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How To Use Hypnotic Language

One of the main components of using hypnotic language is using ‘connecting words’ to create and weave a hypnotic sentence.

This video is a simple demonstration of how to chain suggestions and hypnotic commands together into a coherent structure using connectives. Recorded at Clinical Hypnosis Training Newcastle upon Tyne.


Trauma Hypnotherapist Specialist Framing – Newcastle upon Tyne

Before a home is built the foundations are created. Everything rests on the foundations. Framing is like preparing the foundation for more effective hypnotherapy.

When working with clients successful neurolinguists and clinical hypnotherapists alike will use some kind of framing to assist clients in making changes easier. Framing also explains the hypnotherapeutic process to your client before they actually experience it.

This is recorded for the Newcastle upon Tyne workshop for therapists, counsellors and hypnotherapists on Trauma Resolution using Eye Movement Integration and Generative Change Methods by Nigel Hetherington.

Beliefs Values And Health

Hypnotherapist Trauma Resolution Newcastle upon Tyne

Anxiety, grief, trauma and phobias can be successfully treated using clinical hypnotherapy. Master clinical hypnotherapist Nigel Hetherington in a seminar in Newcastle upon Tyne explores how Memory Templates for such conditions can be formed.

One of the neurological models of how memory works is likened to Templates. Templates are specific networks of neurons that become activated when a specific memory is accessed or specific skill is utilised.

A template is formed through experience and is created directly by the growing and solidifying of brain dendrites. A memory template can be used to explain the structure of phobic response or problematic ways of thinking, like anxiety or excessive worry and grief.


NLP Anchors : How Not To Anchor

The single most important thing you must know about NLP anchoring is it is all about preparation.

In order to anchor any resource state, the state must be fully accessed. Many people fail to create powerful anchors to states because the state they are anchoring is neither intense or pure.

Here is an example of how NOT to anchor.

Trauma Resolution Workshop For Counsellors and Therapists

Here is an exert from day two of the weekend workshop for Trauma Resolution For Counsellors and Therapists.

I found the material and the presentation excellent, what I have seen of the Generative Change process fills some big gaps in my conventional NLP training and the EMI allow the body mind to connect and integrate the release of emotional issues in a very clear and clean way!

Feras Jerjis

This weekend concentrates on Generative Change as well as incorporating EMI (Steve and Connirea Andreas’ Eye Movement Integration’ ) to dissolve trauma. This workshop will run again later this year, sponsored by The Newcastle Counsellors Association.

NLP Cause And Effect – An Outdated Model

The idea, concept or model of Cause And Effect is very familiar to physicists and NLP’s. The model proposes that one action ( a force ) is caused by another action ( another force ). Or equally, one thing necessarily causes another.

The Cause Effect model works extremely well for static forces as well as dynamic forces but not so well for living beings and human interactions. Human beings are way more complex, interesting diverse than to be reduced to a cause effect model. A much more useful model to consider is one of Intention – Consequence.

John Grinder,  Wayne Dyer amongst many others use and make use of the Intention – Consequence model for amazing results. Now me, Nigel Hetherington, I don’t always have the consequences of may actions in mind when I act, I still get stuff wrong and make amazing blunders that are of course disguised learnings! Something I am working with and through!

Here is a little video clip exploring Meta Programs and Cause Effect.

NLP Time Line – Manifesting A Worthy Future – Part Two

Here is the second of three parts of how to do a NLP Time Line. This was recorded at the Newcastle Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma training in 2009 with one of the attendees. This is a direct follow on from the first video.

Clinical Hypnosis training in the North East of England and Newcastle starts in January and August each year.

Time Line – NLP – Manifesting A Worthy Future

Time Lines in terms of NLP, Future Orientation in terms of Goal Setting and Achieving, Coaching Future Pacing … All of these activities have one absolutely fundamental thing in common! Future Planning / Future Pacing!

One of the most common mistakes Coaches ( even pretty good ones ), Therapists and Hypnotherapists to name but a few don’t include as part of dynamic and generative change processes is future pacing. This means to ‘pretend’, ‘imagine’ and ‘realise’ is to go into the future and look back – Having already got the ‘Goal’ … and … powerfully linked this to the real underlying motivations and desires.

One of my mentors Dr. Christina Hall ( See Salad Training ) has educated me very well in terms of what NLP Time Lines absolutely must include. Here is Part one of three of how to do Time Lines. This was filmed during last years Hypnotherapy Diploma Training. This is my take on Chris’ version of Time Lines and as far as I know it is by far the most effective.

51 Free NLP and Hypnosis Videos – North East

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One of the ways therapists, hypnotherapists, counsellors and NLP’rs can extent their repertoire is through training videos. A video is an excellent accompaniment to direct learning.

Here are 51 free NLP and Hypnosis videos, including Core Transformation, to watch on You Tube from Nigel Hetherington.

Click on this link to my web site to view 51 NLP and Hypnosis dvd clips on You Tube.

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