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Do You Want To Stop Worrying? May 29th 2009


Are you a worrier?

2009, It’s not quite the happiest of years. Financial difficulties. Looming recession. The flu bug that’s going around. Wars and disasters on the TV and you know worrying makes it worse.

Lots of challenging situations for all of us, but if you are a worrier it’s just so much worse. As if the reality of the situation wasn’t bad enough you can’t stop worrying about it.

“Completely new strategies for dealing with worry and difficult situations. I came with an open mind and have realised the benefits of the techniques”

Karen Morris

Do these statements apply to you?

  • You’re not able to calm down
  • You imagine the worse
  • You feel anxious far more than you should
  • You just can’t stop worrying
  • You feel out of control

If they do then we have a short course in picturesque Hexham that will help you:Relaxed

  • Feel calm
  • Stop worry in it’s tracks
  • Get back control of your mind.
  • Gain greater peace of mind.

The course will be held at The Bodywork Centre in picturesque Hexham on Friday 29th May from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

“Very helpful with lots of great hands on activities. Great take home resources and plenty of time to practice”

Azza El-Dahshan

The cost for this complete one day workshop is just £69.00. A small price to pay for a great deal of benefits. Facilitated by Nigel Hetherington and Andy Hunt.

For more details or to book your place click on

Coping With Worry – A Short Course in Hexham.

NLP Practice Day – Newcastle upon Tyne – 28th March

Learning to flyImage by David_Reverchon via Flickr

IntegrityNLP are hosting another of our open Newcastle upon Tyne NLP Practice days. It is a chance to come and practice your developing skills and meet some great people.

The day is open to all levels of skills and that includes complete novices. You will find the group warm and welcoming.

So if you are curious and want to find out more about NLP attending this practice day is a very low cost way to do some exploring of your own.

NLP Practice Day – 28th March 

09.45am – 5.15pm ( Tea and Biscuits included )
St Oswalds Hospice, Regent Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1EE

A whole days  practising, training and fun as well as tea and biscuits is only£10.00.

  Hope you can make it this time.

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NLP Practice day in the North East and Newcastle

Communicating Excellence  Clinical Hypnotherapy courses run in the North East of England and Newcastle to provide the very best practical, cost effective and experiential trainings. Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Newcastle and North East NLP Practitioner, North East and Newcastle NLP Master Practitioner.

On Saturday November 22nd we are holding one of our NLP Practice days, an opportunity to meet up with other NLPers and practice new stuff and develop your skills.

The day will be structured into four separate sessions, running from 9:30am to 5pm in a new venue in North Shields. Although we haven’t yet confirmed all the topics and presenter’s for the day Andy Hunt will be running a session called ‘What do you want for Christmas?’

If you are on, or have been on, one of IntegrityNLP’s courses the day is FREE of charge otherwise it will cost just £10. You will need to have had some experience of NLP, if you’ve attended an NLP Practitioner Training or one of our Introducing NLP trainings that’s fine, if you’re not sure drop us a line and we can discuss it.

As a special attraction (!) the venue is just a few hundred yards from the Royal Quays retail outlet centre and we’ll be allowing an extra half hour at lunch if you care to do a bit of Christmas shopping.

For more information and booking contact

IntegrityNLP is run by Nigel Hetherington, Harry Knox and Andy Hunt

NLP Meta Model – Free eBook

This free eBook is all about the patterns of NLP’s Meta Model and is yours to download.

Quite often I meet NLP Practitioners who really are interested in the Meta Model but dont really have any deep understanding of what it is or really how to use it.

This eBook is my attempt to simplify and put into context the many patterns. It really is easy when you get to grips with it. So my invitation to you is to read this and put in into practice.

click here

You can use this eBook to really learn what the NLP Meta Model is all about and much more importantly how to use it.

Please pass this on and make as many copies as you want. Get it out there!

If this is useful to you please leave a comment.

Carlisle NLP Practice Group – Wednesday 17th October

Explore the power of CLEAN LANGUAGE and 


Practising the art of asking unusual questions –                                          ‘results’ not guaranteed!

Wednesday’s session will be from 7-9 at

Carlisle Carers Association
1st Floor                                                              

Fusehill Medical Centre

Fusehill Street                                                              
Carlisle CA1 2HE
Cost just £5.00

Plenty of parking.

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided.

Contact Helen Richards NLP Master Practitioner  and Trainer

Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma

The next Clinical Hypnotherapy diploma course in the North East of England in Newcastle is starting in August. There is just two weeks before you can join the premier Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma training in the North East – Alan Jones and Nigel Hetherington facilitate this General Hypnotherapy Standards Council approved training.

Get a nationally approved qualification.

Check out clinical hypnotherapy diploma training in Newcastle.

Newcastle and North East NLP Practice Group

If you would like to practice NLP by doing NLP then you might like to come to the NLP Cafe and meet like minded explorers like you who want to increase your knowledge and skills – And all this takes place in a warm, secure and purpose built training centre.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that trigger unresourceful states in us. A letter from the bank, being called into the bosses office, having to do the paper work, etc, etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that not so useful state automatically triggered a more resourceful state in that situation? Not surprisingly NLP has a number of state based processes to help that happen.

In the next NLP Cafe on Tuesday July 15th we will use a simple technique called the Anchor Dance for automatically taking you from an unresourceful to a resourceful state quickly and easily.

Join Andy Hunt and Nigel Hetherington at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre between 7pm and 9pm on July 16th to find out how to do the Anchor Dance (courtesy of Vikas Dikshit an inventive NLPer from Pune, India).

The evening costs just £10 for which you will receive a Cafe Credit which will give you a £10 discount on any course run by Andy Hunt or Nigel Hetherington.

PS: This is a great way of finding out what we are like as trainers and the kind of thing you might expect to get from one of our IntegrityNLP Practitioner trainings.

FREE NLP Resources – Milton Model

Our Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma training and our NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle both explore and utilise the coded patterns of Milton H Erickson.

There are many ways to increase your learning of Milton Patterns. If you go to the free NLP resources section here you can discover yourself ways to increase your knowledge and understanding.

warming wishes

nigel hetherington

Communicating Excellence
Excellence in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Excellence in Therapy

An experiential and memorable two day hands on workshop of themes of excellence  in applied NLP in therapy – presented by Andrew T Austin.

In this two day workshop by Andy Austin you can learn new ways to deal with difficult clients based on the art and science of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). As a registered nurse, Andy Austin has worked in casualty, neurological and psychiatric settings. As a therapist he has worked successfully with people that would be considered very difficult clients.

On the first day he will lay the groundwork showing you how we construct our internal experience and how as therapists we can detect what is going on.

On the second day, he’ll demonstrate how to use these skills to create interventions that work with addictive personalities, yo-yo quitters. He’ll address the three pillars Guilt, Anxiety and Depression. and how to help your clients onto a different path.

Who is this course for?

This course is to encourage excellence in therapy and will be useful for

  • Therapists

  • Hypnotherapists

  • NLP Practitioners and Master practitioners

  • Counsellors

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • Psychologists

  • Anyone else in the helping professions

Newcastle upon Tyne : 21-22 June : £195.00

choose to pay a £50 deposit and the balance by April
pay the full discounted amount of £170 now

you really would be mad to miss it

Click Here for full details and to book your place now

Tips for Surviving Christmas

Here are some more of a series of tips that if you do them right will not only get you through Christmas smiling but the new year aswell!  These really are simple applied NLP processes.  For information about NLP courses in Newcastle and the North East click hereFor Newcastle and North East Clinical Hypnotherapy training click here.

Tip number five

Have you ever heard that old saying ‘Smile and the whole world smiles back at you?’ Its probably not entirely 100% true BUT
When you smile, a genuine smile ( not that half arsed stiff british upper lip ), people usually smile back.  You begin to change your own mood with just a little smile. Your brain and face get a little cooler.  Like Bandler said a long time ago saying the word ‘e’ or ‘ah’ over and over again have this effect. Its not new though, my Grandma told me to do it “Smile and the whole world smiles with you” – Cheers Stella – you knew it back then! For a lot of real science on this ‘smiling phenomena’ visit Bob Suttons page.

Tip number six

Holidays are almost upon us – hurrah!
Get out and walk for half and hour or more. There are literally hundreds of places, with trees, birds and even lakes that are within 30 minutes of Newcastle upon Tyne. The are also parks with lakes in Newcastle upon Tyne.  You will meet other people. As Hippocrates stated years ago “Walking is a mans best medicine” – Naturally this applies equally to men and women of both sexes. Wrap up warm and get some fresh air. Enjoy the left brain right brain contra-lateral exercises – yes – walking!

best wishes