3 day NLP introduction course

Introduction to NLP

NLP is an amazing technology, you could have heard all sorts of claims for it. That it’s a way of developing advanced communicating skills, influencing people,achieving your goals, managing individuals and groups, avoiding the things that you don’t want and getting much more of what you do and so on. But you are not yet ready to invest in a full North East and Newcastle based NLP Practitioner training to verify these claims for yourself but you are clearly are curious about NLP.

Unfortunately you can’t learn NLP from a book! NLP is a very practical set of tools and techniques, reading about it is not the same as doing it, you will find out about NLP by doing NLP.

An excellent way to find out about NLP for yourself is to attend a complete three day Introduction to NLP. During this workshop you will be able to try on NLP for size, get an inside perspective on it and be able to talk it over with experienced nlp trainers and master practitioners.

Because NLP is a practical set of skills and attitudes most of the three days will be spent in supervised practice sessions so you’ll be learning NLP by doing it. Get the experience and skills of what NLP can do for you and how you can start applying NLP by attending this course.

This course will be held over three days at
St Oswald’s Teaching Centre, Gosforth
Saturday May 24th, Saturday and Sunday June 14th-15th

Three days comprehensive training for just £95.00

To book a place on this course
email nigel@communicatingexcellence.com or

telephone 0191478 2726 or 0770 481 8467

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