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Anxiety for Therapists Workshop : July 9-10

Stress and anxiety in one form or another account for up to 70% of the reasons clients come to see us. So it seems clients are contacting us in their quest for a healthier, stress free, happier life.

Perhaps much of the time you are able to connect and offer tools and therapeutic work that can help you clients achieve this. We are also ‘guessing’ sometimes you can’t.

Anxiety Workshop

In these instances have you ever honestly felt as though there is no getting through to a client who is so caught up in their problems nothing seems to release them from being stuck on the proverbial ‘hamster wheel’ they go round and round in?

As a therapist perhaps you yourself have struggled with a busy mind, overthinking, or second guessing yourself? As humans we can all easily fall into the trap without realising we are causing much of our own anxiety and stresses .

Perhaps something we would all benefit from is a bit more patience, to not to get unnecessarily irritable or overwhelmed at certain times and cultivate the ability to neither live in the past or future but live in the now.

“I myself was at a funeral last week, while there I watched people and felt myself, go through a wide range of emotions, from devastation, to frustration, anger sadness, fondness to laughter as memories were recalled and tales were told.

Such a vast amount of changing emotions in each and every person, yet nothing had changed – no matter how much we wished it had, so what happened ? How is it possible to change our feelings moment to moment ?” – julie

Understanding how we function as human beings is core to this training – by giving you the therapists real time felt experiences – through simple processes, stories and metaphor – in hand with a deeper understanding about our influenced and influencing part in them, will give and offer you a much greater advantage to helping your clients ( and you ) overcome stress, worry, anxiety and panic.

Who Is This Training For?

This two day training offered by Nigel Hetherington and Julie Brown will be interactive, thought provoking and real.

It is open to anyone who works with clients and through some simple techniques and understanding of how we as people work could quite possibly transform the way you work with clients as well as in your own experience of life with yourself, friends, family and colleagues.

Be prepared to come with an open mind allowing everything you have previously been taught to one side, for now and allow yourself to engage from anew.

Date, Venue and Booking

July 9-10 : 9.30am until 17.30pm : £95

Jesmond Dene Conference Center
Jesmond Dene
Newcastle upon Tyne

NLP Practitioner Newcastle August 2016

I didn’t know a single thing about NLP when I attended a weekend introductory course. I was there by pure accident or simple fate. What happened from there changed my life in incredible ways.

Attending the NLP Practitioner was one of the single most useful and life changing things I have done. The tools and techniques helped me change how I thought and communicated. I had totally new ways to relate to others and be much more able to take someone else’s perspectives and understand better.

One aspect of the training is in discovering in a very real sense, what we already know, yet aren’t necessarily consciously aware of. These little discoveries often bring those light bulb moments of deep realisation. One such aspect for me is NLP’s Meta Model.

During that initial training, most of the participants seemed to be very confused about the Meta Model. I think they were stuck on the labels and desperately trying to understand something prematurely. A common experience in so much adult learning. My truth is the Meta Model is incredible easy to learn to use well.

There is absolutely no need to know the labels or terminology. What I learned was how to use the Meta Model to much better understand what people are saying as well as how problems can be both created and resolved. Understanding how to make sense of language is an incredible valuable life skill for me, which is used personally and professionally.

I gained important new and different perspectives about how I think and process information. I also was encouraged to consider what I truly wanted in life.

These teaching and deep learnings lead me to study hypnotherapy, which ultimately lead to a career change to do something meaningful and enjoyable for myself. But that is another story.

This coming August over nine days I am facilitating an NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle. This is a training that will offer you valuable tools and insights that could make your life and your interactions even more interesting.

There are currently eight places still available. The training is fantastic value at £595. For details of the NLP Practitioner and booking please click on this LINK.