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the Meta Model Easier Made – Part 9

In a great many circles NLP has not got the best of reputations. It is currently being repacked and now appealing to mass audiences by many current writers. One exceptionally good one is Paul McKenna. Just look at his series of best selling books – all repackaged NLP yet hight readable with mass appeal. Will this repackaged NLP reach millions upon millions and change their lives or will the books simply be read and shelved somewhere. Will the lessons, at some level be instrumental in some beneficial social revolution or will no one do the exercises and the inherent value remain on the pages in set type.

The vast majority of NLP Processes, as far as I can currently
understand, are on the whole very good. The application of these
processes is up to the individual practitioner. One recent example in the Independent of Sunday’s ‘Success at work’ series presents a process. The process in itself is very good ( coming loosely from Gregory Batesons Double Bind Theory ). Yet for me, the ethics of application is highly questionable, especially in the context it is presented. This example is from the ‘feel good or no hassle technique’.

Of course you could save £75 on our fees by dealing with the form choices yourself OR if you feel uncomfortable about wading through seven pages of time-consuming complex tax forms and material, which has to be spot on, we could do it for you“.

the Meta Model essentially does two things when used ‘as intended’

  1. It assist stuck clients to change – Therapeutic
  2. It gets high quality information – Business / Pleasure / Therapeutic

Our NLP Practitioner course beginning in January 2008 and the current Integrity NLP Practitioner in Newcastle will uncover the Meta Model and those who are on our next Newcastle Hypnotherapy course will leave with a well grounded and practical knowledge of applying this process therapeutically.

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Hypnosis introduction workshop

Communicating Excellence is running a two day introduction to the beneficial uses of hypnosis – please note this is not stage hypnosis!


This workshop will concentrate on how to use hypnosis for beneficial change work and entering states of relaxation for the purposes of meditation, healing, deep relaxation and stress elimination.

The workshop will run over two days where day 1 concentrates on the fundamental skills and day two really puts these skills to practical uses.

The two days will be about doing hypnosis so this means the days will mostly consist of practical exercises with short feedback sessions. Participants will receive a comprehensive set of course notes. This hypnosis workshop take place in Newcastle upon Tyne in early December – just in time to put your new skills into practice over the holiday period!

Who is this workshop for?

This is for anyone who is interested in discovering and experiencing what hypnosis is about and what you can do with it. Ideal for the healing and helping professions, self development and a great place to start if you are thinking about pursuing a more advanced hypnotherapy qualification.

What is covered in the two days?

Day 1

  • What is a hypnotic trance state?
  • How to recognise trance or hypnotic state
  • The Unconscious Mind
  • Hypnotising others and hypnotising self
  • Hypnotic Language Patterns

Day 2

  • Communicating with your unconscious mind
  • Making Ecological Changes in your own life
  • More Hypnotic Inductions
  • Deep Trance State
  • How to use Hypnosis for Beneficial Change and Problem Resolution

Christmas apart from being a time for family and friends seems traditionally to be associated with Stress and more Stress So why not treat yourself to an early Christmas present that you can use for the rest of your life. To help yourself and others in caring and ecological ways.

Latest Venue and Dates

This workshop will be held at St’Oswalds in Gosforth on Saturday and Sunday the 8th and 9th December. Time 10am – 5pm.

Booking Information

Day 1 cost £50
Day 1 and 2 cost £80

Please be aware the number of places is restricted to 12 participants

You can book your place by either telephoning

0770 481 8467

Or you can book online here