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NLP Practitioner Course

NLP Training is all about improving your communication skills, this aspect of NLP is richly endowed in using language much more affectively. Using language to set and frame expectations, honour values and focus attention is a core NLP Training Skill. An NLP Training with communicating excellence in Newcastle and North East will share the secrets of powerful communication and how to use these skills ethically. Do you like sandwiches?

One aspect of the 18 NLP Course in Newcastle is the understanding and application of Meta Programs. Meta Programs are the behavioural and thought patterns that both enslave and deliver. They are called meta programs because until they are identified and utilised or changed, they are major parts of the unconscious aspects of our personality that dominate who we are and how we respond.

A major player in the psycho-lingustics field ( Lutz ) is quoted as saying “its not what you say it’s what is heard”

Knowing and utilising Meta Programs is a surprisingly simple linguistic set of skills to both learn, understand and use. You have seen a simple demonstration in the context of a sandwich. An a very exceptional sandwich at that!

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NLP Meta Programs – A Spatial + Complement Approach

Recorded at Communicating Excellence NLP Practitioner Training Newcastle.

NLP meta programs explored spatially. The explorer has some goal or outcome in mind and their goal is explored within the context of meta programs. Notice the very important use of exploring the complement of the desired state/spatial position.

NLP Meta Programs – Easily Understood

Meta Programs in terms of NLP are the initial creation of the Bandlers. Meta Programs are ultimately derived from Carl Jung’s work. Andy Hunt and Newcastle hypnotherapist Nigel Hetherington started Integrity NLP to offer the highest quality NLP Training at prices people can honestly afford.

Here Andy Hunt introduces NLP Meta Programs in a way that is very easily understood.

NLP Cause And Effect – An Outdated Model

The idea, concept or model of Cause And Effect is very familiar to physicists and NLP’s. The model proposes that one action ( a force ) is caused by another action ( another force ). Or equally, one thing necessarily causes another.

The Cause Effect model works extremely well for static forces as well as dynamic forces but not so well for living beings and human interactions. Human beings are way more complex, interesting diverse than to be reduced to a cause effect model. A much more useful model to consider is one of Intention – Consequence.

John Grinder,  Wayne Dyer amongst many others use and make use of the Intention – Consequence model for amazing results. Now me, Nigel Hetherington, I don’t always have the consequences of may actions in mind when I act, I still get stuff wrong and make amazing blunders that are of course disguised learnings! Something I am working with and through!

Here is a little video clip exploring Meta Programs and Cause Effect.

Meta Programs, The iPhone and NLP Newcastle

There has been some very good weather recently in Newcastle upon Tyne and like myself, I hope you have made and taken the opportunities to enjoy it while it lasts. While away enjoying this summer sun and balmy heat I have been out in the city centre.

And like any other day in Newcastle, I saw one or two street entertainers playing things from what looked like a cup with a rubber band, a one stringed guitar, a drum, a flute, you know, the usual mixture of good and bad. But one man playing an accordion really caught my eye.

During a pause from his playing, this very skilled, tanned and silver haired accordion player started to fumble in his pocket and pulled out a very new looking iPhone.  With fingers seemingly as dexterous on his iPhone as his accordion, he looked to be checking email or texts or perhaps just surfing the web.

So how come I noticed his iPhone? Meta Programs.

Some people say meta programs can be described as the generalised repetitive patterns of thought, perception and behaviour that people seem to have.  Another way to describe meta programs is where you focus your attention.

Please, these patterns are mostly unconscious, unless you know about them. You see, if you have completed an NLP Practitioner you will already know quite a bit about meta programs … but just in case you yet don’t, let me share a short example …

One of my friends, I remember like it was just yesterday, once told me he had started dating someone and the first time he went to her house he was in the kitchen. Looking around the kitchen out of all the things he saw there he noticed a cup.  Now this cup was the same as one his ex-partner has.

Out of everything there to be see in the kitchen his focus of attention noticed the one thing that was similar.  This perception of noticing ‘sameness’ is called in meta program language ‘Sort for Similarity’.  He then, not his best move,  continued to tell his new girlfriend his new discovery.

One thing to understand about meta programs is that they are neither good not bad in and of themselves, they are simply repetitive patterns of thought and behaviour.  So sorting for similarity will be valuable in some context and sorting for difference will be valuable in some context.

For example, sometimes, some specific meta program(s) may be responsible for a person having a string of failed relationships, they pick the same kind of partner and they have the same kind of experiences which massively contribute to an unhappy and then terminal relationship.

Perhaps in such cases noticing what is different in a fairly specific way could … and I stress could … clear the way for a much healthier more loving and mutually supportive relationships.

This is about not only recognising the language and behaviour of other and ourselves but even more so about being able to change our language and behaviour to ethically realise more of our desires and dreams. To be able to change meta programs for positive applications and purpose.

I don’t want you to take my word for this, just simply consider the possibility that, it is possible to alter, change and influence our own meta programs depending on what we want to achieve or even what someone else wants to achieve.

I am sure you are aware and now getting the bigger picture that the unconscious meta programs you run are to a large extent your patterns that determine your successes and failures in life.

All right, now, so how useful do you believe it is to coaches, therapists, personal developers and any one in the business of change to have a really deep understanding of the application of meta programs?

Our Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner explores and unpacks meta programs in terms of language and behaviour patterns in even deeper and more sophisticated ways than our NLP Practitioner training covers.

And here is an additional invite for NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioners, re-read this article and look out for all of the meta programs. Notice anything you find yourself agreeing with and the ideas and concepts that see to appeal to you but also look out for things that you don’t agree with or sentences that do not entirely grip you.

Our NLP Newcastle based Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses begin this coming September and if you already have an NLP qualification and wish to to it again for all the additional benefits you can for half the usual course price. Now which meta programs does this great offer appeal to?

And while the sun is still out and shining I want to finish my story, and you might be wondering, so how come I noticed this highly skilled accordion players iPhone? Well no mystery there, I have one too!

The weather forecast is suggesting that this coming week the UK will this week experience a week long heat wave. So if you are out walking practising noticing NLP Meta Programs in Newcastle upon Tyne, you might like to keep your eyes peeled to see not just accordion players but one with an iPhone.

NLP Meta Programs – Explained

Our Newcastle upon Tyne and North East NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training courses both explore Meta Programs in relation to enhanced communications, both at the linguistic and physical levels.

Meta Programs are one way people filter and sort and categorise information.  When we can recognise and detect peoples current Meta Program preferences it is possible to communicate more congruently at deeper and more connecting levels.

Here Harry Knox gives an immediately understandible introduction to the subject in this you tube video.  For the full 15 minute introduction simply subscribe to Communicating Excellence newsletter and access more NLP and Hypnosis resources.