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The Structure of Anxiety and Delightful Futures , NLP , Clinical Hypnosis

What have Anxiety and a delightful future have in common? Well for most people they are both in the future and both have not happened yet.

Anxiety is generally about planning a future that is pretty much crappy and undesired.  Anxiety experts also tend not to have any conscious ending for the unpleasant events they imagine.  This causes some more uncertainty and will tend to promote the anxiety cycle again.  Structurally there is little difference if any between Delight and Anxiety. Clearly the content is evaluated in a kind of either great or terrible way.

NLP is well known for its process orientated approach over content or situational details.  This short video from an NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle upon Tyne illustrates two NLP Operational Presupositions really nicely.

1. People have all the resources they need.

2. Structure ( or process ) is more useful than content and is a higher logical level.


Hints and Tips for Surviving a tempory recession – HT Four

Hello again, Nigel Hetherington here

So far this series of hints and tips have explored, in a very general way, what is essentially your outlook and  response-ability for your future.

This article is about the process of beginning to plan your future.

Its about starting to do something, and doing it now…

I recall when I did my first NLP Practitioner the ‘Well Formed Outcome’ was presented as a full and complete process. This demonstrated a worrying naivety of practical application and so in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

This is the first part of creating your outcome. There are other parts that are absolutely essential  for successful completion and they will be explore in detail in future articles.

So, this part is about WHAT DO YOU WANT? And exploring this in great detail.

The well formed outcome as far as I understand comes from the creator of Gestalt Therapy Fritz Pearls. There are certain conditions that seem to be required, certainly from a cognitive perspective that make a goal, an outcome even a dream all the more likely to come to fruition. Think about this in terms of a self fulfilling prophesy.

This version of the process requires the following:

  • Knowing what you do want ( as oppose to what you dont ) – See HT3
  • Taking responsibility yourself to making it happen – See HT2
  • Managing your state and how you feel – See HT1
  • Having a full sensory experience of it ( what you see, smell, taste, feel and hear )

The following process, created and developed by my good friend Andy Hunt is the first step in exploring realistic and desired personal goals and outcomes.

It is all about imagining, pretending and trying out potential outcomes before you make any commitments to pursuing them. Its all done in the safety and infinite resources of your own mind and body.

I have used this process with individuals and companies alike to explore possible future outcomes. I stress this is NOT a complete process. It is a beginning, and what a great place to start.

OK. Lets get to the practicalities. This is an exercise that you simply must do.

Pick some outcomes you want to explore and use the following process created by Andy Hunt.

Compass Exercise

The following H&T articles will make use of your exploration of your own goals. In a nut shell. DO the exercise. Then do it again. This is about you, yes YOU, taking control.

Get it on!

best wishes and continuing success’s

Words Matter! "Bail out" vs "Rescue"

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An Article By Andy Hunt
Cross-posted from Practical Wellbeing

Framing is an important part of any communication. How we ‘frame’ a message can dramatically change it’s effectiveness.

In this BBC News article If only the bail-out had been called a rescue Jonathan Gabay discusses how choice of words affected the passage of America’s $700 billion bail-out plan. The use of the word bail-out is the problem he compares and contrasts two different ways of making the same pitch.

Would you prefer a $700 billion bail-out plan, or a $700 million rescue plan?

In both cases the plan is the same, the frame is different. Bail-out suggest failure and breakdown, rescue suggests heroic efforts to save the day.

The article contains an excellent discussion of the use of these frames although he talks about it in terms of branding rather than framing.

North East Hypnotherapy practice group – 1st October 2008

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Reframing is much more than putting a positive spin on negative elements. Reframing is about changing the deeper meaning to open new and expansive opportunities to what were once problem situations.

This evening we will look at two ‘provocative’ reframing patterns, two NLP reframing structures and the ‘Andy Murray’ positive outlook strategy. All wrapped up inside of hypnotic trance.

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Come join in and explore in a warm, comfortable purpose built training environment. The Newcastle Hypnotherapy Practice Group, The Trance Cafe meets at St Oswalds, Regent Centre, Gosforth. First Wednesday of the month.

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NLP Reframing AND Peas Pudding

Reframing is a recurrant theme on our Newcastle NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training in Newcastle.

This month on an NLP Trainer Trainer course run by Talisman Training in London one specific reframe, a conceptual change of meaning really struck me. Its the sort of reframe that marketing people will absolutely love.

If you live in the north east you will know what Peas Pudding is, of course you will. Did you know that Peas Pudding is really only know in the North East! And what has this got to do  with reframing? – Good Question. Here it is

Peas Pudding – OH THAT! Well that is Northumbrian Hummous!

Love IT!

Reality and Reframing

One of the recurrent themes in any excellent NLP Practitioner course , or great application of therapy is to create the context for your own or your clients beneficial change. Another description for this is Reframing. Reframing is about changing how experiences are being perceived.

This clearly dovetails into the concepts of Description, Interpretation and Evaluation, three of the most important distinctions you can make, now,

One of the most thought provoking and exceptional people of the 21st century is Robert Anton Wilson. Bob Wilson has written many many books on many many varied subjects. One particularly excellent book ‘Quantum Psychology‘ gives us a wonderful example of these types of so very necessary distinctions.

The example cited comes in the form of the work of Albert Ellis. Here are two examples of less than positive and enabling statements about a persons ‘reality’. In NLP terms a seemingly impoverished model of the world, in every day language an interpretation of actuality.

  1. My boss is a male chauvinist drunk, and this is making me sick.
  2. My secretary is an incompetent, whining bitch, and I have no choice but to fire her.

By simply reformulating the verbal description, the complex equivalents and cause effects diffuse, some generalisations, distortions and deletions are alleviated BUT even more importantly the distinctions between descriptions, evaluations and interpretations become clearer.

  1. I perceive my boss as a male chauvinist drunk, and right now I do not ( or will not ) perceive or remember anything else about him, and framing my experience this way, ignoring other factors, makes me feel unwell.
  2. I perceive my secretary as an incompetent, whining bitch, and right now I do not ( or will not ) perceive or remember anything else about her, and framing my experience this way, ignoring other factors, inclines me to make the choice of firing her.

All NLP and therapy is essentially reframing. This is just yet another way to make it so.

nigel hetherington

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