Hypnotherapy Training

There are two options for Hypnotherapy Training in Newcastle depending on your current level of experience, qualifications and the amount of time you want to commit to your training to be accredited via differing societies.

Option One : You can take part in the training and complete additional hours practice and additional course work for certification by Communicating Excellence and SNLP.

Option Two : You already have an NLP practitioner or significant clinical experience and with this training you will have the required 120 hours direct training required by the GHR. Then there is additional course work and client time to bring this up to 500 hours.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma – August 2022

You will require many aspects to deliver the best possible training experience as well as having an engaging, challenging and fun hypnotherapy learning.

I have around twenty years working with clients and am a practising hypnotherapist and coach. I have been running trainings in hypnotherapy for 18 years. I believe your training needs to be fun and engaging and very practical.

For your piece of mind, to know you will get the practical training you want, the value you need ( I publish my course prices ) and the ongoing support you deserve, give me a call so we can discuss your requirements. 0770 481 8467.

Communicating Excellence Clinical Hypnotherapy training is certified through Communicating Excellence, the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council as well as certification of Clinical Ericksonian Hypnosis through the Society of NLP.