Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma

hipdip1Communicating Excellence run two courses for you to attain your Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma. The shorter course requires you already have an NLP Practitioner certificate. Courses are held in Newcastle upon Tyne and North East England.

If you do not yet have an NLP Practitioner certificate Clinical Hypnotherapy Training starts in January ( 12 day NLP ), April or August ( 9 days NLP ) and begins for full last weekend in August. An NLP Practitioner training provides the foundation skills for the 10 day August to December Clinical Hypnotherapy training. Click here for NLP Practitioner training.

If you already hold an NLP Practitioner certification the Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma training in Newcastle begins in August each year.

Nigel runs a course packed with practical exercises, with an emphasis on learning-by-doing this is a course which teaches skills and builds confidence. Run with humour and energy the Clinical Hypnotherapy course is informative, engaging and enjoyable. For anyone wanting to build on their NLP skills and learn to use trance and hypnosis in their therapeutic work I would heartily recommend this course.

Simon Stanton – Retail Change Manager and Clinical Hypnotherapist

The longer course is equivalent to doing an NLP Practitioner plus the short course. Whichever route you choose our Hypnotherapy Diploma course is both recognised and validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and The Society Of NLP. There is additional self directed study outside the course to attain full GHR status.

Download : 10 Good Reasons To Do A Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course

Download : Choosing Your Training Provider – Questions You Should Be Asking

What will you get by choosing this course?

  • Qualification recognised, approved and validated by the GHSC, GHR and SNLP
  • Complementary assistance on setting up your business after your graduation
  • Complementary supervision after your graduation
  • Competency and confidence in your professional hypnotherapy skills

On successful completion of this course you will have all the skills to effectively and ethically assist your clients to make the changes the require.

It also means you WILL NOT be reading scripts to them because you will be really conversant in hypnotic language patterns and acting fully in the role of a Professional Hypnotherapist so this way your attention will be focused in the correct place – your client.

If you’re looking to kick-start, jump or extend your client facing skills, this course is a MUST. I’ve ‘kissed a few frogs’ over the years, in other words, done loads of NLP and hypnosis courses and some of the things that frustrated me were the lack of real life experience of the trainers, real life application of the content and the intellectual snobbery and jargon. You know, when you say to yourself “But how could I use this in REAL life, with REAL clients?”

That’s not the case at all with Communicating Excellence’s course. The trainers are SO down to earth, yet SO sophisticated and SO funny, you’ll find yourself learning, laughing and experimenting your way to a new level of skill and qualification. The training has an overt NLP focus, so ideal for you if you have some understanding of this field. In fact, even as a Trainer of NLP, my NLP repertoire was significantly expanded and enriched, while learning a complete set of hypnotherapy skills. Double bonus.

You’ll find yourself in a friendly, light-hearted, warm, supportive environment, with the emphasis on experimentation and playfulness. Supporting materials are excellent. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. If you’re looking for Hypnotherapy & NLP skills and qualifications, your search is over. Good decision!

Haider Imam – So In Flow Ltd, Award Winning Achievement Coach

Whichever course you choose to do will cover both direct and indirect suggestions with an emphasis on Ericksonian Language Patterns, Advanced Calibration, New Code NLP and Clean Therapy where client ecology is paramount.

All training courses take place in clean, warm, purpose built training venues in really lush  nature park with ample and close to by your learning environment parking. This is Jesmond Dene in Newcastle.

For those with a NLP Practitioner certificate, a weekend per month over the 5 month duration. Maximum of 16 participants.

You Already Have an NLP Practitioner Certificate?

Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma – Five month courseCost £695

Course begins August 2020  and requires NLP Practitioner Certificate ( minimum 9 days practical training so online training is not accepted ) for certification.

Many people are choosing to do this hypnotherapy training before doing an NLP Practitioner. If you choose to do hypnotherapy first, you will receive a provisional hypnotherapy certificate, pending your NLP training.

August 29-30, September 26-27, October 24-25, November 21-22, December 19-20



Additional Benefits In addition the Hypnotherapy Diploma course includes help and advice for starting up your own business after graduation as well as complementaryy supervision after starting your own business.

Graduates may use the term Clinical Hypnotherapist and the initials Dip.Hyp after their name and are eligible and encouraged to join the General Hypnotherapy Register ( with additional self directed study ) and set up a practice as Qualified Registered Hypnotherapists.

Joining the GHR entitles you to use GHR.Reg and NRH after your name as well as receiving newsletters and belonging to a world acknowledged and extremely helpful organisation.