being in the right frame of mind and body presentation and connection with your audience become easy, of course this takes practice; the right kind of practice.

Excellent Presentations Skills over four days will immerse you in the right kind of practice to nurture a very specific skill set.

Feeling safe open and connected allows us to get the right balance of sincerity, seriousness and playfulness into our presentations. We are able to handle awkward questions and offer back honest integral answers.


Presentation Skills Training in Newcastle upon Tyne

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre

When : April 22-25

Price : £399

12 participants only

£100 deposit : BOOK NOW


NLP Training Course : 9 Days – April 2013 : £595

NLP Practitioner Course in Newcastle upon Tyne. A nine day NLP Training course this coming April taking place in Jesmond Dene conference centre.

9 Days NLP Practitioner Training in Newcastle April 2013 for £595
April 3-5, 9-12, 27-28 – Book Immediately

Every reader has and is, right at this moment, in process of personal transformation and development. As we grow up then evolve as people we develop our own personality and outlook or perspectives on a great many subjects, topics and ideas. These are our morals or what we think is right and wrong; our personal truths, our appreciation of beauty, the arts and self, which is known as identity; and our sense of the world outside, science and the physics of the known universe, the objects.

My learning from the course has provided an invaluable opportunity for personal & professional development which has supported me through some major changes in my life.” – Jeanine Main, HR Consultant

Experienced based training means you will engage in practical exercises so you learn about NLP by doing NLP. By doing NLP you are learning how to apply NLP tools and techniques.

Even knowing what we know, many people are looking for something more. Something more is the broadest of terms. We could be seeking to know why we think the way we think, we could be curious about our psyche and our beliefs or be asking how come we behave in a certain way; this is to name but a few of the broadest more abstract terms.

On more concrete terms you are highly likely to find massive value in improving of verbal and non-verbal communication skills, getting on better with yourself and others, being more in control of your moods and emotions and perhaps most beneficial being more able to change problem behaviours and enhance your better ones.

Get ready for a journey. This course is life changing. You learn so much. Before I joined this course I had worked in learning & development for 6 years and thought I had a full toolkit. How my mind has been opened & my toolkit increased.” – Neil Black, Learning & Development Manager

Discover more about NLP Training Course for NLP Practitioner certification in Newcastle this coming April in 2013

North East and Newcastle NLP Practitioner Training. Nine days spread out through April 2013 so you can integrate and practice your new and developing attitudes and skills. Newcastle NLP Practitioner training in three blocks during April school holidays. Call Nigel on 0770 481 8467 and see how NLP Training can benefit you.


Hypnotherpy Training North East England

Hypnotherapy training in the North East in Newcastle upon Tyne with Nigel Hetherington. Clinical hypnotherapy training begins each year in August and is ten days in duration. The entry requirement for hypnotherapy training is an NLP Practitioner certification or equivalent.

Many people who join Communicating Excellence hypnotherapy training are already in the business of professional change. This will range from body work professionals to people who as part of their job are assisting people make real change in their life. This includes counsellors, psychotherapists, police officers, dentists, social workers, human resource managers and practising hypnotherapists who want complementary techniques to add to their skill sets.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Newcastle 2012

Clinical Hypnotherapy Graduates December 2012

To be fully certified as a clinical hypnotherapist you will complete the following in addition to continuous assessment during course time.

  • Five case studies, written up with follow up
  • Written nested loop metaphor on a chosen specialisation
  • Written exam in module five
  • Form directed study groups with your fellow participants

Clinical hypnotherapy training is over five months beginning August and completing in December. Each module is two days per month, Saturday-Sunday and will build on the principles of NLP Practitioner training. The pricing is transparent at £645. Again, entry level requirement is an NLP Practitioner training.

NLP Practitioner training with Communicating Excellence has several formats to suit you and your life style. They all have the same price and differ in the time commitment and number of days training. All courses have time in between the training days so you can more fully integrate and ground the skills you will be developing.

NLP training in Newcastle with totally transparent cost and dates

18 Day NLP Practitioner Training : January-June 2013 : Friday-Sunday once per month : @ £595

Jan 25-27, Feb 15-17, Mar 15-17, Apr 19-21, May 17-19, June 21-23

It is really important that you get a feel of who you will be training with. It makes sense you should because all trainers and facilitators have their own unique style during training.

You can do this by checking out Nigel Hetherington on YouTube NLP and Hypnotherapy ( 115 Plus DVD uploaded ) this way you can choose who will be best for you in transferring knowledge and experience.

Hypnotherapy Training Course Newcastle upon Tyne cost and dates

10 day Clinical Hypnotherapy Training : August-December : Saturday-Sunday once per month : @ £645

August 24-25, September 28-29, October 26-27, November 23-24, December 14-15

Hypnotherapy training course with Nigel Hetherington in Newcastle upon Tyne. An experiential and in depth training hypnosis where you will learn psychological change techniques, powerful forms of hypnotherapeutic communication and develop you own style of application inside robust processes. Clinical Hypnotherapy training course begins in August 2013.