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Hypnotherapist Weight Loss And The Cost

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Something that continues to amaze me in the field of professional hypnotherapy is transparency of fees.

During a recent FaceBook discussion I invited hypnotherapists to explain why some have different fees for different services. For example one hypnotherapist may charge £150 for a stop smoking session and the same hypnotherapist may charge £75 for phobia cures.

Working as a clinical hypnotherapist I don’t understand why there is a difference. One well known therapist, who was brave enough to leave a comment, stated that their students, having graduated in NLP ( I assume a seven day training ), some time lines therapy ( NLP Jargon that no one outside of NLP has heard of never mind understands ) and a bit of hypnosis should charge a MINIMUM £150 per hour. I wonder how many people ‘sold’ on such get rich quick schemes actually see any clients at all?

For me this comes down to a well earned experiential qualification and has nothing to do with some quickly attained qualification. It’s like learning to drive in 7 days, the individual can pass an exam and yet this does not necessarily make barely competent drivers or people any where near able to share their driving experience to teach or coach another person. It is the very bare minimum.

My question was ( and this specific individual refused to comment but did invite me to book a consultation to find out ) and is “Why do some therapists refuse to make their charges and fees transparent to the people”, The exact people who will want to book their services? Why not make charges completely transparent to the general public at large?

A dentist fees are transparent, and accountants fees are transparent and so are a personal trainers. So why do so many hypnotherapists choose to make their fees secret to the public and create an unnecessarily complicated process for potential clients to have to go through.

Hypnotherapists are not sales professionals so why act in this way?

Hypnotherapists in the Noth East and Newcastle, please, continue to give this credible alternative health profession a good name and advertise your fees to your potential clients.

In the interrest of transparency, me fee is £95 for a two hour session.

A quick internet search of hypnotherapists in the Noth East will reveal precious few advertise their fees. So this is an invitation for all therepists especially in the North East to comment to this post and share you fees with the general public.

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Hypnotherapist Trauma Resolution Newcastle upon Tyne

Anxiety, grief, trauma and phobias can be successfully treated using clinical hypnotherapy. Master clinical hypnotherapist Nigel Hetherington in a seminar in Newcastle upon Tyne explores how Memory Templates for such conditions can be formed.

One of the neurological models of how memory works is likened to Templates. Templates are specific networks of neurons that become activated when a specific memory is accessed or specific skill is utilised.

A template is formed through experience and is created directly by the growing and solidifying of brain dendrites. A memory template can be used to explain the structure of phobic response or problematic ways of thinking, like anxiety or excessive worry and grief.


Newcastle Hypnosis Practice Group – March 3rd – 7-9pm

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Trance Cafe – Newcastle Hypnosis Practice Group – Nigel Hetherington
Wednesday 3rd March

All people at some time in life experience negative states or negative emotions. Usually these will dissolve and dissipate on their own and with this comes the return of a better life.

But sometimes negative feelings persist and stay. These can be feelings like anger, fear, anxiety or confusion to name but a few. Being in a negative emotional state is draining, tiring and over time not at all good for health and wellbeing.

This months Trance Cafe will work with the ‘Drop Down & Through’ process (Overdurf and Silverthorn) which moves you through a series of emotional states until something deep and profound shifts.

Facilitator : Nigel Hetherington

Entry Level : Open To All

Places are limited to 15 so book in advance to guarantee your place

Come join in and explore in a warm, comfortable purpose built training environment. The Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group, The Trance Cafe meets at St Oswalds, Regent Centre, Gosforth. First Wednesday of the month.

tea / coffee & biscuits included
7-9pm for only £10.00 or £9 book online

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Trauma Resolution Workshop For Counsellors and Therapists – February 6-7 Newcastle upon Tyne

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This workshop by Nigel Hetherington is based on NLP and Eye Movement Integration ( Created and developed by Steve and Connirae Andreas ). It is taking place in Newcastle upon Tyne and includes generative elements of ‘hypnosis.’

Eye Movement Integration is a very brief and content free process for resolving psychological traumas such as PTSD, intrusive memories, shame, guilt and other kinds undesirable emotional and identity imprints.

All Coaches, Therapist and Change Professionals will naturally deal with client trauma, blocks and problematic emotional states. EMI – Eye Movement Integration is a virtually content free process that again and again successfully deals with such issues. EMI can also be used to generate resource states which can be coupled to attaining client outcomes.

Once the Trauma imprint is dissolved where does you client want to go? Successful therapy and coaching is essentially two part. Eliminating blocks, stuck states and problematic emotional imprints and then assisting your client to generate the resources, deep desire and motivation to move towards their goals. This Newcastle based training by Nigel Hetherington in NLP, Hypnosis, EMI and Generative Change will deliver a full change process to do just this.

This two day weekend workshop is designed for Clinicians, Therapists, Counsellors,  Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Police and all People Helpers who can then use these process based neurological methods to assist their clients neutralise traumatic memories and move into much more resourceful states.

February 6-7 Newcastle upon Tyne : Gosforth

Full Workshop Details – Click Here

To pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to Communicating Excellence and post to Communicating Excellence, PO Box 238, Morpeth, NE61 9BS

Pay by Debit Card

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Free Hypnosis Audio : Relaxation And Bliss

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Here is a completely free hypnosis audio for relaxation and bliss. Maybe just the perfect free gift to put on you iPod for Christmas…

This hypnosis audio, recorded live at the Trace Cafe – Newcastle’s Hypnotherapy and NLP Practice group in December 2009.

Completely free hypnosis mp3 for bliss and relaxation. Approximately 30 minutes in length. Please listen to this responsibly. That means avoiding things like listening whilst operating threshing machinery, diving, driving or performing complicated tasks. In short ONLY listen when it is safe to do so.

Download Hypnosis For Bliss And Relaxation Now

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Elman Induction Hypnosis Training DVD

The Elman Style Induction is the first formal hypnosis induction I teach on my Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma. The Elman Induction is one of the most effective directive and progressive inductions hypnotherapist will learn during any good clinical hypnosis training.

This Clinical Hypnosis Training DVD was recorded during Clinical Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis training in Newcastle upon Tyne. The DVD covers the Elman style induction, deepner and ‘Control Room’ hypnosis change process.

With three subjects and variants of the induction, this hypnosis training DVD is a particularly useful resource for hypnotherapists and all people wanting to learn a powerful hypnosis induction technique.

This full DVD is available now for £25. Order today, now, with deliver before Christmas.

NOTE: Before you buy this product!

As with all of my products, currently without exception, I invite you on purchase to make as many copies as you wish to distribute to friends and family. I really am interested in contributing to changing the world in positive and productive ways. I do invite you to please NOT post my products that you purchase to news groups or file sharing sites. Though even if you do choose to do this … this is your choice and will not be pursued further by me.

Here is a short clip from the Elman Hypnosis DVD

Weight Loss Workshop – New Years Resolution 2010 – January 30-31

Fat BuddhaImage by Scrunchleface via Flickr

A Public Workshop For People Who Want Or Need To Lose Weight

Including Therapists, Counsellors and Hypnotherapists

January 30-31 £95

Are you fat or overweight? Have you tried all the diets, books, tablets and self help you can get?

Are you still fat and hating it? Or even worse hating yourself?

This is a practical and hands on workshop where you will discover yourself how to change your attitude towards food, especially emotional eating as well as how to build the real and honest motivation that will help you stop Yo Yo dieting and emotional eating and keep you on course for the much better life experience you know you really do want.

This workshop is NOT about diets, nutrition, books or exercise.

This workshop is specifically about the mental and physiological attitude that makes the difference.

Attendees probably will not lose any significant amount of weight during the workshop. Attendees will leave with significantly increased probability of weight loss and keeping it off.

This workshop is also designed for FAT AND OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE, Counsellors, Therapists, Hypnotherapists and People Helpers who are in the business of helping people with weight issues. Workshop is held at Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne and will qualify for CPD. Both remedial and generative change aspects of therapeutic intervention for weight loss will be addressed in this fully participatory workshop.

This very practical, hands on workshop will teach you the three most important Attitudes you absolutely must foster in order to Lose Weight … Especially if you really want it to happen for yourself or for your clients.

Attitude One to understand that Weight Loss is not about Weight Loss. Every one of the clients I see in private practice for Weight Loss … ultimately wants way much more than just to lose some weight. Weight Loss is most definitely NOT the end result!

Attitude Two to accurately know what it will mean when you have what you want and how your life will change as a result. When you are happier in and of yourself and you have lost weight, what does this get you? Successful weight loss involves looking and seeing beyond the weight problem and having a clear vision of how your life will be different.

Attitude Three Specifically, how you can, in an ecologically sound way, radically change your attitude and feelings about food. To understand and deal with emotional eating so as to keep the weight off and build and maintain the required motivation to see it through. This workshop includes therapeutic processes for remedial and generative change in the treatment of problem weight issues.

Enter your name and email address to receive inside attitudes about weight loss and a complementary hypnosis audio mp3

So … What is covered in this Weight Loss – An NLP Attitude workshop?

  • Attitudes towards food and eating
  • Emotional eating cycles
  • Understanding the real reasons why you want to lose weight
  • Yo Yo quitting and the “I Hate Myself” complex the next day
  • Identity issues … “I am fat”, “I am unlovable” etc
  • Making your motivation last
  • Feeling more comfortable in your own skin

This is an advert for weight loss hypnotherapy AND attitude workshop : a two day workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne, specifically for people who want to lose weight and have tried just about everything else. This is about the changing your attitude towards weight loss.

Just in time for the New Year’s Resolution … Weigh Loss an NLP Attitude

This workshop takes place January 30-31 and will cost you £95. How many books, DVD’s diets etc for £95 can you waste your money on? If you have tried the lot and are still not where you want to be then think seriously about attending this workshop.

Book Your Place Now

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Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group – Drop The Emotional Baggage

Baggage DeptImage by Noël Zia Lee via Flickr

October at the Trance Cafe – Newcastle and North East Hypnosis Practice and Supervision Group is Drop The Emotional Baggage – Wednesday October 7th.

This October, The Trance Cafe session facilitated by guest presenter Alan Scott is Drop The Emotional Baggage.

Metaphorically we carry baggage around all the time in the shape of Experiences, Memories and in particularly emotions.

So as the summer holiday period comes to an end, we have all had some experience of checking in baggage at airports or loading the car up with our worldly possessions to go on holiday. Have we packed too much?

It’s surprising isn’t it how much baggage we carry around with as opposed to what we actually need. How good would it be if you could sort out our emotional baggage as we often do with Airport luggage? Reducing it to that which is useful and relevant, taking out and storing unnecessary items.

how much easier would it be to continue our journey and adventure through life not being weighed down by that unhelpful baggage?

This Trance Cafe practice group meeting will facilitate an exploration into identifying the things we need and that are helpful as well as cutting any unwanted emotional ties.

Entry Level : Open To All

Places are limited to 15 so book in advance to guarantee your place

Come join in and explore in a warm, comfortable purpose built training environment. The Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group, The Trance Cafe meets at St Oswalds, Regent Centre, Gosforth. First Wednesday of the month.

tea / coffee & biscuits included
7-9pm for only £10.00 or £9 book online

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Attitude Attitude Attitude …

Carbon fiber Ying Yang coffee table as written...Image by dpit Media V2 via Flickr

The common, main stream ‘religious’ systems seem to preach and make requests of ‘god’ for, in general, three things.

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Progeny

Now this is a generalisation, but ask yourself, at least in the UK, come new years eve or any other celebration what are the social ‘orders’ that are most requested?

If we take the rather bold step to compare these ‘prayers’ with the energies of the chakras of an Indian psychology, we do find the first three chakras operating on the base levels, pretty much the same as animal levels. And if this is shocking or abhorrent .. just stop reading …

Joseph Campbell, a comparative mythologist, suggests that moving away from these base levels, towards a form of Spiritual Enlightenment, involves moving past social rules and ‘the way we should be’. This movement will lead one to the ‘left hand path’, that is breaking free of what is ‘expected’ and beginning you own unique journey in this life, that may involve a shift in and of the energy of the heart … your heart …

Who are you? … and … What do you want? …

All of this may be considered to be the questions you want to … and you can … ask of yourself …

Here is a trance induction and experience that may or may NOT shine or encourage you consider a different way to pass beyond the cultural conditioning as well as … opening up a new … realisation of the purposes of ‘ as Six Pack Chopra’ says  “The Gods and Godesses … inside of you … waiting to be born …”

Not for the faint hearted … or the religiously constipated …

Just for those who want to explore

Question … 

Where is this … Good Question

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It is ‘currently’ { 20 Sep 2009 } the top of the list of free Downloads

It is called …

Unification Trance

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