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Essential Spirituality and NLP – Part One

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The word and meme ‘spirituality‘ is incredibly loaded and often misinterpreted. This term spirituality can be mistaken for religion and or new age mysticism yet in this context I attempt to define it here as neither.

I want to introduce a concept that is a part of NLP just as much as this is a part of life in general; And by way of a story, a metaphor, here we go. The intention is a balanced life.

In the Kundalini ( coiled ‘serpent’ power ) Yoga, intrinsic as with many Eastern spiritual systems there are the inclusion of Chakras or Padmas, which essentially mean energy centres. Now it MUST be understood that like the western concept of ‘mind’ a chakra is a ‘subtle’  substance. The chakra like the mind will not be found by a surgeon or MRI scanner.

Interweaving through the seven chakras are two nerves which are also made of subtle substance. These are called Ida and Pingala. Ida may be thought to refer to the Lunar Consciousness and Pingala to the Solar Consciousness. Now you may well be asking or thinking what Is Lunar and Solar consciousness.  Well one interpretation of Lunar in this context is death and rebirth, the way of living in your body, physicalised. An corresponding interpretation of Solar is eternal and divine consciousness, inexhaustible and likened to the internal meditations.

So in essence, this can also be interpreted as the external and internal worlds experienced by all humanity, every woman,man and child.

The concept is to balance the internal and external worlds so that neither one dominates so in equal measures a person leads a harmonious and balanced life. Think about this as doing some thinking as well as taking some exercise. Pretty simple right!

Well, it can be … … …

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Changing Your Perception of Reality

This is both a self hypnosis exercise and equally a way to evolve how you perceive your worlds.

There is one very important sentiment I want to briefly explore before offering you a self-hypnosis exercise.

Firstly a quote

“Perception is Projection, what we see is the state of our mind projected outwards”

Once there was a wise woman. A seer if you like. A wondering man came to her village and asked “I am looking for a new village to live in and I want to know what this village is like

The seer replied “What was you last village like?

The wondering man replied “Oh it was awful, full of thieves, robbers and adulterers. The most frightful sort of people you can imagine.”

The seer replied “My friend this village is much like you last one full of the most frightful people you can imagine.

The wondering man left and went on to look for another village.

A day or two later another wondering man came to the village and asked the seer “I am looking for a new village to live in and I want to know what this village is like.

The seer replied “What was you last village like?

The wondering man replied “Oh it was wonderful, full of friendly and helpful loving people to say the least.”

The seer replied “My friend this village is much like you last one full of the most loving people you can imagine.

The wondering man decided to stay and made a home for himself.

Another way of saying this is what the mind expects tends to be found. Hypnosis is a way of purposefully altering our own perceptions in powerful ways.

Here is the exercise. This comes from one of Carlos Castaneda books describing his relationship with his mentor Don Juan. Its about purposefully altering perceptions, this is just one way hypnosis, an altered state of perception can be attained.

This exercise takes 15 minutes to do it properly. Practice once per day for just one week.


  1. Find a bush or shrub that you can see, that is both in shade and in the light.
  2. Concentrate your visual attention on just one specific spot that is in the shade. Focus on it entirely.
  3. For the next 15 minutes focus just on that one spot in the shade – until you begin to see a bush that is entirely made out of shadow. Notice that the shadow is at least 50% of the bush.

You need to do this in the form of an exercise. A ‘theoretical’ knowledge of this is not enough.

If you want to learn to alter your perceptions and reality – DO THE EXERCISE!

When you do this you will experience massive changes in your perception. This exercise is actually doing a huge amount of things – you will only notice what these are by doing the exercises …

NLP Model Of The World – New Year 2010

I am currently in Paris with my partner Laurie taking a short pause from the world of NLP and Coaching and making the time to share more adventures with my friend and life partner.

A few days ago we shared a whole afternoon exploring Notre Dame Cathedral and we were both impressed by the incredible works of art housed inside the Cathedral and the craftsmanship and artwork evident in the construction of Notre Dame herself.

Like the good and enthusiastic tourists we can be, we bough an electronic tour, that comprises of a recorded voice ( in English, which was good for us ) that arrives in what would pass for a child’s walkie-talkie that can be started and stopped at various points through the tour walk of ‘Our Lady in Paris’ as well as a little map, depicting points of interest.

So we each took our map, our walkie-talkie and set off. Taking our time to appreciate various statues, carvings, frescos, painting and sculptures. And we talked, held hands and kissed a great deal. Believe it or not Notre Dame is not just a romantic cathedral it was for me on that day filled with a very palpable love.

Towards the end of our three hour exploration and adventure, we stopped, talked and kissed. Some time into our kissing, we were interrupted by a seemingly agitated French woman. She was very smartly dressed and carrying some new shoes in a bag.

Her interruption was a verbal one. She hissed some very agitated French at us. Neither of us quite understanding we asked “êtes-vous OK?”, in my best French and again after another exchange which was both to fast and beyond my current French vocabulary to understand I asked, “parlez-vous anglais?”

Her reply was “show respect!! show respect!!” and then having shared, as she walked away we resumed and continued kissing.

Now, in mine and certainly Laurie’s model of the world, a cathedral IS a place of spirituality and love and that is exactly what we were doing, kissing, expressing our love to and for each other. Our French sister to me clearly has different values and world view.

Can we both be ‘right’? Yes of course!

Laurie has suggested if that ever happens again ( we do like to kiss  ) we should either kiss the person or give them a hug!

Happy New Year 2010
Bonne Année 2010

Information, Chunking and Learning

My good friend and college Kim Bull of Adventurous Minds has uploaded a you-tube video of part of his ‘NLP for Sports excellence’ training about how we as humans process information.

Kim is an excellent NLP Trainer who incorporates fun and relevancy within all the learning and discovery methods he facilitates.

This video describes in very understandable ways the linguistic model concepts of Generalisation, Distortion and Deletion.

NLP Model of the World – Content Imposition

Salve ( no this is not a viagra advert ), its the traditional Roman greeting.

See, we all have our views and perspectives. We all have our ways and opinions of what is right and wrong, acceptable and what we believe in or at least believe should be.

NLP, that archaic and unsubstantiated word is one methodology of, amongst others, of getting someone elses perspective on things. If you don’t, it is a way of proving yourself right no matter what the cost. Preaching from a chair perhaps.

The real world is very different, the real world is where we come from…

Here is a short video, unearthing what can happen when our world view is so fixed that we ( I smile when I write we )  construct and interpolate what someone else is attempting to convey.

This is an exert from one of our IntegrityNLP practitioner training in 2008.


Why Brief Therapy is still too long

Harry Knox of IntegrityNLP is presenting “Why Brief Therapy is still too long” at TyneMet college, Newcastle upon Tyne.

This presentation will see Harry’s own unique insights from over 30 years experience working as a mental health professional.

20th November 2008
6.30 – 9.00 pm

To book your place on this event contact Helen Tansey 0191 229 5163

NLP Demystified – Beliefs & Values 2

WARNING! This is extremely controversial!

This is currently one of the most popular internet videos available.

I post the link because – it is also an excellent demonstration of Beliefs and Values in action. It may be a fake. But it has currently been watched by over four and a half MILLION people.

Irrespective of its authenticity, lets assume this is just cinema. A projection of actors beliefs and values. An example is worth more than one thousand written words …

What is educational are the many Beliefs and Values that are conveyed in the conversation.


What may be an even more powerful example of beliefs in action is your own, you own responses to this audio. But DO note the end of the audio when the ‘prank’ all becomes clear!

This will lead nicely into the next NLP Demystified post ‘Model of The World’

Reality and Reframing

One of the recurrent themes in any excellent NLP Practitioner course , or great application of therapy is to create the context for your own or your clients beneficial change. Another description for this is Reframing. Reframing is about changing how experiences are being perceived.

This clearly dovetails into the concepts of Description, Interpretation and Evaluation, three of the most important distinctions you can make, now,

One of the most thought provoking and exceptional people of the 21st century is Robert Anton Wilson. Bob Wilson has written many many books on many many varied subjects. One particularly excellent book ‘Quantum Psychology‘ gives us a wonderful example of these types of so very necessary distinctions.

The example cited comes in the form of the work of Albert Ellis. Here are two examples of less than positive and enabling statements about a persons ‘reality’. In NLP terms a seemingly impoverished model of the world, in every day language an interpretation of actuality.

  1. My boss is a male chauvinist drunk, and this is making me sick.
  2. My secretary is an incompetent, whining bitch, and I have no choice but to fire her.

By simply reformulating the verbal description, the complex equivalents and cause effects diffuse, some generalisations, distortions and deletions are alleviated BUT even more importantly the distinctions between descriptions, evaluations and interpretations become clearer.

  1. I perceive my boss as a male chauvinist drunk, and right now I do not ( or will not ) perceive or remember anything else about him, and framing my experience this way, ignoring other factors, makes me feel unwell.
  2. I perceive my secretary as an incompetent, whining bitch, and right now I do not ( or will not ) perceive or remember anything else about her, and framing my experience this way, ignoring other factors, inclines me to make the choice of firing her.

All NLP and therapy is essentially reframing. This is just yet another way to make it so.

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