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NLP Practitioner Course

NLP Training is all about improving your communication skills, this aspect of NLP is richly endowed in using language much more affectively. Using language to set and frame expectations, honour values and focus attention is a core NLP Training Skill. An NLP Training with communicating excellence in Newcastle and North East will share the secrets of powerful communication and how to use these skills ethically. Do you like sandwiches?

One aspect of the 18 NLP Course in Newcastle is the understanding and application of Meta Programs. Meta Programs are the behavioural and thought patterns that both enslave and deliver. They are called meta programs because until they are identified and utilised or changed, they are major parts of the unconscious aspects of our personality that dominate who we are and how we respond.

A major player in the psycho-lingustics field ( Lutz ) is quoted as saying “its not what you say it’s what is heard”

Knowing and utilising Meta Programs is a surprisingly simple linguistic set of skills to both learn, understand and use. You have seen a simple demonstration in the context of a sandwich. An a very exceptional sandwich at that!

NLP Practitioner Training in Newcastle over 18 days. NLP Practitioner Training over 9 days in Newcastle: NLP Course @ £595 in Newcastle. Easy commuting NLP Training Darlington | NLP Training Durham | NLP Training Sunderland. Contact Nigel Hetherington on 0770 481 8467. Next NLP Training Newcastle April 2013.

Neurolinguistic Programming Training : Durham | Darlington | Northeast : 18 days @ £595

Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP training in Newcastle upon Tyne is a course of learning in personal and professional development where you can learn how to enrich your life. NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle is very easily accessible from Durham, Darlington, Sunderland and the Northumberland region. The next 18 day NLP Training begins in January 2013 and is three days per month until June.

Why An NLP Training Is Valuable To You

The human brain has been described as the most complex piece of software on the planet that comes without a user manual. Learning how your brain works and how you can, with practice, re-program your own learned patterns and behaviours gives you a genuine way to a happier, healthier and discover and create a more meaningful life for yourself.

NLP Practitioner Newcastle

NLP Practitioners June 2012

Your brain and nervous system, from an evolutionary perspective, is for your survival and passing on of your genes. From a more personal perspective, your brain, is an organism that is more than capable of making you feel happy, content and open to connecting with others. Sometimes it can literally feel as is your brain is working against you and an internal saboteur is scuppering all your good intentions and plans.

What You Will Learn On An NLP Practitioner Training

Through a series of structured exercises, demonstrations and reflective feedback sessions, you will gain a deep knowledge of the application of NLP that you can apply in your personal and professional life to do these more affectively.

  • Feel more in control of your life
  • Engage and ethically influence your friends and business partners
  • Focus your attention
  • Channel and utilise your emotional responses
  • Have better relationships

 Feeling more in control of your life

We all live in a universe that on the grand scale seems deterministic. Our reality is more like that our life is packed full of surprises and what has been described as chaos or chaotic systems. The more sense we have of feeling in control or at cause in our life’s generally equates to the less problematic stress we experience.

How we respond to our environment, how we respond to major stressors and even how we talk to ourselves sets up either a healthy or unhealthy psychological immune system to the psychological viruses that are prevalent today. Your life will never really be free of major stressors, major life changes or the uncertainty of being human. What you can change, often with massive positive results, is how you respond.

Engaging and ethically influencing others

The simplest way to be engaging and as such engage others with your ideas is two fold: First having a deep appreciation of your own values is essential in being congruent in your own communication. Your values are at the core of your actions and behaviours. If you were asked to write down your ten most important values could you? Values are the kinds of experience and actions we place huge importance on. When you understand your values you know why you do things.

Secondly, being able to communicate authentically and with passion, offers you the platform, to influence with real integrity. You can communicate the deeper purpose and benefits of your ideas and plans so that you can reach others and share your values in ways that can be more wholly grasped, seen and understood by others. Not every one will want to get on board, but you will be more able to reach the people who share your passions.

18 days training : Friday-Sunday once per month :

Booking before January 2013 means
Exceptional value just £595 : 18 days training

Currently 22 8 FULLY BOOKED

Secure your place with a non returnable £150 deposit


Call 0770 481 8467 for January 2013 waiting list

NLP Practitioner in Newcastle is easily accessible from Sunderland | Darlington | Durham and the NorthEast of England. NLP Practitioner Training takes place in Jesmond Dene Conference Centre which is located in the very picturesque Jesmond Dene valley in Newcastle upon Tyne. Next 18 day NLP Training begins January 2014 and completes in June 2014. Please call 0770 481 8467 or email for additional details. Next 9 day NLP Practitioner Training April 2013 Newcastle upon Tyne.

NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle upon Tyne : January – June 2013 @ £595

Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practitioner is designed to demonstrate all of the basics of Neurolinguistic Programming tools and techniques and more so the attitude of freedom so participants like you can learn through experience how to have much more influence on our own emotional state and communicate more affectively. By learning some simple techniques you can learn to get your brain out of problem oriented ways of thinking, which usually make us feel bad, to getting your brain to do more of the things that make you feel better.

Put simply : NLP Rocks; and Nigel is to training what Eddie Van Halen is to rock guitar soloing. Might as well Jump

Simon Clark – Sports Health and Fitness Specialist

NLP Introduction Newcastle

This is not a lecture about how to get new skills. Demonstrateing the process and you get to experience it through practice. This training is all about learning through practice and doing.

Motivational in the way of speech and the use of humour. Laughter has helped the class to relax and promoted team work

Eugenia Lima – Learning supporter for learning disabilities

This developmental training is specifically focused on experiential learning so that you can develop a wider range of new and life changing techniques that really do give you sound skills to surmount difficult and challenging situations in a better frame of mind.

Nigel’s passion and commitment and ceaseless good humour made the learning experience incredulously easy and tremendous fun

Stuart Reading – Dentist

Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7BQ.

January-June : Friday-Sunday each month

Book Now @ 595

This very comprehensive 18 day training NLP Practitioner in Newcastle upon Tyne is £595. 18 NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle in January 2013 Check it out; similar trainings in London are 2K plus. Glad to be in the North East right!

Advanced Therapist Training | February – June 2011 | 10 Days £495

Front Line Skills – an advanced clinical hypnotherapy skills course

The Clean Therapy Model

February 5-6, March 5-6, April 2-3, May 7-8, June 11-12 – £495



An advanced course for practising hypnotherapist’s, therapists, counsellors and people helpers who want the solid skills that can not only really benefit your clients but give you an experiential and procedural edge over other therapists and an even greater range of flexible meta skills you can employ in your everyday practice as well as your life. Next course begins February 2011 Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Clean Therapy ™ Model has four corner stones that deliver a tremendous range of freedom and options in choosing a client centred way to treat your clients, helping get them get unstuck and moving in the right direction. Firmly grounded in a four quadrant system of Metaphor, SubModality, Linguistic and Physicalised interventions you will have a greater depth of experience and tools to help more people faster. The fifth axis of The Clean Therapy™ Model is the amalgamation that is born from the four foundations when applied systematically and with purpose. This is backed up with a practice of existential psychological / spiritual to neurological methods of what works and why. This is a model of not just what does work but what can work to create and sponsor generative change for your clients.

All graduates will receive a certification in The Clean Therapy ™ model and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Experience or qualification requirements for participants

Practising therapists, hypnotherapists, NLP Master Practitioners or therapy / change work professionals.

Duration and Frequency

This course will be run over five months at one weekend per month. Allowing for proper integration of new skills.


Direct experiential learning and demonstration, practical application with case studies and clinical supervision.


  • Rapport and Micro Muscle Modelling
  • Framing
  • Unconscious communication
  • Therapist State
  • NVC and analogue marking
  • Calibrating skills and provocative questioning
  • Congruence and Act as If
  • Presuppositional Linguistic Skills
  • NLP Sub-modality Interventions
  • Metaphor and State Elicitation
  • Nested, Embedded and Open Metaphor
  • Amalgamating trance learning with conscious understanding
  • Tasking
  • Structuring therapy

Beginning February 2011 Newcastle – course cost £495

February 5-6, March 5-6, April 2-3, May 7-8, June 11-12

Modules and Topics

Rapport and Micro Muscle Modelling

You already know how to use physical ( 2nd position rapport ). Learn how to correctly and safely apply micro muscle modelling to get more information at the non-verbal level from your clients. Know your level of rapport.


Understand the real importance of setting frames to direct you therapy sessions for your clients and your own benefit. Frames set up conscious and unconscious vectors of attention while focusing unconscious resources.

Unconscious Communication

Discover and enhance your own unconscious relationship. Learn how to set filters to direct your own resources and harness the true power of your unconscious – intention. Learn ‘N’ step reframing to set your own goals and outcomes as well as how to monitor the results.

Therapist State

You and only you are responsible for you own state. Neuro-Contra lateral, flow-state games and exercises along with self anchoring to ensure you are in the right state to operate as a hypnotherapist. Bring your own amazing resources on-line.

NVC and Analogue marking

Learn how to communicate to your clients unconscious using NVC, learn how to mark and anchor the responses you require from your clients unconscious ecologically. Learn how to notice all your clients unconscious communication and elicit the best therapeutic responses from you client.

Calibrating skills and provocative questioning

Calibrating is the bread and butter of a effective therapists skills. Learn how to increase your calibrating skills and capability with drills and exercises. Calibrate your clients unconscious responses to tailor your therapy to them real time. Learn how and when to use provocative questioning to create unconscious responses you can utilise and calibrate.

Congruence and Act as if

To engender the right atmosphere for client change you need to walk your talk and be perceived as a congruent therapist. You achieve this by matching you confidence to your skills and becoming an even more congruent practitioner of hypnotherapy. With self manipulation and anchoring with structured exercises you can get you posture, voice and countenance working for you. Learn how to use your body and voice with a real conviction tempered with your developing skills.

Presuppositional Linguistic Skills

Using language with more purpose to support and presuppose the changes your clients want and need whilst opening honest options and validation of all aspects of a current situation. Deliver multiple levels of communications during conversation and trance with stacking meta-isomorphisms and meta-polymorphisms and overlapping repetition to ensure your invitations to change options are really considered.

NLP Sub-modality Interventions

The way we internally represent our experiences, beliefs and expectations for things we love, like and are good at can be directly mapped and transformed from the problem areas of life and experience. A congruent internal shift can bring about acceptance and skilful handling of problems situations and states.

Therapeutic Metaphor

Learn how to create spontaneous metaphor that key’s into aspects of your clients situation evolving into a feast of learning for their unconscious mind to digest and fuel beneficial change that is coupled with conscious realisations and updates that support healthy and meaningful activities which support generative change.

Nested and Embedded Metaphor

Deliver multiple descriptions of changing metaphorical content wrapped inside a triplet of paralleling concepts. Used to induce deep trance and deploy learning and opportunity for change across multiple parallels – leaving maximum choice to your clients unconscious to pick the changes and learning that are right for them – maximise your effectiveness by using your body and voice with tangible congruence.

Amalgamating trance learning with conscious understanding

Recapping on the session and using the meta model along with post hypnotic suggestion to bring about holistic realisations and change in the post hypnotic or waking state.


A therapeutic process wherein your client through some ‘task’ is exposed to an experience that creates a counter example to the limiting belief ( cause effect / complex equivalent / filter ) that is the cause for your therapeutic process – outside of conscious awareness; that is hidden in the task.

Structuring Therapy

Creating a meta process or model where you apply you new skill set in such a way that you continue to develop as a brilliant practitioner and your clients are treated as quickly as is ecologically practical.

Use the paypal button to reserve your place with a £150 non-returnable deposit.

NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle upon Tyne January 2011 – 18 Places – 18 Days Training & Only £495

When we want to make our life better and are frustrated that it is not happening the way we want it to be or not happening at all, there are some things we can all do to take positive action and get better informed and equipped to make the life changes we want happen.

This excellent value training begins in January 2011 and concludes in June. The Newcastle NLP Practitioner training course is three days Friday-Sunday each month. This course is certified training from the UK based Professional Guild of NLP and the International SNLP and facilitated by top north east NLP Professionals.

We all experience and face common frustrations and problems just about each and every day. Here are just some of them:

  • Wasting Time and Energy Worrying about the NOW…
  • Wasting Time and Energy Worrying about the future ( Anxiety )
  • Economy and Money
  • Your Job Security
  • Your Relationships both Personal and Professional
  • You are not happy or satisfied with you present situation
  • A lack motivation
  • Wanting to turn your life around
  • Worried about paying your bills
  • Unable to get on better with others and yourself

Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP is a kind of pseudo psychology developed in the 1970’s. It has grew to massive fame in the UK largely because of Paul Mckenna’s TV shows. NLP is a successful and powerful way of running your own brain, increasing your confidence, managing your state as well as learning and developing ethical influencing and communication tools. It is also a great deal of fun in the learning! You will make great new friends and meet very like minded people.

Excellent content, great presentation, great group. All of it linked together, I have really enjoyed it and learned a lot from the course, very useful.

Kim – Manager Outdoor Activity Centre

Taking an NLP Practitioner training will of course not solve each and every one of your problems yet it will give you tools you can use to take much more control of your life and generally feel much better about it. You will change the way you think and interact with others. You will learn how to get on much better with people and literally talk their language.

What you will get from this experiential NLP Practitioner training.

  1. Being able to communicate powerfully will be much easier for you. You’ll have the skills to easily develop rapport with anyone you meet.
  2. You will be able to recognise and speak other people’s inner language. We all communicate in ways that very persuasive to us but below the level of conciousness. You’ll be able to tune in, see where they are coming from, make contact with people in new ways.
  3. You will be able to change the way that you think. It ain’t what you think, it’s the way that you think it. Subjective experience has a structure, learn how to change the structure and you change the experience..
  4. ‘You will learn how to have your unconscious mind work for you instead of against you Sometimes we seem to do things that make no conscious sense and no matter how hard we try we are not able to talk ourselves out of them. You will learn how to harness the power of the subconscious and resolve inner conflicts.
  5. You will have the tools to model other peoples skills. Modelling is the fundamental NLP technology of how to acquire new skills. In this training you will learn two ways to model skills from others.

Totally fab, exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much! The trainers are great and the venue is ideal. For me, its the power and awareness of language are the most useful.

Rob – Counselling Lecturer

This special credit crunch price for the NLP Practitioner Course with six months training is just £495. This really is the most exceptional value certified NLP Practitioner in the UK. It is this price because the current economic climate which demands you get paramount value for your money and because Communicating Excellence is dedicated to increasing the success of all people in our North East community.

I have seen changes in myself that I wouldn’t have thought possible. Thank you so much

Felicity James

18 Participants Max.

Three days per month, Friday-Sunday beginning January 2011. Only £495 Take Action and Book NOW!

Click here for full details and to book your place on the Newcastle NLP Practitioner Training course.

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Elements of Generative Change

An exploration of the elements of assisting clients …

The process of generative change and opening possibilities to lead an even more meaningful and purposeful life is all about making connections between a goal or outcome and the inherent values, beliefs, purposes and motivations that are driving the outcome or goal.

By abstracting or generalising the driving forces or ‘what does this actually get you’ in terms of the goal you can assist your clients in experiencing the real purpose or meaning of their goal.

End Your Job Loss Worries – Calling All Public Sector Workers

Fractal ArtImage via Wikipedia

It is predicted that the UK job market will stall this year. Research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development states a full one third of employers expect to cut jobs in the next three months. This can read as a very scary and particularly worrying prospect if you have a family to support, a mortgage to pay and a life to live outside of worrying how to meet the bills if the worst happens.

Many people buy insurance from the banks and building societies for things like job loss, ill health and a variety of other predicaments that can happen. These insurance policies depending on their type of cover and exclusions can certainly be on the expensive side. I know that when I was employed working in the software industry, I was paying out well over £500 per month in insurance alone. This covered my mortgage and a proportion of my wages in the event I lost my job or was unable to work. Now this policy ( on reading the small print ) would only come into effect for a maximum of 12 months for job loss. So there was a time buffer but sadly no magic purse that would pay all of my outgoings for more than 12 months. In short it was an illusion of security or a security buffer, and a very expensive one at that.

What if you could look through the illusion of security of what you think you can get and see what you actually want?

Think about it! There has never been any way to really guarantee that a job will be secure for life or that all of your bills will be paid. That kind of security is an illusion yet worrying about job loss, making ends meet and the dreaded ‘Yes But, What If …‘ scenario is extremely real in our present economic climate.

Standing still will pile on the stones of life. NLP helps blast the stones so you can begin to live as life intended

William Ingram

Research indicates the people hardest hit in terms of job loss will be public sector workers because the government will shed good people to cut their wage bills that the public actually pay anyway. We can worry and blame this on the recent wars in the middle east, we can worry and blame the greedy bankers and governments that fuelled and fed the housing bubble before it popped. We can blame any and all but you can also choose to stop worrying and blaming and start to direct your attention onto what you actually want. A novel idea I know!

Get your free 47 page e-book – Surviving A Recession

It will be commensurate of the government to give any and all employees who’s job it will cut some kind of retraining or compensation package and it is how you use this that can determine your own relative security in the months and years to come.

I have seen changes in myself that I wouldn’t have thought possible. Thank you so much

Felicity James

It is all too easy to concentrate on the problems we face to the point it will eventually immobilise and in worst cases lead to depression and ill health. Which could be good if you have an insurance policy, maybe good for only 12 months though! On the other hand how about exploring your options in terms of what you can do for yourself about your current situation and how to move into the future with more confidence in yourself and how you will feel?

This is a golden opportunity to take a look at your life in terms of your wants, needs and expectations. A time to set some meaningful goals and a time to learn ways to run your own brain. To get out of patterns of negative thoughts and concentrate on what you really want to experience, achieve and do in your life.

I have met new people, become more confident and learned new skills. The trainers teaching style is excellent, the learning is fun and experiential.

Jane Smith

So here is the solution – Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training Course. The Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practitioner training is not a therapy course per say, though all participants through exercises will become more confident, find higher self esteem and in general will be more able to live life in the ways that matter the most. It is a course that delivers the most effective life and communication skills you can learn.

If you are interested in NLP Practitioner Training please read this : Choosing Your Training Provider.

There has never been a time, now, more important to be investing in your future. NLP Practitioner Training’s in Newcastle upon Tyne begin in September ( 10 month ) and January 2011 ( 6 month ). They are lots of fun, you will make great new fiends and you will meet like minded people who are choosing to continue their personal and professional evolution.

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NLP Master Practitioner Newcastle North East England

The emphasis on my NLP Master Practitioner training is two fold, namely, Practising Mastery and Mastering Practice.

The Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner training is all about Modelling and Practising the Mastery of your NLP Practitioner skills and techniques. NLP by its co-creators Grinder and Bandler has been said to be about the technology of how NLP techniques came about:

That is finding and discovering how the best in their field do what they do and learning to copy or replicate their skills in some systematic way. This is one description of the process of NLP Modelling which is the core activity of NLP.

Here is a video of Tim Ferris ( who has nothing to do with NLP ) giving a captivating descriptions about aquiring skills that make a difference, a real difference!

Applied NLP modelling – that is ‘Natural Modelling’ and ‘Cognitive Modelling’ combined are the focus and application of your modelling project. This is how to assimilate skills that You Can Use to transform your life and way of living. You wont become the people who you model or necessarily have their success, yet you can assimilate their skills so You Can Become More Of Who You Want To Be.

Recent modelling projects have included :

  • Captivating An Audience – As A Very Successful Radio DJ
  • Learning Like A Child – Dancing
  • Hands On Facial Release – Bowen Technique
  • The Gestures and Expressions of Barack Obama

What would you like to Learn and Master in a very short period of time that will honestly enhance your life?

The next Communicating Excellence NLP Master Practitioner – for NLP Practitioners begins in September 2010.

Andrew T. Austin – Newcastle Upon Tyne – March 6-7

More Clients Thriving Practice – Andrew T Austin in Newcastle upon Tyne

Andy Austin is probably the UK’s premier therapist. If you have had the experience of training with him you will know why. He is skilled, congruent and extremely successful.

Having a thriving practice is about much more than being extremely skilled.

Success, like Andy’s is not just about being a skilled therapist. Yes of course, this is a crucial part of the success equation, but only one part.

Success is not about luck, thought the better the strategy you follow the luckier you may well get.

Andy has built his reputation and practice over the past fifteen years, and this two day course is for all therapists, healers and people helpers to get to know what and how Andy has built his practice. This is the secrets and strategies that you can use to establish and build your own thriving practice.

This workshop is excellent value. Depending on what you charge for the services you provide, you will have made you money back with between 2-6 clients. The cost of a full weekend with Andy is excellent value at £195.

Places are genuinely limited so please book now to make sure you get your place and to have your questions answered by Andy. All participants will be invited to submit their questions about Building A Thriving Practice to Andy before the event.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
March 6-7

Time Line – NLP – Manifesting A Worthy Future

Time Lines in terms of NLP, Future Orientation in terms of Goal Setting and Achieving, Coaching Future Pacing … All of these activities have one absolutely fundamental thing in common! Future Planning / Future Pacing!

One of the most common mistakes Coaches ( even pretty good ones ), Therapists and Hypnotherapists to name but a few don’t include as part of dynamic and generative change processes is future pacing. This means to ‘pretend’, ‘imagine’ and ‘realise’ is to go into the future and look back – Having already got the ‘Goal’ … and … powerfully linked this to the real underlying motivations and desires.

One of my mentors Dr. Christina Hall ( See Salad Training ) has educated me very well in terms of what NLP Time Lines absolutely must include. Here is Part one of three of how to do Time Lines. This was filmed during last years Hypnotherapy Diploma Training. This is my take on Chris’ version of Time Lines and as far as I know it is by far the most effective.