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Trauma Resolution – EMIPlus Training : Edinburgh & London 2013

Trauma Resolution Workshop for Change Professionals

Eye Movement Integration Plus is a very easy to learn and apply set of techniques that can be used to help people suffering from a variety of serious stress problems. EMIPlus is NOT a miracle cure, it is however very, very effective.

These workshops are specifically for anyone in the people helping profession. This is applicable to counsellors, therapists, psychotherapists, doctors, NLP therapists, coaches and hypnotherapists. The process is as close to a content free intervention as we can find.

NLP Training Newcastle

The EMIPlus trainings for the rest of 2013 will be in Edinburgh 7-8 September and London November 9-10. Both trainings are over two days and are very practical in nature. There is plenty of supporting neurological theory, which do proved excellent metaphors of neurological change for clients. Yet the essence is in a very simple to master technique that continues to provide the experiences to help elevate undesirable emotional responses.

The problems and issues EMIPlus can help to resolve include :

  • Phobias
  • Traumatic memories
  • PTSD
  • Guilt, shame, regret and remorse
  • Possibly some instances of physical symptoms.


EMIPlus Edinburgh : £175 : 7-8 September 2013

contact Marion Robb at Conscious Choice Hypnotherapy on 07909 961646


EMIPlus London : £197 : 9-10  November 2013

contact Cathy Simmons at The Simmons Clinic on 0207 419 7915

For a completely FREE experience of EMIPlus Training go to where you can download the entire two day workshop ( minus the exercises and certificate ) to study and utilise in your own practice and life.


EMIPlus is the work of Nigel Hetherington. EMI is used with the consent of the EMI creators Connirae and Steve Andreas. Integral Eye Movement Technique IEMT is the work of Andy Austin, who’s trainings I highly recommend.

James Tripp : Newcastle : November 16-17 : £175

James Tripp is coming to Newcastle to deliver his latest workshop which is called Transformational Conversation.

James is one of the few genuine innovators in the field of therapy, coaching and influence. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn seriously powerful and effective principles and methods of assisting your clients ( and you ) make fundamentally honest and generative change. This means stepping into your power.

Watch this recent interview with James to get a sense of the inherent value as well what this workshop will uncover.

Use the link to book you place for this transformative training with a real master change worker. This weekend workshop is excellent value at £175 ( London Price £399 ) – This is included as part of the September 2013 NLP Master Practitioner training.

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7BQ

Date & Time : November 16-17 2013 : 09.30-17.30

Book Now

NLP Eye Movement Integration Plus – Trauma Resolution Training

NLP Eye Movement Integration Plus ( EMIPlus ) is a process based and very easy to learn way for clinicians and all people helpers to assist clients move through and recover from personal trauma.

Next training is 29-30 June in Newcastle and costs £90.


EMIPlus can be used to help people with :

  • PTSD
  • Phobias
  • Traumatic Memories
  • Anxiety, Specific and Non-Specific

All of the EMIPlus Trauma Resolution training can be obtained completely free at

The latest training coming in June 29-30 in Newcastle is a validated certification training where students can authentically add EMIPlus to the therapies they offer to clients. All students on certification are invited to add their web address and details to the growing EMIPlus therapists register.

This training is specifically orientated to change professionals such as hypnotherapists, counsellors, CBT practitioners and coaches who are in the business of helping clients break free of trauma’s and personal blocks.

Overt two days you will become fluent in the EMIPlus process and get the very latest EMIPlus developments, specifically the 3×3 grid and the ‘Bell Curve’ technique.

There are 18 places available on this Newcastle EMIPlus training in June.

Venue: Jesmond Dene Conference Centre


29-30 June

Only £90



Presentation Skills Training Course Newcastle

There has never been a better time to have excellent presentation skills and some people just seem to have excellent ones, don’t they?

We all are currently living an a culture and society where it is easy to share our ideas, products and services BUT how do you go about differentiating who you are and what you offer from a massive crowd of sameness and noise?

How do you express yourself congruently and with that certain something that makes you noticeable and attracts the kind of attention you want. When you can present in ways that are engaging, fun and different to the mediocrity that we all too often see and hear its then that people will really get your message.

Presentation Skills Training Newcastle

Presentation Skills Training : April 22-25 : £399

Being and feeling comfortable and highly interactive is not a skill most are born with and at the same time this skill set is highly learnable. It is not a gift from the gods, it is a skill set where drills, knowledge and training over four days can turn you into an exceptional public speaker.

This coming April over four consecutive days Nigel Hetherington and Ruth Hindmarsh are sharing the most powerful and engaging ways any presenter, can communicate and broadcast their ideas, your ideas in a way that will attract potential clients, help you make sales and make a very credible,as to why, people will want your services.

Nigel and Ruth have combined expertise in neuro linguistic programming, theatre, directing, performing arts and hypnosis that will be used in this training to transform all your future presentations .

We are offering a highly participatory and massively experiential training format that can take you, your ideas and your vision forwards to a new level.

Presentation Skills – Learning to :

  • Amplify your charisma
  • Connect with your audience
  • Use language to engage
  • Manage your state
  • Present gracefully

Not available on this training

  • PowerPoint
  • Classroom style learning
  • Theoretical drivel

By attending Presentation Skills you will gain :

  • The ability to present from heart and head
  • Excessive presenting practice
  • Coaching and feedback
  • Confident presenting presence

Looking towards your future and starting to have a felt sense of how having access to a real balance of technique, inner strength, playfulness and spontaneity will be seriously advantageous in all areas of you life; and not just when you are presenting with excellence.

Four safe and supported days of Presentation Skills training where you can really learn from two highly experienced presenters the secrets and skills to present with excellence.

Presentation Skills Training in Newcastle upon Tyne

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre

When : April 22-25

Price : £399

12 10 participants only

£100 deposit : BOOK NOW



EMI+Plus Trauma Resolution Training For Therapists

Emotional and psychological trauma are often crucially interlinked. Decoupling the negative emotions and memories from traumatic incident are pretty much necessary pre-requisites to a full recovery. A recovery from the tyranny of debilitating events that can continue to plague the recovery and return to being a well functioning human being.

The technique and methods are really very simple to learn and apply and as such are recommended as being part of any professional change workers skill set.

This is the first completely free DVD set of the EMIPlus Trauma Resolution training for professional change workers. Recorded in Newcastle in 2012 here is a complete training available for immediate access. The free recordings cover two days in EMIPlus.

To access the additional six video downloads go to the emiplus website enter your email address and name. You will receive a confirmation email, say yes, and access the complete training for free. EMIPlus is used with the consent of the EMI creators Connirae and Steve Andreas.

Get it all for free here –

Traum Resolotion Training – EMI Plus – 2 Day Training Free Download

Trauma Resolution Training for Change Professional with Eye Movement Integration Plus ( EMI Plus )

Helping clients overcome debilitating emotional trauma is a significant part of professional change work and coaching. Newcastle trauma resolution change professional Hypnotherapy Newcastle Nigel Hetherington uses several tools and techniques that originate in NLP and Hypnotherapy to assist clients to move through and let go of emotional trauma.

Completely FREE nearly 6 hours of footage, 7 MP4 files, 1.8 Gb download

Trauma Resolutions training in Newcastle Eye Movement Integration Plus is a two day experiential training that is specifically designed to teach easy to learn and very powerful ways to dissolve emotional trauma.

EMIPlus Trauma Resolution Training Newcastle

The training is designed both for people who are already working as change professionals and people who are developing and nurturing the kinds of skills necessary to help people who have experienced emotional trauma. Firmly based in the Andreas’s NLP Eye Movement Integration with the addition of specific breathing patterns and irrelevant humour this training is an excellent addition to anyone’s toolkit.

Go to the emiplus website and very easily enter your name and email and immediately download nearly 6 hours of footage FREE from the latest EMIPlus training in Newcastle upon Tyne.

EMI Plus Trauma Resolution Training & Skills – ‘Click Here and’ Get It All

NLP Training Course | Hypnotherapy Training Course | Newcastle NLP & Hypnotherapy Training



Presentation Skills Training Course

Presentation skills – some people just seem have them… don’t they?

Maybe you can recall a time when you witnessed a perfectly seamless, completely engaging and ‘fully in control’ public speaker deliver their message to an enthusiastic and interested audience.

At the same time, how much did you wonder at what it is specifically about what they do that means an audience is right there in the palm of their hand? Surely it’s a question of talent… isn’t it? You’ve either got it, or you haven’t…?

The most highly skilled public speakers know that it’s not just about confidence and getting all the right messages in the right order. This practical training will equip you with the knowledge and skills to become an exceptional public speaker.

Use of language, effective use of the space, stage presence, controlling your emotional state and techniques which further engage you with your audience are just a selection of the skills you can expect to develop during this course.

Course facilitators Nigel Hetherington and Ruth Hindmarsh (Creative Momentum) with their combined experience and expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, theatre and hypnosis look forward to delivering this unique and highly practical training which promises to transform all your future presentations!

Specifically you will be learning how to :

  • Enhance your charisma
  • Engage your audience
  • Use language more affectively
  • Feel more at east presenting
  • Enhance your presenting state

What you will not get from this training :

  • Classroom style lecturing
  • Death by powerpoint

What you will gain from attending Excellent Presentations Skills :

  • Be more able to talk from your heart and your head
  • Lots of experience presenting
  • Feedback and real coaching
  • Confident stage presence

Just imagine what kinds of difference it will make in your life when you can present with excellence. By being in the right frame of mind and body presentation and connection with your audience become easy, of course this takes practice; the right kind of practice.

Excellent Presentations Skills over four days will immerse you in the right kind of practice to nurture a very specific skill set.

Feeling safe open and connected allows us to get the right balance of sincerity, seriousness and playfulness into our presentations. We are able to handle awkward questions and offer back honest integral answers.


Presentation Skills Training in Newcastle upon Tyne

Venue : Jesmond Dene Conference Centre

When : April 22-25

Price : £399

12 participants only

£100 deposit : BOOK NOW


Trauma Resolution Newcastle Workshop Training Using Eye Movement Integration Plus

A Trauma Resolution Workshop by consultant Newcastle hypnotherapist Nigel Hetherington for Therapists, Counsellors,  Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Police and all People Helpers working with client trauma. Using Eye Movement Integration and Generative Change Techniques. A Brief Therapy and Solution Focused approach to working with Trauma. This workshop run by Nigel Hetherington takes place in Newcastle upon Tyne, October 13-14 and is excellent value at only £80.

I, myself, cannot recommend this training highly enough. I found that it took my confidence and competence of using EMI to a totally new level and not just for trauma. The last workshop in London was attended by many of my colleagues trained at the Quest Institute, and the positive feedback on our forum afterwards was quite amazing!

Cathy Simmons – Cognitive Hypnotherapist

NLP Eye Movement Integration, developed by Steve and Connirae Andreas is one of the most effective and content free way of helping your clients dissolve the terrible and unwanted emotions related to trauma.

Eye Movement Integration is a very brief and content free process for resolving psychological traumas such as PTSD, intrusive memories, shame, guilt and other kinds of undesirable emotional and identity imprints.

This course offers so much even if, as I had, you’ve already learnt and used basic EMI techniques. It is exceptionally well presented and gives a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of EMI, including simple explanations of how and why it works. But in combining EMI and Time Line techniques it offers a new and extraordinarily effective procedure for the resolution of many types of symptom that can be linked to traumatic experience.

Nick Rolfe – Professional Change Worker

EMI is really quite easy to learn and use.  As a counsellor, therapist or anyone who is working with client trauma, you want proven and recognised ways to help your clients out of the black emotional cloud of pain and suffering as rapidly and as ecologically as possible.  Your clients are typically coming to see you because they are experiencing some form of emotional pain. All of the emotional states discussed above can be successfully treated and neutralised with Eye Movement Integration.

I found the material and the presentation excellent, what I have seen of the Generative Change process fills some big gaps in my conventional NLP training and the EMI allow the body mind to connect and integrate the release of emotional issues in a very clear and clean way!

Feras Jerjis – Professional Acupuncture

EMI Plus training workshop is held in Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne

The two day workshop costs £80 and naturally has limited places.

Book Now

Pay by Debit / Credit Card


Humour In Therapy & Coaching Workshop : Newcastle April 21-22

Therapists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and all Professional Change Workers seem to me to require additional, unusual and precise methods. Having some structural and specialist methods to assist clients in creating the states that can honestly foster true and meaningful change in their life is important. Why?

Many change professionals become overly familiar with one or two techniques which will create positive changes for a high proportion of clients. When these methods fail more often than not the therapist becomes stuck and this is highly avoidable by adding some special strings to your bow.

Humour In Therapy Coaching DVD

And this workshop is not for everyone. Some counsellors, NLP’s and therapists will find this kind of safe, structural and humour based approach immoral, disrespectful or dangerous. And for those people they are dead right.

For the more creative, smart and open to experience a powerful change tool this may be the bow string you can rely on when the shot is a tricky one. Come and learn and experience 1:1 how Phil Jeremiah IV creates the states of change others can’t.

Humour in Therapy and Coaching is a two day workshop where you will get the inside structure of how Phil goes about his change work.

Workshop April 21-22 Newcastle upon Tyne

Costs £199 including a free copy of Humour In Therapy & Coaching 6 DVD set.

More information and immediate secure booking click here

Humour In Therapy & Changework – Nigel Hetherington

NLP Training in Newcastle has a particularly complementary  asset. It is called Humour In Therapy and Coaching.

As a change worker or NLP Practitioner working here in the North East or elsewhere you will certainly have had clients where you scratched your head and wondered what you could do differently so you could be of more assistance quicker. As a change professional, Newcastle NLP practitioner Newcastle hypnotherapy counsellor or coach you will have what is often called a toolbox.

Your toolbox will likely be a set of techniques or processes you have acquired from a wide variety of professional fields like Newcastle nlp, counselling, solution orientated change work or hypnotherapy In Newcastle this April there is the opportunity to add another tool to update and expand your box.

Humour In Therapy and Coaching could be considered just another very neat addition to your professional change work took kit. You may just find that Humour In Therapy and Coaching becomes one of your crown jewels in your change work array of structured processes you can use to help unstick stuck clients.

Phil will facilitate a co-created experience and over two days give you a firm and well established foundation of the the structure of his work with two days of experiential training.

Phill Jeremiah’s works using humour in change work and therapy is  client centred  often irrelevant and a seriously humorous way of working. This approach helps even the most stuck clients make positive and beneficial change. A ‘Bubble’ session has the gentle power to help shift clients from problem states to resource states and create lasting and powerful change. In the ‘Bubble of Possibility’ anything and everything is possible … from 20 years plus experience in using his humour based approach he is a jewel among change professionals.

Phil has been providing training in the UK and Europe for over 20 years to a wide range of professionals and organisations and has worked in the field of personal development for even longer. He was a qualified Senior Mental Health Social Worker, approved under the Mental Health Act 1983. Phil has extensive training and a wealth of  experience in the fields of adult psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling, hypnosis, brief therapy, NLP, EFT, EMDR, Life coaching and clinical risk assessment in mental health. Newcastle NLP Training Newcastle hypnotherapy training compatible.

April 21-22 : Newcastle upon Tyne : £199