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NLP Training

Skills To Live Easier and Freer – NLP Training Course

Imagine being really comfortable with who you are? What would it be like if your everyday worries, anxieties and fears seemed to lose their ability to terrorise you?

My learning from the course has provided an invaluable opportunity for personal & professional development which has supported me through some major changes in my life.” – Jeanine Main, HR Consultant

NLP Practitioner Newcastle

Today in the UK, drip fed news since 2007 of how bad the global economic fall really is, with prospects of recovery regularly stepped down from previous predictions. Bills rising and the overall prospects of many peoples immediate future not looking so good. Heck, there is even stories circulating the internet of a complete societal collapse. That reality is very scary.

I don’t think any of the extreme ‘bad news’ stories will come to pass but if they did we would all have to get on with it, perhaps after any infighting we would be able to shape a much better people orientated world. And back to the now.

We really can’t change what has happened or have much direct influence on global events and we can have powerful, real and genuine influence on our emotional, psychological and behavioural responses. When you know how to change – you can!

NLP Training Newcastle and Tyneside

Neurolinguistic programming is a fascinating and definitively powerful way to make real and lasting psychological changes. Nigel has been delivering NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy trainings full time since 2005 and has trained with the leaders in the field. The NLP methodology offers well established ways to understand your own thoughts, behaviours and motivations.

You can then ‘the programming part’ go on to learn to use your motivations, thought patterns and behaviours to positively affect your ability to live more of the life you want. The tools and techniques are essential skills for therapists and should you choose to go on to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for a solid foundational skills set.

Life changing, life giving. An amazing journey begun. Many many thanks.” – David Mills, father & film producer

  • You are going to supercharge your personal development.
  • You are going to personally evolve becoming more congruent.
  • You can trust Nigel to create a life changing journey with you.

This has been a real experience for me! In a good way! I’ve been on a journey with a wonderful group of people, some of whom I will remain friends with for life.” – Nia Haynes

In addition to excellent NLP training you will also learn and experience a whole lot more than NLP. Nigel is a very unique trainer who stimulates learnings with playfulnesses, fun and sincerity. His trainings include parallels in hypnotherapy, spirituality, neurology and real client change work.

Your Personal Development And Peace Of Mind

You are the most important investment you will ever make. This means by beginning with you, you are able to reach and help the people you want to. A Buddhist principle is when you participate in life you are holding the idea that whatever you do is for the benefit of all other beings. The first person that benefits from this intention is you.

By coming from a solid foundation that you know works from your own experience and explorations, it is Nigel’s invitation that you share your NLP skills and teach others how to make positive and connecting changes in their life too.

On This NLP Training – You Are Expected To

  • Fully Participate In All The Exercises
  • Support All Of Your Group
  • Ask Questions
  • Have Fun In Learning

This coming NLP Training in April is nine days over three modules. There are only 6 places available as 6 have already been booked. Booking closes on 20th March.

Four Things You Can Do To Find Out More About NLP

  1. If you want some hints and tips on NLP you can join Nigel’s newsletter by using the sign up form at the top right of this web site. You will receive a weekly newsletter.
  2. If you are in the Newcastle area you could also consider coming to Newcastle NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice group. This is on the first Wednesday of each month from 7-9pm.
  3. You can watch Nigel demonstrating over 115 NLP and Hypnotherapy process on his YouTube Channel. This way you can see your trainer before you decide to book. Nigel’s style will not suite everyone.
  4. You can call Nigel on 0770 481 8467 to discuss what your requirements for an NLP training are and be sure you are going to get what you want!

What Else Am I Going To Get From NLP Training?

  • You can be sure you will make great new friends.
  • You are going to be more psychologically healthy.
  • You will feel happier and more in control of your life.

NLP Practitioner Training is a powerful and life changing. Many of the previous graduates advise their friends and colleagues to join up for an NLP Training because it has been massively beneficial at work and in personal life.

Get ready for a journey. This course is life changing. You learn so much. Before I joined this course I had worked in learning & development for 6 years and thought I had a full toolkit. How my mind has been opened & my toolkit increased.” – Neil Black, Learning & Development Manager

If you want to take the opportunity to Learn NLP this coming April There are 6 places available. Booking closes 20th March. Secure your place with a £150 non-refundable deposit.

No Risk Guarantee: If after the first two days of the training you find NLP is not for you then you can have your money back no questions asked.

NLP Practitioner Training – £595

Dates : April 3-5 : Wednesday-Friday,

April 9-12 : Tuesday-Wednesday,

April 27-28 : Saturday-Sunday

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne.


Presentation Skills Training Course Newcastle

There has never been a better time to have excellent presentation skills and some people just seem to have excellent ones, don’t they?

We all are currently living an a culture and society where it is easy to share our ideas, products and services BUT how do you go about differentiating who you are and what you offer from a massive crowd of sameness and noise?

How do you express yourself congruently and with that certain something that makes you noticeable and attracts the kind of attention you want. When you can present in ways that are engaging, fun and different to the mediocrity that we all too often see and hear its then that people will really get your message.

Presentation Skills Training Newcastle

Presentation Skills Training : April 22-25 : £399

Being and feeling comfortable and highly interactive is not a skill most are born with and at the same time this skill set is highly learnable. It is not a gift from the gods, it is a skill set where drills, knowledge and training over four days can turn you into an exceptional public speaker.

This coming April over four consecutive days Nigel Hetherington and Ruth Hindmarsh are sharing the most powerful and engaging ways any presenter, can communicate and broadcast their ideas, your ideas in a way that will attract potential clients, help you make sales and make a very credible,as to why, people will want your services.

Nigel and Ruth have combined expertise in neuro linguistic programming, theatre, directing, performing arts and hypnosis that will be used in this training to transform all your future presentations .

We are offering a highly participatory and massively experiential training format that can take you, your ideas and your vision forwards to a new level.

Presentation Skills – Learning to :

  • Amplify your charisma
  • Connect with your audience
  • Use language to engage
  • Manage your state
  • Present gracefully

Not available on this training

  • PowerPoint
  • Classroom style learning
  • Theoretical drivel

By attending Presentation Skills you will gain :

  • The ability to present from heart and head
  • Excessive presenting practice
  • Coaching and feedback
  • Confident presenting presence

Looking towards your future and starting to have a felt sense of how having access to a real balance of technique, inner strength, playfulness and spontaneity will be seriously advantageous in all areas of you life; and not just when you are presenting with excellence.

Four safe and supported days of Presentation Skills training where you can really learn from two highly experienced presenters the secrets and skills to present with excellence.

Presentation Skills Training in Newcastle upon Tyne

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre

When : April 22-25

Price : £399

12 10 participants only

£100 deposit : BOOK NOW



NLP Training Northeast

NLP Practitioner training course in the Northeast of England in Newcastle upon Tyne. It’s £595 and over 9 days, in modules in April.

NLP Practitioner training of nine days duration in Newcastle this coming April in 2013. This training is a complete NLP Practitioner training covering all of the elements of affective modern NLP techniques to enhance your communication skills, learn precise structural patterns that offer real ways to run your own brain so you feel the way you want to feel more of the time and help you master more affectively the ‘negative’ emotions that imprison and cripple our opportunities and options.

NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle

Exceptional value NLP training at £595 for a complete NLP practitioner learning experience; That will NEVER include Groupon deals, special discounts or other, desperate, attempts to entice you to devalue your own personal development. It has been this way since 2005 because these trainings and associated real world benefits really do sell themselves. Do search around and discover this for yourself!

If you are interested in the lineage of Nigel Hetherington in terms of NLP tutors ( sometimes one or two people are ) they are the two co-creators of the field and with extensive training and assisting John Grinder and Carmen St.Claire. Nigel has trained extensively with Christina Hall ( one of first real prodegee’s of Bandler ) and a host of other developers and pioneers in NLP.

If like Nigel you think this should NOT impress,you are dead right! Many people have done similar trainings. What you are invited to do is get a felt sense of how Nigel facilitates NLP and consciousness evolution during trainings. Each NLP trainer has their own personal way of stimulating learnings in an environment of fun, participation and discovery.

You can see and hear Nigel in action in over 115 YouTube videos demonstrating NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy. You can watch Nigel’s Communicatingexce YouTube channel CLICK here.

You might also want to talk to any potential NLP Training provider before signing up for an NLP training course. Call Nigel on 0770 481 8467 to discover more.

NLP Practitioner Training April 2013 @ 595 [ currently 9 places available ]

Nine days of experiential training where you learn through personal experience how to positively alter you consciousness and manifest ( through doing ) more of what you want to experience and achieve. You can also anticipate meeting a host of people who are wanting to become and evolve in many of the ways you want to too in a stimulating and fun learning environment.

Dates : April 3-5 : Wednesday-Friday, April 9-12 : Tuesday-Wednesday, April 27-28 : Saturday-Sunday

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Book NOW with a non-refundable £150 deposit.


Very easy travel for NLP Practitioner Teesside, Sunderland, Durham, Scotland, Carlisle and the NorthEast of England. This training is also the entry requirement for Clinical Hypnotherapy Training in Newcastle, beginning in August 2013. Much more NLP Practitioner Training details can be read by clicking here.


EMI+Plus Trauma Resolution Training For Therapists

Emotional and psychological trauma are often crucially interlinked. Decoupling the negative emotions and memories from traumatic incident are pretty much necessary pre-requisites to a full recovery. A recovery from the tyranny of debilitating events that can continue to plague the recovery and return to being a well functioning human being.

The technique and methods are really very simple to learn and apply and as such are recommended as being part of any professional change workers skill set.

This is the first completely free DVD set of the EMIPlus Trauma Resolution training for professional change workers. Recorded in Newcastle in 2012 here is a complete training available for immediate access. The free recordings cover two days in EMIPlus.

To access the additional six video downloads go to the emiplus website enter your email address and name. You will receive a confirmation email, say yes, and access the complete training for free. EMIPlus is used with the consent of the EMI creators Connirae and Steve Andreas.

Get it all for free here –

NLP Training Northeast and Tyne & Wear

NLP training in Newcastle upon Tyne offers a variety of NLP trainings. They are all the same price £595 and differ in duration so that you can choose the NLP Practitioner training that will suit you best.

NLP Practitioner training is a way for you to acquire, through practice, a set of skills that will enhance who you are, how you think and how you behave. The trainings are designed to have you embody all of the core NLP skills like rapport, communication and personal psychological evolution and change.

NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle & Northeast

Participants can anticipate:

  • Becoming excellent communicators
  • Increasing sense of wellbeing
  • Honest personal and professional development
  • Making great new friendships
  • Fun and engaging learnings

The essence being becoming much more flexible and adaptable in your thinking and behaviour. By learning how our brains and body work we are much more able to become conscious choice makers or programmers of who we want to be.

Participants will receive:

  • Solid experiential training in NLP
  • A firm foundation in hypnosis applications
  • Tools and techniques to positively change your life

What NLP Training is NOT:

  • Dull theoretical lectures
  • Boring cold powerpoint presentations

NLP Training Newcastle and Northeast

Each year beginning in January there is an 18 day NLP Practitioner training. This runs from January to June and is comprises of one module each month. Each module is Friday-Sunday.

Beginning and completing in April and August there are NLP Practitioner training which are 9 days duration. These courses are for people who’s weekends are precious, those who have teaching jobs and people who want it all in one month. These NLP training are by nature more intensive and are comprised of three or four modules spaced out over one month.

The difference between the longer and shorter courses is the longer NLP training offers more practice time and because of this there is the additional benefit of exploring NLP in more depth.

NLP training courses in Newcastle and the Northeast are easily accessible for NLP Training in Durham, Sunderland, Darlington, Teesside and Scotland. Call Nigel on 0770 481 8467 to find out more or email