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Humour In Therapy & Changework – Nigel Hetherington

NLP Training in Newcastle has a particularly complementary  asset. It is called Humour In Therapy and Coaching.

As a change worker or NLP Practitioner working here in the North East or elsewhere you will certainly have had clients where you scratched your head and wondered what you could do differently so you could be of more assistance quicker. As a change professional, Newcastle NLP practitioner Newcastle hypnotherapy counsellor or coach you will have what is often called a toolbox.

Your toolbox will likely be a set of techniques or processes you have acquired from a wide variety of professional fields like Newcastle nlp, counselling, solution orientated change work or hypnotherapy In Newcastle this April there is the opportunity to add another tool to update and expand your box.

Humour In Therapy and Coaching could be considered just another very neat addition to your professional change work took kit. You may just find that Humour In Therapy and Coaching becomes one of your crown jewels in your change work array of structured processes you can use to help unstick stuck clients.

Phil will facilitate a co-created experience and over two days give you a firm and well established foundation of the the structure of his work with two days of experiential training.

Phill Jeremiah’s works using humour in change work and therapy is  client centred  often irrelevant and a seriously humorous way of working. This approach helps even the most stuck clients make positive and beneficial change. A ‘Bubble’ session has the gentle power to help shift clients from problem states to resource states and create lasting and powerful change. In the ‘Bubble of Possibility’ anything and everything is possible … from 20 years plus experience in using his humour based approach he is a jewel among change professionals.

Phil has been providing training in the UK and Europe for over 20 years to a wide range of professionals and organisations and has worked in the field of personal development for even longer. He was a qualified Senior Mental Health Social Worker, approved under the Mental Health Act 1983. Phil has extensive training and a wealth of  experience in the fields of adult psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling, hypnosis, brief therapy, NLP, EFT, EMDR, Life coaching and clinical risk assessment in mental health. Newcastle NLP Training Newcastle hypnotherapy training compatible.

April 21-22 : Newcastle upon Tyne : £199

NLP Newcastle Training : Workshops and Personal Development

It is almost February and straight and to the point I have
Some training courses from me and some from my associates
That I am inviting you to consider as part of your personal
And Professional ongoing development and evolution.
There are a great deal of excellent courses, practice groups
And workshops here in the North East and London.

NLP Practitioner Training – March – April 2012 :12 Days – £595
This course designed for those of us who really can’t make the time
Commitment to eighteen days training over six months. This is specifically
For those of us who want the different option.
Days: Tuesday-Wednesday
Dates: March 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28, April 17-18, 24-25
Venue: Newcastle upon Tyne.

The SoulSpace Place – Monthly Practice Group
This is the creation of One of my best friends and one of
My Coaches Paula McCormac and myself. A practice group
Exploring spirituality and creating space to connect with
Your soul.
We are meeting every third Tuesday of the month.
From 6.30-8.30. £10

Past Life Regression Hypnosis – March 17-18 : £70
A two day experience of PLR with myself and my good
Friend Gordon Smith. This is both to experience PLR yourself
AND by able to facilitate the experience for others.
Exceptionally popular topic that is facilitated in a very
Safe space where you will both experience and learn how
To do PLR yourself.
Venue: Jesmond Dene Conference Center.

Oriental Massage with Chi-Kung Day – March 3rd : £40
This is facilitated a little by me ( language ) and mostly by
My very good friend Tony McDonald. This is a hands on day
Where you will both practice and get massaged ALL
Leave with skills you can immediately apply and feeling
Very very relaxed. This massage day is like chicken soup
For the soul.
Venue : Newcastle, Heaton.

Humour In Therapy & Coaching : April 21-22 – £199
My good friend and colleague Phil Jeremiah is back in Newcastle
To facilitate his most excellent 2 day workshop in the strategic use
Of Humour In Therapy and Coaching. This is NOT for everyone.
All participants receive a complete DVD of this workshop worth £99.
Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Newcastle.

Advanced Therapist Training – Feb – June : 10 Days – £595
This extremely practical and experiential training requires you already have an
NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy certificate or you are already working as a Change Professional. and will build on your skills.
Currently just 2 places available.
Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Newcastle.

Courses, Workshops & Training of Interest – Associates

NLP Practitioner Training London Canary Wharf 4th-10Feb : £600
Training in the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Canary
Wharf. With Paul Cosens, Arthur Partridge and me,
Nigel Hetherington. Exceptional value!

Solution Focused Practice – John Wheeler
5 days training @ £500. From April – December
NCFE approved training.

UNIT1: The historical origins of Solution Focused Practice

UNIT2: The assumptions within Solution Focused Practice

UNIT3: Working with what works

UNIT4: Focusing on the future

UNIT5: Using Solution Focused Tools to promote self-efficacy

Change Camp – Andy Hunt : March 24th : £10
A one day, many presenter workshop where some
Of the top and rising stars of psychological change.
A great day out and opportunity to meet like minds and
Explore lots of different perspectives of change from
The world of Newbies and professional change artists.

BTNE Study Day – John Wheeler : May 4th : £10
An exceptional day that has been running for over
A decade. A gathering of exceptional material delivered
In workshops throughout the day. I am presenting
“Your Very Sexy Brain and Neurology To Frame Positive
Client Centred Change”

Products from Communicating Excellence

Hypnosis Language Structure Mastery Cards : £25 ( click )
ReDiscovering Your Inner Peace – 90 min mp3 audio : £10 ( click )
Exploration of spirituality and meditative practice.
NLP Anchoring DVD – £12.23
A comprehensive DVD demonstrating the 1-2-3 of
The anchoring process from setting up and preframing
To testing your work.

Newcastle NLP & Hypnotherapy Practice Group : Thought Provoking Dialogue

clown_noseImage by cudmore via Flickr

NEWS The Trance Cafe is Changing Dates : Now 3rd Wednesday of the Month.

February 16th Trance Cafe : 7-9 : Thought Provoking Dialogue

A humorous and client centred approach to change work. Guaranteed learning with outrageous laughter included as part of the process.

The topic for explorations and practice is Thought Provoking Dialogue. Thought Provoking Dialogue is the creation of Phil Jeremiah who recently ran an excellent two day Thought Provoking Dialogue workshop in Newcastle, sponsored by Nigel Hetherington. Thought Provoking Dialogue according to research is incredibly effective, fun, caring and totally client focused.

Phil is running two workshops in Thought Provoking Dialogue in Newcastle upon Tyne in March and April ( advanced ). Book both for £200 and get four days training. Excellent Value and Guaranteed Learning with Outrageous Laughter.

Phil studied extensively with Frank Farrelly the creator of provocative therapy and Phil has updated this approach for the 21st Century. Thought Provoking Dialogue is the latest cutting edge development in the use of humour in coaching, therapy, mentoring and helping people make positive changes in their lives.

In the months to come … Guest speakers will include Paula McCormack, Heider Imam and other very, very special people with a clear focus to  seriously positive learning outcomes that you can incorporate into your life and professional practice.

The practice evening will include demonstrations and plenty of practice time, focusing on specific Thought Provoking Dialogue patterns

Thought Provoking Dialogue

Facilitator : Nigel Hetherington

Entry Level : Open To All

Places are limited to 15 so book in advance to guarantee your place

Come join in and explore in a warm, comfortable purpose built training environment. The Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group, The Trance Cafe meets at St Oswalds, Regent Centre, Gosforth. Third Wednesday of the month.

tea / coffee & biscuits included
7-9pm for only £10.00 book online now!

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Establishing Charisma with an audience

Connecting with your audience

Establishing Charisma with an audience. How to do it!

My good friend Kim Bull in this you tube video, Kim from Adventurous Minds excellently demonstrates an NLP pattern in this straight to the point you tube video.

If you are involved in the medium of working with audiences, people or even yourself pay attention to the process. Feelings then Auditory then Visual. Use it and if you like, let Kim know your results.


Information, Chunking and Learning

My good friend and college Kim Bull of Adventurous Minds has uploaded a you-tube video of part of his ‘NLP for Sports excellence’ training about how we as humans process information.

Kim is an excellent NLP Trainer who incorporates fun and relevancy within all the learning and discovery methods he facilitates.

This video describes in very understandable ways the linguistic model concepts of Generalisation, Distortion and Deletion.

Binds, Double Binds and Unconscious Double Binds – Part One

By Alan Jones,
Principal of Empowerment Trainings
Trainer with Talisman Training Ltd & Communicating Excellence

Over a number of articles I intend to examine binds, double binds and unconscious double binds in relation to therapy and hypnosis.

In this article I intend to introduce the various types of binds and offer some of my initial thoughts. Later articles will explore how a client’s unconscious structure, and use of ‘various binds,’ creates and sustains their “problems”.

These articles are based on my observations and understanding of various types of binds as used in Hypnotherapy and NLP as at the time of writing. They are by no means exhaustive or proven and are offered here for your consideration. I do however, believe that they play an important part in client problems and solutions.

Firstly, I would like to point out that NLP and NLP’s version of Ericksonian hypnotherapy have their own terminology, some of which has been borrowed from the linguistics of Transformational Grammar; the surface structure and deep structure of language postulated by Noam Chomsky.

The more common everyday English term “A double bind” comes from Chess or Card games, where a player only has two moves available, or two cards left to play and whichever move or card they play they will loose the game, there is no way out. The concept is also stated in colloquial phrases such as, “Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t” or “Caught between a rock and a hard place.” I’m sure you can think of some more.

Continue reading

NLP Trainer Trainer – 2008

Talisman Training, Martin Reed and Alan Jones are running an NLP Trainer Trainer certification course. The course is modular and runs for fours days over consecutive months. I will be facilitating parts of this course in module 2.

The full course costs £1750

For complete details and booking information, click here for a downloadable pdf


The Bridge Hotel
Western Avenue


Module 1
28-29 February, 1-2 March

Module 2
3-6 April

Module 3
1-4 May

Time Line Therapy – Training

My Good friends Alan Jones and Martin Reed of Talisman Training are hosting another Time Line Therapy training in Ealing, London.

The total cost of the training is £225

discounted rates are available for students of Communicating Excellence

click here for downloadable pdf with full details

19-20 January 2008

St Saviours
Church of England Primary School
The Grove
W5 5DX