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NLP Phobia Cure – Part Three

Here is the next instalment of the NLP Fast Phobia Cure demonstration.

This clip is the third part of four videos showing the NLP Fast Phobia Cure. All recorded during the Communicating Excellence NLP Practitioner Training in Newcastle upon Tyne.

As neurological research catches up with NLP it can now be shown why NLP’s Fast Phobia Cure and Eye Movement Integration methods work in practically all cases of trauma to reduce and dissipate negative emotions and remove the sting of traumatic and problematic memories.

Fast Phobia Cure NLP – Part One

The Fast Phobia Cure is one of the best known and often least understood NLP processes for changing the meaning of traumatic or debilitating experiences from a persons past personal history.

Our Newcastle and Northumberland NLP Practitioner training and Clinical Hypnotherapy training course teaches practitioners and clinical hypnotherapists to use this process in a variety of ways to assist clients and yourself to be able to become free from unwanted and limiting past experiences.

NLP therapeutic interventions essentially take two forms. It is possible to change the problem state by either changing the internal representations that accompany the state or we can change the physiology, the body positions and breathing that accompany the state.

This video demonstration with Nigel Hetherington on a NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle of the Fast Phobia Cure uses both changing physiology and changing internal representations.


NLP Eye Movement Integration

Our North East NLP Practitioner Training is particularly focused on participants learning and developing ways to apply NLP in real world situations.  As training facilitators we are committed to participants having not just the NLP tools but the accompanying skill sets so you can and do change your life for the better.

Many people throughout their life have experienced trauma to some extent or another. Our NLP Practitioner training offers many ways to change the emotional response to traumatic memories and events from your past. One of the methods we share with NLP Practitioner participants is NLP Eye Movement Integration ( EMI ), developed by Steve Andreas. EMI is one of the most effective and content free interventions around to date.

Integrity NLP and Communicating Excellence also run a one day training course called Simple Trauma Elimination Process ( STEP ™ ) for practising therapists and health care professionals. STEP training delivers immediately useful and process orientated tools in both NLP Eye Movement Integration and Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT ).

Here Nigel Hetherington demonstrates Steve Andreas’s excellent NLP Eye Movement Integration process during an NLP Practitioner Training in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Brief Therapy North East – Annual Study Day

Beyond TherapyImage via Wikipedia

The BTNE annual study day will be held at the Sir James Spence Lecture Theatre from 9am-4.30 pm on Friday 24th April.

Nigel Hetherington will present The Language of Change from 9.30am – 12.30pm.

The language we use and the inherent presuppositions transferred in it can have a massive effect in our client work. This will be a full therapeutic process that will complement existing skills and practice.

The session will be participatory and exploring how as brief therapists using specific forms of language together with linguistic presuppositions and physicalisation will assist your clients to more rapid and healthy healing in the brief therapy manner.

For full details of the days events click here.

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