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Hypnosis Language Pivot Words – Nigel Hetherington

One of the hypnotic language patterns I
Have a particular fondness for are called
Pivot words or equally pattern interrupts.

Pattern interrupts with the purpose of leading
Someone, anyone, yourself to somewhere more
Useful to create new neural networks, possibly
By confusion or derailing a train of Thought you
Did and when you looked you hadn’t.

Confused … Yet … I hope So you can begin
To learn a pattern in an other than conscious
Way to go, its easy is it not?

But before I share a story I want to share
The patterns of the Words are a natural
Part of language and how we express A
Feeling can change at the drop of a hat
Or the drop of An expected sentence structure
Is known to you at an unconscious level.

Right now you ARE learning by example
So don’t try to figure it out just yet!

A spoken or written sentence during and
As you hear it, is being processed in what
You tacitly know … To make sense … Is to
Follow a semi predictable pattern that
You map onto … Experience … is what really
Makes the difference. Don’t trust me yet!

Walking down a road or a pathway you may
See a flower or A tree grows from a seed and
Evolves all of it’s Life is a collection of experiences
That can form … Our Impressions … are experiences that
Are imbibed by the nervous system and to
A large part create our know subjective reality.

OK, enough already … 🙂

Here’s the pattern …

[ Sentence … ] ending in a (a)NOUN(s) / OBJECT …


People often sit down at TABLES.

… (a)NOUN(s) beginning a [ sentence ]

TABLES are places where meals are served.

PIVOT the sentence ‘MEANING’ on the (a)NOUN(s)
This IS LIKE changing tracks half way through and
The expectation ( unconscious ) is lead to somewhere
Else other than expected … this creates a SPACE

Like this … PIVOT

People often sit down at … TABLES … are places where meals are served.

Think about it … After you have read the sentence
Out aloud to Yourself you can now understand
Something in … A different way … to learn is
All about experiencing something novel, new
Weird, unexpected. Remember the brain LIKES
Unexpected, weird, different and is likely to
Remember it all the more this way.

You can then use this SPACE to offer very helpful
And well meaning suggestions again and again …

So Why Do Wasps Eat Wood?

You have already learned this pattern at
More than one level. Trust me on this one!

Use it and make it part of how you
Communicate with intention to Yourself,
Anyone, Someone.

The story, as you remember … I will save
For another … Time …to go practice this
Powerful pattern of … Hypnotic Language
Patterns … can be learned more better by
Writing them down, saying them out loud
And On The Inside … exploring ways you
Can incorporate these in every day …

Conversational Hypnosis Skills … You
Are developing … … …

NLP Clean Language Clean Therapy ™ Demonstration Newcastle upon Tyne

NLP Practitioner Course in Newcastle. Begins January 28th 2011 – Only £495!

A demonstration of Clean Language moving into the Clean Therapy ™ Model for exploring, generating and evaluating a Solution Focused Metaphor approach to Problem Solutions.

Notice the entire process is carried out at an abstracted level of exploration and there is no reference to content.

NLP Practitioner Training – Newcastle upon Tyne – January 2011 – £495


Elements of Generative Change

An exploration of the elements of assisting clients …

The process of generative change and opening possibilities to lead an even more meaningful and purposeful life is all about making connections between a goal or outcome and the inherent values, beliefs, purposes and motivations that are driving the outcome or goal.

By abstracting or generalising the driving forces or ‘what does this actually get you’ in terms of the goal you can assist your clients in experiencing the real purpose or meaning of their goal.

Essential Spirituality and NLP – Part Two

Fractal ArtImage via Wikipedia

The concept is to balance the internal and external worlds so that neither one dominates so in equal measures a person leads a harmonious and balanced life. Think about this as doing some thinking as well as taking some exercise. Pretty simple right!

It can be …

It is simple, this is Yoga! Yoga IS a spiritual practice. Meditations to exercise the Mind as well as Physical activities to exercise the body.

Remember one of the so called operational Presuppositions of NLP is ‘Mind and Body Are One System’.

The seeming majority of NLP trainings will tend Strongly to works with mental and cognitive Elements of change yet not pay enough attention Towards the physical development aspects of change.

Yet this still is only half the story. This is about much more than learning mental and physical controls and Disciplines. This is about what happens to a persons Psyche as a function of having the ability to run the Brain and Body in unaccustomed and new ways.

Practically all current NLP training tends not to acknowledge let alone develop any aspects of Practitioners honest spiritual exploration and growth.

Clearly this was not always the case. Both Bandler and Grinder were hugely influenced By the work of the Mystic Carlos Castaneda. They Did in my opinion attempt to integrate spiritual Disciplines and practice in the early NLP trainings. Looking at the co-creators now there is to me clearly a very strong bias on the internal worlds from Bandler and a very stron bias from Grinder on the external experiences.

Now like UK schools, many ‘spiritual’ concepts have Been forgotten, swept under the carpet or Let go in some attempt to gain credibility, get recognition appease governments, seduce would be practitioners, Create ‘professional’ bodies, tap into management Institutes or educational institutions.

The ongoing and current NLP Evolution, I believe Will see an emphasis on honest spiritual development For NLP Practitioners, and just as much a moving away From the ‘trendy’ tic box, academically accredited Nonsense for NLP Practitioner certification that surely Will do to to real NLP education what the GCSE system and bureaucratic government did to hopes of serious Creativity and independent thinking practice.

NLP, like spiritual practice is not for everyone Yet those who do choose to practice NLP in earnest Will surely benefit from additional spiritual practice Intended to balance the psyche as a result of having The ability to run the Brain and Body in new and unaccustomed ways. NLP Evolution … … …

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Essential Spirituality and NLP – Part One

This picture depicts the seven major Chakras w...Image via Wikipedia

The word and meme ‘spirituality‘ is incredibly loaded and often misinterpreted. This term spirituality can be mistaken for religion and or new age mysticism yet in this context I attempt to define it here as neither.

I want to introduce a concept that is a part of NLP just as much as this is a part of life in general; And by way of a story, a metaphor, here we go. The intention is a balanced life.

In the Kundalini ( coiled ‘serpent’ power ) Yoga, intrinsic as with many Eastern spiritual systems there are the inclusion of Chakras or Padmas, which essentially mean energy centres. Now it MUST be understood that like the western concept of ‘mind’ a chakra is a ‘subtle’  substance. The chakra like the mind will not be found by a surgeon or MRI scanner.

Interweaving through the seven chakras are two nerves which are also made of subtle substance. These are called Ida and Pingala. Ida may be thought to refer to the Lunar Consciousness and Pingala to the Solar Consciousness. Now you may well be asking or thinking what Is Lunar and Solar consciousness.  Well one interpretation of Lunar in this context is death and rebirth, the way of living in your body, physicalised. An corresponding interpretation of Solar is eternal and divine consciousness, inexhaustible and likened to the internal meditations.

So in essence, this can also be interpreted as the external and internal worlds experienced by all humanity, every woman,man and child.

The concept is to balance the internal and external worlds so that neither one dominates so in equal measures a person leads a harmonious and balanced life. Think about this as doing some thinking as well as taking some exercise. Pretty simple right!

Well, it can be … … …

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NLP, Job Loss Worries and A Way Forward from Recession – Free 47 page eBook

Fractal ArtImage via Wikipedia

In a very recent article in The Journal the title is “28,000 public sector jobs to be axed – Tyneside will be worst hit”.

In the current state of UK and North East England economic up and down turns it is becoming more and more clear that people actually need particularly effective communication tools, need ways and means to reach more of their goals and need sharper skills and ways to stay top of their game.

Get your free 47 page e-book – Surviving A Recession

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming provides a solid and robust foundation to communicate effectively, get your points across and how to better understand others as well as yourself.

Continuing to be a valuable member of any team or making the decision to get a job that is both rewarding and satisfying are all about having the skills and the drive to live your life in ways that match your values and highest level desires.

If you are one of the people who’s jobs will be axed, don’t you want the skills to help you to make a real career progression in what can be described as a very turbulent time? Many companies help their employees who they are choosing to let go by making training funding available.

The Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practitioner training is not a therapy course per say, though all participants through exercises will become more confident, find higher self esteem and in general will be more more able to live life in the ways that matter the most.

Get your free 47 page e-book – Surviving A Recession 

Over the last two years many people deciding to do NLP Practitioner training have been funded by their companies as part of their redundancy package and while there can never be solid guarantees that NLP will make you land your dream job,  the NLP Practitioner will give you enhanced communications skills and extremely reliable ways for you to move towards getting the kind of job or career that you want to do.

If you are interested in NLP Practitioner Training please read this : Choosing Your Training Provider.

There has never been a time, now, more important to be investing in your future. NLP Practitioner Training’s in Newcastle upon Tyne begin in September ( 10 month ) and January 2011 ( 6 month ). They are lots of fun, you will make great new fiends and you will meet like minded people who are choosing to continue their personal and professional evolution.

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NLP Introduction Course Newcastle North East – June 19-20

Neuro linguistic Programming or NLP is a time proven and neurologically based way to honestly learn how to change how you feel and get more of what you want in life. IntegrityNLP and Communicating Excellence offer the best quality of training in NLP in the North of England.

Click here to book your place

“My expectations were all met extremely well. All of the exercises were extremely well delivered. I found it helpful the way the training was delivered with fun and enthusiasm.”

Donna – Project Co-Ordinator

You could have heard all sorts of claims about NLP. That it’s a way of developing advanced communicating skills, influencing people, achieving your goals, managing individuals and groups, avoiding the things that you don’t want and getting much more of what you do and so on.

You may have heard about the ‘Learn NLP in 7 Days’ programs. In our opinion these simply do not work. We offer NLP Practitioner training over six months or ten months where you will fully learn through practice and application over time how to master NLP and apply these powerful skills to yourself and others.

If you are curios about learning NLP and want to know how to feel the way you want more of the time, develop extremely effective communication skills and have a lot of fun learning then you are invited to attend out NLP Introduction training on June 19-20.

NLP Introduction training on June 19-20 – Cost £95

A full weekend where all of the NLP principles, tools, techniques and process are explored through structured exercises and experiential learning. Two complete days NLP training in Newcastle and the cost of the introduction training is deducted from NLP Practitioner training for those who choose to go on to do the NLP Practitioner course. A really excellent way to discover the magic of NLP for a very low cost.

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Newcastle Brief Therapy Study Day – Nigel Hetherington Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

The next Newcastle Brief Therapy Association 12th Annual Study Day is on Friday April 30th and is open to All.  This day, like change camp is a bargain at just £10 for members and £15 for non-members.

With a variety of well know presenters, this is another great opportunity to learn new process and techniques relating to Brief Therapeutic interventions as well as to connect with other local therapists.

Me,  Nigel Hetherington, Newcastle Hypnosis Course Facilitator and Master Hypnotist will be presenting “Physiological Solution Focused Therapy – Unsticking Problem States: ” In one of the four morning sessions ( mine is in the main lecture theatre ). This is an experiential learning and participative session.

Synopsis By understanding just a little about the connection between the brain, the nervous system and problem to solution states you literally can move people from problems to solutions.

The Newcastle Brief Therapy Association is run by my good friend John Wheeler.

NLP Meta Programs – Easily Understood

Meta Programs in terms of NLP are the initial creation of the Bandlers. Meta Programs are ultimately derived from Carl Jung’s work. Andy Hunt and Newcastle hypnotherapist Nigel Hetherington started Integrity NLP to offer the highest quality NLP Training at prices people can honestly afford.

Here Andy Hunt introduces NLP Meta Programs in a way that is very easily understood.

NLP Anchors : How Not To Anchor

The single most important thing you must know about NLP anchoring is it is all about preparation.

In order to anchor any resource state, the state must be fully accessed. Many people fail to create powerful anchors to states because the state they are anchoring is neither intense or pure.

Here is an example of how NOT to anchor.