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Sleight Of Mouth

Sleight of Mouth

Here is the final instalment of the examples of Sleight of Mouth.  There is a downloadable PDF in the Free Resources section.

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Sleight of Mouth

Limber up you verbal adroitness muscles to slip, slide and shimmey around, underneath, up, under and over those old problem words and phrases.  You can use these in Newcastle or anywhere you please whether you are a hypnotherapist, a performance coach or even an avid NLP training course aficcionado.

Practice leads to Less error” – Dr. Chris Hyatt
The next five sets of examples of more linguistic dexterity are available in the Free Resources section.  Click here to access the resource page.

Sleight Of Mouth

Sleight Of Mouth

Part of the function of this Communicating Excellence web page is to make NLP , Hypnotherapy and Coaching resources freely available for your learning and continued development. Free resources are of course really valuable but there is no substitute for experience.

If you choose to attend either our Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practitioner beginning September or our Hypnotherapy Diploma you will get the experiential learning of many reframing processes that you can use in all contexts of your life now, back to Sleight Of Mouth.

In the same way you have been learning about the structure of subjective experience before you learned NLP or hypnotherapy, you will have already learned about ‘sleight of mouth‘ or reframing. and you already know how to and how this works – even if you are not fully aware of the structure consciously. This is an exemplification of some patterns Robert Dilts coded from what Richard Bandler was doing.

I was introduced and taught Sleight Of Mouth (SOM) as some 15 coded interventions. SOM is simply simply re-framing. This is my recollection of the patterns Ian introduced me to which I recall come all the way from a Connie Ray and Steve Andreas training in the nineties.

First here is a list in no particular order of the labels and then you can continue with the examples of the patterns while your teaching yourself the meaning to the labels.

SOM Labels

  1. prior cause
  2. chunking up/down/sideways and ‘logical level’
  3. change the frame size
  4. redefine
  5. consequence
  6. counter example
  7. another outcome
  8. reality strategy
  9. intention
  10. model of the world
  11. switch referential index
  12. apply to self
  13. hierarchy of criteria
  14. meta frame
  15. metaphor

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