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Parts Sublimation in Hypnosis : Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle

This is a demonstration of a really exceptional process I learned on a training I did with Stephen Gilligan many years ago. What I am doing is a slightly reduced version and stays true to the idea of parts sublimation in hypnosis. One of the five change processes that are demonstrated with Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle.

For me there is a subtle difference between parts integration and parts sublimation. I will explain this in a while. The purpose of this process is, like many in the world of change working is to resolve conflict. Specifically internal conflicts on both the behavioural and psychological level.

Here is the recording of the process from the 2017 Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle upon Tyne.

First, for your client, identify something you want to do but instead do something else. This could be thinking, behaviour emotion; This is one definition of unaligned thought and behaviour. Like Hegel’s thesis and anti-thesis. Also a good definition of automatic, unconscious behaviour which is causing some conscious consternation.

Part One : Parts Sublimation : Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle

For this change process this is the idea for change. A pretty typical description of what is happening. Here are some common examples so you get the flavor of this.

  • I want to lose weight, but instead I end up eating a packet of crisps.
  • I want to study, but instead I go out partying.
  • I want to do X but instead I do Y

I want to do X but instead I do Y. This will seem familiar if you are human. Quite often the more conscious disdain for a behaviour or a way of being is often overshadowed by an automatic or unconscious way of being.

Part Two : Parts Sublimation : Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle

Elicit at least three stories that have personal significance and meaning. Take your time with this and make sure you have both a verbal and kinesthetic / affective / emotional representation of this from your client. In this process all of a person, place and thing will be useful.

It’s important to really absorb this yourself as a facilitator. Notice the time that is used wisely in eliciting these three stories and also note the way I am recording this in my own neurology. Way beyond paraphrasing or reflective counseling.

I am re-telling the stories as if they are my experiences as much as possible and checking that I have got this good enough to connect at a level that resonates.

Part Three : Parts Sublimation : Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle

A somatic representation of X and Y. Two distinct physical representation of each state. Where your client can SLOWLY move between while you utilise those three stories as part of a trance exploration.

At this Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle, I work with Ruth, ensuring that both states, what is wanted and what is not wanted is both appreciated and valued for what it is. The hypnotherapy is utilising both the information and meaning from her stories of personal meaning.

The moving slowly is a conscious involvement in the ongoing change process, avoiding the kind of sleeping trance as much as possible. And notice that there is no bias from me, as the facilitator, from speaking about ‘positives’ and ‘negatives’ with respect to a particular somatic/physical position.

The outcome, as the facilitator is a sublimation of both aspects. To transcend and include both parts. In such an evolution in creating a perspective the holds both parts and sees beyond both. Valuing each perspective and behaviour.

For Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Newcastle get in touch to see how you can either enhance your practice or learn Clinical Hypnotherapy from scratch.


Humour Worx : Provocative Change : Workshop : Newcastle 28-30 July

Humour Worx and it all begins in the ‘Bubble of Possibility‘. Provocative Change is all about the structured and unstructured ( spontaneity ) use of irrelevance. Irrelevance has a structure so this should at least be confusing. Here we go!

Get an amazing solution oriented set of key skills to add to your tool box with Humour Worx Provocative Change.

The ‘Bubble Of Possibility’ is a metaphor, and from the outset, The Bubble creates a safe and genuinely challenging space to be prodded, poked and encouraged to explore a problem, a limitation or a thought. This is the safe space where provocative change happens. The Bubble is necessary to set the stage of what can happen. Anything, everything and all that is in between.

Phil has been coming to Newcastle to teach his Humour Worx since 2010. Phil’s work is constantly evolving and is based in solid structures that have a way of creating neuro-plastic change in the brain that is soaked in humour.

As a participant you will be learning patterns and drills ( which are easy to learn ) which culminate in a set of skills, suitably framed, that are a perfect addition to your current skills set.

Provocative Change Patterns

This is Phil’s latest work which is comprising of updated structure of Humour Worx being 20 patterns and an additional day of the advanced stuff which is rarely taught, as they say, the cutting edge. Here are some of the patterns.

  • Voice Technology
  • Don’t worry about that
  • Where there is blame there is a claim
  • Problem justification shuffle
  • Research shows

Over three days you will be internalising some 20 linguistic patterns of Provocative Change in Humour Worx BUT as seasoned practitioners know the linguistic patterns are just a part of the congruent attitude that both verbal and non-verbal excellent change workers demonstrate.

You will be developing your own personal style of expression of the Provocative Change Humour Worx system which on day three will grow into the reality you can create and project.

The three days are centered around genuine Bubble Session where you will experience Phil working 1:1 in 20 minute sessions. Did you know it takes around 20 minutes to create, that is grow and solidify new neural connections?

This is an excellent opportunity to work with and model ( in my opinion ) the best Provocative Change exponent. The workshop is also excellent value.

Venue & Booking

Jesmond Dene Conference Center
Millfield House
Jesmond Dene
Red Walk
Newcastle upon Tyne

Book Your Place

July 28-30 Sat-Mon

A deposit of £50 secures your place.
Total training fee is £150 for 3 days.

18 places only.

Balance remainder is due two weeks before July 28 2018.
Your deposit is not refundable



NLP Hypnotherapy Practice Newcastle : March 31 April 1

Ostara or Easter is a traditional Pagan and Christian festival celebrating renewing as in Spring and resurrection metaphorically and for some quite literally. Meaning and Beliefs are a huge part of the maps we use to navigate life. NLP Hypnotherapy Practice weekend this Easter will explore what can happen when meanings and beliefs change.

NLP Hypnotherapy Practice Newcastle

It is common practice in change work to explore meanings as a way to improve and change a situation, perception or event. Humans are meaning making organisms and sometimes the meanings we make can be debilitating or can be empowering and freeing.

Equally we all have or apply beliefs to many aspects of life. These can be scientific beliefs that we use when boiling a kettle or the more common general associations we have learned which seem to accurately predict the future.

Like Easter and its cultural significance one persons ‘belief’ may be another persons mythology. The comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell defined 4 functions of a successful and living mythology. We can extend these to our individual beliefs and their associated meanings.

4 Functions of Myth – Joseph Campbell

Pedagogical Function. The application of beliefs ( Myth ) that will assist the believer with and through the various problem stages of life.

Cosmological Function. The beliefs that put the believer in accord with the science of the day.

Sociological Function. How the belief works well to maintain and support the society and culture we live with.

Mystical Function. The aspects of belief that put the practitioner in touch with the divine source of all creation.

Exploring our own enabling and empowering beliefs and their opposites with their associated meanings can help us in recognizing our habits and how to change and improve them.

The weekend will also include practicing core ‘beliefs’ or ‘act as if’ ideas that tend to make NLP & Hypnotherapy work even better. Lots of practice, lots of fun in learning and developing.

This is excellent value at Only £30 for a full weekends CPD, Practice and Development in NLP and Hypnotherapy.

NLP Hypnotherapy Practice Newcastle

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre

Date : March 31 – April 1

Only £30 for the entire weekend

18 Places maximum