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How to Beat Anxiety and Low Mood – Yawning for Joy

Practically everyone, perhaps you, suffer from both low moods and anxiety. This is a perfectly normal human thing to happen. Sometimes you need to be able and willing to do something to change your mood and change your state.

This is an advert for NLP Training in Newcastle, or more specifically the attitude that comes from your own personal experiences, not what other people say or tell but your own experience of what works to improve your life. This to me is NLP.

Learning NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming can’t really be done by reading about it. To use NLP practically it has to be practiced. Practice means putting the right effort into your learning which leads to understanding. Basically drop the theory and grab the experience. Do and then discover it for yourself.

Yawning for Joy : Try it and Discover Yourself

Can you believe something as innocuous or natural as yawning can change your mood, relieve anxieties and make you feel good? If you are skeptical, I would have been, you can do this simple experiment for yourself and by your own experience really have both an informed and accurate opinion.

If you have ever had the real experience of Meditation, Laughter Yoga, EMIPlus, EFT, Thought Provoking Humour, Dancing or even moderate Exercise to name a few ways of genuinely changing how you feel: Then you come from both experience and rewarding effort in the doing.

You can watch the above YouTube for a history, some ‘evidential’ research of how I came to explore what happens when a person deliberately, that is consciously, does a lot of yawning. Ideally 20 minutes. Your mood will change, sometimes quite a seriously considerable lot.

Experience as lived changes you. And this shift in the appreciation of life is one aspect of learning NLP on a Newcastle NLP Practitioner Course that was massively influential in me going from a job I hated to living a very meaningful life doing what I love to do.

When you really are longing to discover new meanings in your life, potentially change your job or even wanting to life a more connecting happier life; NLP and it’s application, offers a very practical ( so long as you want to practice ) way to you helping yourself live your life better.

Newcastle NLP Practitioner training begins January 2020. Over six months, one weekend a month you can learn, apply and understand NLP and the attitudes that empower and enable you to live more of the life you both want and deserve.

When you are considering investing in your life and yourself in an NLP Practitioner training course in Newcastle, you may have some questions. I have been running NLP Trainings since 2005 and started my NLP journey in 2002.

Please do give me a call or email so you can find out what you need to know about a Newcastle NLP Practitioner Training.

EFT and Me

Emotional Freedom TechniqueImage via Wikipedia

I really like EFT. When it is done well it can have a massive affect in dissipating negative emotional states and equally it can be used to create positive emotional states.

EFT is easy to use and it is easy to use on yourself, it is even easy to use on me, but is it so easy to use on I?

What? Easy to use on I?

Let me explain.

I have recently attended a training with Andrew T. Austin and part of the exploration was the semantic / physiological Me, Self, I and You. If you have done any NLP Training you are probably familiar with the concept of I, Me, Self, You, Other etc…

Now here is an idea, that I have tried on my’self’ and ‘me’ and invite you to explore some of the same.

1. Discover where the ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘self’ are located in and around you. Find the physical place and volume occupied. Get a sense of the shapes involved.

2. Next time you have a negative emotional feeling. Notice specifically where you feel this and check if it corresponds to the location for you of your ‘Me’, ‘Self’ or ‘I’.

For most people emotions are generally not felt in  and around the head. The ‘I’ is very typically experienced around and in the head for many people.

Now the standard EFT chant is …

“even though ‘I’ feel ( insert negative emotion name here ) I am all right I am OK”

Now, explore this. Swap the standard ‘I’ for ‘Me’ or ‘I’ for ‘Self’ or ‘Myself’. This will most likely sound weird, unless you are a very young child.

“even though ‘me’ feel ( insert negative emotion name here ) me is/am all right me is/am OK”

Try this out and notice how swapping the ‘I’ for the ‘Me’ changes the experience of using EFT.

Happy tapping!

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Change Camp – October 24th

Something very special, completely innovative and unusual is happening again in the North East this year. In Newcastle upon Tyne, Gosforth and organised by Andy Hunt of Practical Wellbeing and Integrity NLP …

It’s called Change Camp.

This is something that will be of interest to Counsellors, NLP’s, Therapists, Solution Focused therapists, Hypnotherapists and Health Care professionals as well as anyone with an interest in personal growth and self development.

The first Change Camp of 2009 was a huge and overwhelming success in both bringing like minded people together to explore their mutual interests and even more importantly creating a burgeoning community of really amazing people.

And it is happening and open again for even more great things this coming October 24th.

This is the brain child of my excellent friend and colleague Andy Hunt and is the second un-conference in Newcastle upon Tyne that will attract people who want to change the(ir) world.

Want to know more? You should!

Download and read the Change Camp manifesto here and get ready for change at the second North East Change Camp event that will be a breath of fresh air for all change professionals.

Do you want to Stop Smoking?

A 'No Smoking' signImage via Wikipedia

Is now a good time to Stop Smoking?

In Newcastle and the North East, Nigel Hetherington has assisted 100’s of people to successfully stop smoking using Hypnotherapy and NLP with his 7 Step Stop Smoking (TM) therapy BUT it is entirely possible to Stop Smoking without professional help.

So is now a good time to Stop Smoking?

Only you know the answer to this question and if you really want to stop here is a video demonstrating an EFT process you can use yourself.  That’s right, it is actually possible to give up and get healthier lungs without a therapist to assist you.

If you really want to give up you can ask yourself the following questions before watching this short demonstration of EFT to Stop Smoking.

  1. How will my life be different once I have stopped?
  2. When I have been stopped smoking for one week – how will I feel?
  3. When I have been stopped smoking  for one month and I can honestly feel a difference in my health with healthier lungs – what does this mean to me?
  4. Moving forward six months into the future and from this point looking back to when you chose to stop – what have you learned about yourself in relation to having healthier lungs now looking back?
  5. Before you give up … now … are you completely and honestly ready to improve your health, lungs, nose and all?


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Worried or Anxious about a trip to the Dentist?

A great many people worry and stress about trips to the dentist. Change this with EFT and feel confident and in control for dental visits.  Follow along with this very simple and easy to follow demonstration to see how you can get rid of anxiety, fear and worry about visits to the dentist so you end up feeling calm and in control.

This seemingly odd process is very easy to learn and above all works extremely well to change old habits and moods. Feel much better about trips to the dentist.


Simple Trauma Elimination Process – STEP

Are you a counsellor helping clients with psychological trauma?

A Trauma Resolution Workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Trauma can take many forms and levels of severity. From post traumatic stress and intrusive memories to flash backs of remembering seriously debilitating and highly emotional events.


Having your client tell you about these things only serves to increase their discomfort by re-living the events.

STEP is a one day training for practising counsellors and therapists. The training covers the effective use of Emotional Freedom Techniques and NLP Eye Movement Integration for working with and resolving trauma quickly and gently.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You want to help people recover from trauma quickly but what you are doing now doesn’t seem to work very well.
  • You want to have more effective tools to work with traumatised clients
  • The stories clients tell you when working with there traumas trouble you emotionally.
  • You have the feeling that there must be an easier and better way to help someone overcome their traumatic experiences.

With our STEP training you will get

  • Two effective and powerful tools to resolve trauma.
  • An understanding of where, when and how to use them.
  • Follow up supervision

STEP training takes place in Newcastle on 28 March. From 9.30am – 5.30pm and costs only £95.00.

To find out more click on Simple Trauma Elimination Process

Trouble Sleeping? EFT for Better Sleep

Hi my name is Nigel Hetherington. In my professional work as a clinical hypnotherapist in Newcastle, Hexham and the North East I meet many clients who have trouble sleeping. They have usually tried a great many ways and things to get better sleep and have now turned to hypnosis.

If you are one of the people who don’t manage to get a good nights sleep on a regular basis then here is something for you to try.

In addition to clinical hypnosis I have used this simple technique EFT with a variety of clients who had sleeping problems. In many cases EFT on its own can prove incredible effective. So before you even consider exploring hypnosis – please do try this on you own. It is 100% drug free and it is free so it costs you nothing.

Give it a go and get a much better nights sleep. What have you got to lose? Nothing.

What could you gain? A much better nights sleep .. now .. imagine what that will be like.


Remove your unwanted negative emotions

More than ever, life can be full of situations and events where we feel anxious, worry, get stressed, experience the sensation of panic or be depressed by past memories. We cant always change these situations but we can often change how we feel about them. You can change your emotional response.

One way you can ease and remove unwanted negative emotions is to use Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT. EFT looks very odd if you haven’t seen it before, it is surprisingly easy to learn and extremely effective too.