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Parts Therapy – NLP Part Integration

This YouTube video is the third and final entry in a three part – NLP Parts Integration demonstration filmed at the Communicating Excellence NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Nigel Hetherington demonstrates one particular use of Parts Work to bring balance and insight to the decision making process.

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NLP Parts Integration Demonstration – Part Two

Parts Integration and Parts work can be used to explore decision making, resolve internal conflict and correct problematic behaviours.

Parts Integration can also be used to enhance desired behaviours such as sports performance or create better motivation to attain more of what you want in life.

NLP Parts work and Parts Integration are major techniques and process that are taught  on our Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma and NLP Practitioner Training.

The following YouTube clip is part two of an NLP Parts Integration demonstration recorded from one of our NLP Practitioner training courses in Newcastle upon Tyne.