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How To Create a Positive Compulsion : NLP Fast Phobia in Reverse

The NLP Fast Phobia Cure, Double Dissociation or the Rewind Process in it’s many names can be a fantastic, simple and surprisingly effective way to dissolve the traumatic memory associations that disable people living and experiencing life in wholesome ways.

If you have experienced trauma, in any of the forms and ways that are now thought to be dysfunct, that is a scenario when your life was in danger and to the more non-psychological an human stuff of a serious unresolved problem.

Positive Compulsion - Reverse Fast Phobia Cure

My thoughts are this, and if you wish to effortfully explore, you may find ways to really do more of the kind of things, from decision making, behaviours or being more of who you want to be; in aligning your conscious perceptions to what you actually do; Again it is effortful.

This process is almost ( there is a slight difference ) like running the NLP Fast Phobia Cure in reverse.

Procedural Steps : Creating a Positive Compulsion

1. TEST: Imagine a future scenario that you want to do different than before. Do this and then rate on any scale [ 0-10 or percentage ] your honest response to this being a reality. If this is less than 80% this process could make a difference for you and more importantly all the people with whom you interact.

2. OK so IF step one is less than 80% for you. In this case do the following: And it will be effortful. Run the entire scenario, and I am suggesting less than two minutes of the crucial decision point ( which is the start of behavior ) from end to start, that is in REVERSE in full colour, looking out your own eyes.

3. Now, in Black and White or Monotone, SEE YOURSELF from start to finish, like the whole thing was videoed, watching yourself do exactly what you want to do, with all respect for others involved. So it is almost exactly, very, like you want it to go. Consider this step the ‘Director of a movie’.

4. Now, as the ‘Producer of the movie’, Review the Director’s ( Step 3 ) version of events. Again in Black and White, or monotone. Watch the Director’s version of events and IF this can be Improved, with your creative input THEN return to step 3 and run step three again. Returning to Step four, this step until you as Producer are satisfied.

5. TEST. Imagine the complete scenario, just like step one. If there is over 80% satisfaction, honestly and truthfully in your own imagination. You are done. Only thing left is reality testing. IF not THEN return to step two.

Lots of thanks to the people who firmed up the roles and definitions for this process during the 2018 October Practice day.

Please feel free to use, distribute and even more importantly refine this process.


Brain Spa – Humour in Change work with Phil Jeremiah : July 28-29

We need humour to help keep us sane in such a crazy world! It can be all to easy to get stuck into negative toughs and behaviours. Humour and laughter can be a tonic to heal hearts and mend woes.

Phil Jeremiah, a pioneer in the serious use of humour in change work is coming to Newcastle July 28th – 29th for a weekend sharing his latest advances in Humour Worx. This is also including aspects of Brain Spa training too.

The best way to get a feel for wonderful addition is to watch Phil in action.  This is a 20 minute ‘bubble session’ with a wonderful participant named Paula.

You will be slapped metaphorically with all kinds of delights and you will be tickled like never before! Be afraid, be very afraid but not so afraid to come on this course of wonderment.

Participants, through group demonstrations and exercises will become familiar with the Humour Worx patterns which you can use with your clients and friends. Over the two days through practice you will embody the essence of using humour with safely and conviction.

Hope you will come and join myself and Phil in a neuron nursery of very positive and laughter filled change.

Venue & Booking

Jesmond Dene Conference Center
Millfield House
Jesmond Dene
Red Walk
Newcastle upon Tyne

Book Your Place

July 28-29 Sat-Sun

A deposit of £50 secures your place.
Total training fee is £100 for 2 days.

NLP & Hypnotherapy Practice Weekend : Newcastle : April 2017

Just another super high value weekend to meet old and new friends and playfully practice some hypnotherapy and NLP.

Being a practice weekend, some topics will be decided on the day by what you want to practice and what you want to explore; either for a first time or something that you would like to deepen your experiential knowledge of.

NLP Hypnotherapy Practice Newcastle

A couple of things I would like to explore are:

Your inner tune, your inner rhythm. Many years ago I heard a tune that not just spoke to me but was a metaphor for my ‘natural’ beat, my natural resonance in my normal day to day being is. It really did take me years to remember this.

When I tuned this in me, it was mostly unconscious and not currently being able to write music and cadence, I only noticed it when it was. I noticed it but had no way to me consciously to replicate it. So something I would like to explore with you is your ‘natural’ tune.

Once you have this it takes very little to slow that tune down or speed it up and by way of conscious choice change your state dramatically. It’s powerful.

The other exploration is being able and having the capacity to take different perspectives other than your own.

This is particularly important to me in friendships and relationships. The handful of people I can honestly call really close friends have this capacity. So in nurturing relationships this is something I think we as a species need and know I need to better be able to relate to others.

The path to competency, even mastery requires dedicated and persistent practice to become a habit or an unconscious skill.  The other two crucial elements are purposeful fun. So anticipate some fun and childishness in our learning together.


Jesmond Dene Conference Center, Jesmond Dene,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7BQ

April 22-23 : 9.30 am start, finishing between 5-5.30 pm


Excellent value ONLY £30 for the full weekend.
Book your place quick. Limited places.

NLP & Hypnotherapy Practice Weekend : October 1-2

This first coming weekend in October is a lush opportunity to meet up with new and old friends and get right down to lots of practice and play.

Newcastle NLP Hypnotherapy Practice Group

Two to three times a year we run a practice weekend for NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques and process. These practice weekends are just that; Practice! Also the cost is extremely good value at just £30 for the full weekend.

The topics will be a mixture of what you want to explore and practice on the day and some pre defined process.

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre
Date : October 1-2
Time : 9.30-5.30 each day

BOOKING : ONLY £30 for Saturday & Sunday!

Language Influences Consciousness

You probably already know about words
That can literally change your perception
And as such, powerfully change an experience.

I want to highlight two of these special
Words. These words tend to include or exclude
People or things into one group or another,
As well as enhance or diminish an experience.

I invite you to recall a time where you had
Have a really great experience.

Now notice the difference when you read
And do do the following … contrasting the
Two recollections of your memories.

Remember this good experience as if you were there again.
Remember that experience as if you were there again.

Commonly the experience for most people
When they compare the effect of the first
And second sentence is …

The word ‘this’ tends to associate and
Enhance a remembered experience,
whereas ‘that’ tends to diss-associate and
Diminish the intensity of a remembered experience.

When you want to invite people to remember
Positive experiences and really associate into
The good feelings use the word ‘this’. As in
“remember the time when … now …
remembering this experience”

When you want to invite people to remember
An experience and to not have the associated
Feeling as well as the visual aspects use the
Word ‘that’. As in …”remember the time
when … now …remembering that experience”

Using ‘this’ and ‘that’ to associate or
Diss-associate experience will come easily
With practice. Remember to clear about
Your intentions when you do use this.

12 Day NLP Practitioner Only £595 : October 11th – November 16th

This is a twelve day certified NLP Practitioner training for those of us who can’t make weekend or don’t want to commit to a six month eighteen day training, we require a different option.

So here it is. SNLP certified NLP Practitioner Training in Newcastle upon Tyne with Nigel Hetherington, beginning October 11th 2011, this training is two days per week ( Tuesday-Wednesday) over six weeks. And … is exceptional value @ £595.

This has truly been the best training / development event I have ever attended. I was totally taken out of my comfort zone, as the course was delivered in a totally different way to what I was used to.However the results were amazing. My own understanding and also understanding of others has improved vastly. My interest in NLP is now a passion and I can’t wait to develop my knowledge and skills further. Nigel is truly inspirational and wow! have I enjoyed myself. I never believed I would be able to ‘coach’ someone successfully, using a funny voice! Thank you so much.

Lorraine Lord

This course is designed to give you powerful techniques and processes that you can use to improve your skills, attitudes and states in your personal and professional life. To help you more realistically and purposefully set and achieve your outcomes, remove limiting beliefs, resolve inner conflicts and generally feel better and more confident in yourself.

There is an emphasis on improving your relationships, both with yourself and with others by gaining a deeper appreciation of their beliefs, values and perspectives.

The pace and practicality of the practitioner course were perfect in terms of identifying personal traits that I wanted to explore in my model of the world. I found ways to integrate the teachings I learned into a number of facets of both work and personal / social life. I fully recommend this course for personal development and life enhancement in general.

Tor Bruce – CEO Registered Charity

NLP really can’t be learned from a book or video, these are second best. The best way to assimilate NLP principles is through practical experience that you can transfer into all aspects of your life. This 12 day experiential training will deliver the principles and nuances that simply aren’t available through learning in any other format.

Treat yourself to an early Christmas present with a fully SNLP certified NLP Practitioner Training. Only 12 places available. Book your place with a £150 deposit. Just in case you are wondering the certification fee is included in the price. There are no hidden extras this training really is just £595.

A very enjoyable and experiential course. The exercises are well thought out and assist the continued building and learning throughout the course. Nigel is very generous and willing to share his skills and experiences. He imparts just the right amount of theory between exercises to stimulate further learning of the material.

Bryan Wright

Some of the things you will learn how to do ::

  • Understand and apply powerful NLP change processes.
  • Break free from problem behaviours.
  • Change limiting beliefs to empower your life.
  • To notice and use non-verbal communication.
  • Set more realistic outcomes by learning the secrets of well balanced goals.
  • How to acquire new skills and abilities and enhance your existing ones.
  • Develop and use powerful communication skills.
  • Transform difficulties into opportunities.
  • Ethically influence others.
  • Discover real personal development.
  • How to really learn with an open mind.
  • Organise your time more effectively.
  • Understand and utilise your own motivations as well as others.

Nigel presents NLP in a very fun and memorable way. He has a skill in teaching some complex stuff in an easy way – mega engaging! Useful tools acquired which will definitely add to counselling skills as well as personal development.

Marie Strizaker

A certified NLP Practitioner training with an accent on the principles and practice of NLP with a real emphasis on learning through doing.

Very inspirational. Opened my eyes to a whole new world! NLP is a good ‘life skill’ in every way from using it as a business to every day life. You made the course fun and relaxed which allowed me to learn more. Thank you.

Linda McKendrick

This training will be engaging, high energy and fun! Book your place now with a £150 deposit. October – November 2011.

Only 12 places currently available, so act now and book your place!

Newcastle Conference Change Camp Newcastle Hypnotherapist and more …

Change Camp is a Newcastle conference for hypnotists and newcastle hypnotherapists and anyone involved or wanting to know more about personal development and change.

One full day of varying presenters and topics from Hypnosis and NLP to brief therapy methods. Incredible value at £10 and bringing together a community of like minded individuals.

Saturday 20th May – All Day

The themes for ChangeCamp are:

1. Changing yourself: Using psychological techniques to change our own experience of the world.

2. Changing others: Using psychological techniques in therapeutic or educational contexts.

3. Changing groups: Making groups and organisations more effective through psychological means.

In an un-conference that is put to one side, people who are interested in a subject and want to present about it make presentations to other people who are interested. The presentations may be talks, workshops, exercises, question and answer sessions, brainstorming sessions – what ever format best suits the issue in question. Audience participation is strongly encouraged. The event is organised to encourage an informality and cross fertilisation of ideas.

ChangeCamp is arranged to bring together a large number of participants from a variety of fields so they can be exposed to other ways of working and thinking. It’s set up to stimulate discussion.

To encourage high attendance the entry fee is set at £10 which is just enough to cover costs.

If you would like to attend just go to and sign on to the website.

Life Club – Newcastle upon Tyne

Life Club was a big hit at ChangeCamp Autumn 2009, with more than 20 participants! Now I’m delighted to tell you that Life Club Newcastle is ready to go – we will meet every Monday night from January 18 onwards.

Life Clubs are 90 minute workshops where you get a clearer way of thinking about yourself and your life. We want you to live more, laugh more, earn more and play more. It’s a fun environment where you meet like-minded people all wanting to learn more about their life and how to manage it.

Doors open at 6.15pm, and we kick off at 6.30pm prompt, finishing at 8pm.

Workshops are £15 each (concessions available), with free membership (value £10) for ChangeCampers – just say the word! I look forward to seeing you there.

Facilitator Abigail Smith

Life Club

Unitarian Church, Ellison Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8XG

Self Hypnosis – To Extreme

Space Cowboy Sword SwallowingImage by GregTheBusker via Flickr

Here is a hillarious article from the Sun, thanks to my good friend Steve Austin for this one!

A SWORD swallowing hypnotist put himself in a trance for FIVE hours after practising in front of a mirror.

Helmut Kirchmeier was found in the hypnotised state by his shocked wife Joanna at their home in London.

She had to call a mentor of her husband’s to talk him round over the phone.

Joanna said: “I was really shocked when I found him, he was just like a zombie staring at himself in the mirror. His pupils had gone really small, which is a sign of someone under hypnosis.”

The hypnotist also known as Hannibal Helmurto became transfixed after looking into the mirror.

Read the whole article here.

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Serious email problems with UK2 The Worst Service Provider In The World?

Apologies if you have emailed me in the last two three four EIGHT days.

The service provider I use UK2 has been experiencing severe technical difficulties for the last week, very poor access to email, which seems to have culminated in the total break down of the servers and service I use to receive email.

Once again, apologies if I haven’t answered your emails from the last two three four EIGHT days it is because I have not received them in my POP account.

The UK2 technical support department, despite numerous emails from me, are not responding to emails. Sadly a not unusual response from UK2 technical support.

I have had two problems with UK2 following on from their disastrous email migration. I have resolved them after FIFTEEN days.

POP access. A simple fix ( for me )
My web mail works fine, yet the POP was logging in fine though reporting no new emails.
I had the incoming server set as
change to

Sub-Websites not working … well uk2 managed to re-write all my index.html files. Use you back up to re-upload your index.html

By the way, it seems that the replies from UK2 technical support ( when they actually reply ) are not going ( at least to my ) to your selected ‘support’ email address, they are only available on their web site.