Applying NLP – an Introduction

Communicating Excellence with IntegrityNLP are running two workshops where you can quickly learn how to apply NLP to benefit you in both your work and social life.

Each workshop is an extremely affordable price so you can benefit in many ways but especially getting skills you can put into immediate effect.

Both NLP workshops are in Newcastle at St.Oswald hospice.

Date: 10am – 4pm on Thursday August 9th 2007
Date: 10am – 4pm on Saturday August 11th 2007

This workshop is for you if … you want to find out what NLP is really about, how you can use it and try it out in a real training rather than reading about it in a book or watching edited highlights of someone else using it on TV. You want to know whether it will be worth your time and money to take a full NLP Practitioner training and you don’t want to break the bank finding out.

What You’ll Get From These One-Day Workshops

  • A real experience of NLP at work. You can find out about NLP by reading a
  • book, but that’s not the same as experiencing it in person any more than a recipe book is the same as a delicious meal. You’ll find out much more about NLP in this workshop than you will reading a book.
  • You will gain some useful skills. Even though this is only a single day workshop you really will pick up some immediately useable skills. It’s not a sales talk or even better not a talk of any kind, it is experiential learning through exercises.
  • You will be putting NLP into practice. You will have a chance to try things out and get a feel for it. Practice new skills and get a sense of what it’s like to use NLP in real life not just in theory.
  • A deeper understanding of what NLP is about and how it might be useful in your work and home life. It’s not easy to decide how NLP applies to your life just by reading. You can’t ask a book ‘What about this…?’. Here’s a way to find out about NLP for yourself.

Click here for a printable pdf with full informaiton

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