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April Newcastle Hypnotherapy and NLP Practice Day : Sunday 14th

This April the Newcastle NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Sunday is going to be exploring and utilsing deeper aspects of linguistic patters in hypnosis, aspects of self care, proactive and reactive for health and healing and including NLP Meta Programs for shifting old ways of thinking and behaving that no longer are good for you.

NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle

Some from Erickson’s Ideo-X methods of conversationally eliciting beneficial experience along side with what I have called Prousting, which is using relative clause and time to assist those who want to lay down the structures for accessing new potentials in behaviours.

One very important factor in staying well in health and mind is knowing when problem symptomology occurs in your body it may be a clue you are either doing too much or not actually engaging in ‘the power of negative thinking’. This is exploring some ideas from the excellent ‘When the Body says No’ by Gabor Mate. In essence, learning to say no to others requests or the feeling you have to do something for others in order to feel better.

The third exploration is NLP Meta Programs. Those fictional categories of non-conscious behavioural and motivational predictors that can be extremely useful to detect in yourself and in others to potentially communicate at deeper levels for positive evolution. It’s also useful to be able to recognise when such ‘characteristics of communication’ are being used to influence you!

Additional topics for exploration can be decided on the day. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Sunday 14th April
9.30am to 5pm
Jesmond Dene Conference Centre
Only £20 for a full day of NLP Practice and Play