Brain Spa – Humour in Change work with Phil Jeremiah : July 28-29

We need humour to help keep us sane in such a crazy world! It can be all to easy to get stuck into negative toughs and behaviours. Humour and laughter can be a tonic to heal hearts and mend woes.

Phil Jeremiah, a pioneer in the serious use of humour in change work is coming to Newcastle July 28th – 29th for a weekend sharing his latest advances in Humour Worx. This is also including aspects of Brain Spa training too.

The best way to get a feel for wonderful addition is to watch Phil in action.  This is a 20 minute ‘bubble session’ with a wonderful participant named Paula.

You will be slapped metaphorically with all kinds of delights and you will be tickled like never before! Be afraid, be very afraid but not so afraid to come on this course of wonderment.

Participants, through group demonstrations and exercises will become familiar with the Humour Worx patterns which you can use with your clients and friends. Over the two days through practice you will embody the essence of using humour with safely and conviction.

Hope you will come and join myself and Phil in a neuron nursery of very positive and laughter filled change.

Venue & Booking

Jesmond Dene Conference Center
Millfield House
Jesmond Dene
Red Walk
Newcastle upon Tyne

Book Your Place

July 28-29 Sat-Sun

A deposit of £50 secures your place.
Total training fee is £100 for 2 days.

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